MWA aims to cut water usage in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces by 10 percent

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Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) has set a target to cut down water consumption in Bangkok and its peripherals by about 10 percent so that there will be enough water to last until the arrival of rainy season.

MWA governor Mr Thanasak Wattanathana said today (Friday) that the planned water consumption cutback was in response to increasing calls for city dwellers to reduce their use of water so that there will be water to be shared out to people in the farming sector.

Bangkokians are reported to use an average of 200 litres a day per head compared to about 70 litres/day for rural inhabitants. About five million cubic metres of raw water is needed each day to be processed into tap water for use in Bangkok and its peripherals.

Mr Thanasak pointed out that if water consumption in the city can be cut by 10 percent, about 500,000 cubic metres of water would be saved and this could be shared out to the farming sector.

The MWA has set aside 20 million baht budget for publicity campaign to urge Bangkokians to use water sparingly. The campaign has saved more than 9 billion cubic metres of water last year.

Starting March 1, the MWA governor said that MWA would reduce water pressure during 11 pm until 5 am in next day.

The volumn of water left in the country’s four main dams will be enough to last only 120 days or four months, according to the Royal Irrigation Department.