People who start forest fires face tough penalties

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Two Karen tribesmen were separately caught starting forest fires in Mae Wang and Chaiprakarn districts of Chiang Mai on Thursday.

The two suspects, 54-year old Korshi Lerpor and 79-year old Arhaeyo Muenkham, were later separately taken to Mae Wang and Chaiprakarn district police stations for interrogation.

Meanwhile, local officials who include kamnans, village heads and health volunteers were ordered by the provincial governor to be on the alert to watch out for forest fires and to warn local villagers not to burn their harvested crops, tree branches or trash.

Violation will be liable to 2-15 years imprisonment and/or a fine from 20,000 to 150,000 baht.

Bounties have also been offered to anyone who give information to authorities leading up to the arrest of arsonists who start forest fires.

The measures are parts of Chiang Mai provincial administration’s strategy to ease smog problem from forest fires which tend to worsen during the dry season. The air quality in the province has dropped in the aftermath of the cold season.