Joko to visit Silicon Valley, meet with Google, Facebook, Twitter executives

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The Jakarta Globe reported that Indonesia's President Joko Widodo will visit several high profile social media offices in Silicon Valley on Wednesday.

His intention is to promote Indonesia’s plan to push for digital economy while collecting support to boost access for small and medium enterprises in the country to the digital world.

“President Jokowi’s visit to technology companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and startups incubator is related to the government plan in developing digital-based economy or e-commerce,” Rudiantara, Indonesia’s minister of communications and information technology, said in a statement.

Among his scheduled visits to several US locations, Joko will meet with Twitter’s chief executive Jack Dorsey at the social media’s headquarter in San Francisco.

The president, an avid user of social media, said communications and social platforms like Twitter can be key to preventing terrorism and extremism in the country, while also supporting the economy.

The government has given the digital economy an unprecedented amount of focus under Joko, promoting the sector to local small and medium sized enterprises while opening the industry to larger-scale foreign investment.