Jakarta police on high alert amid terrorist threat of cyanide poisoning

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Jakarta police are on high alert amid a threat that Islamic State terrorists may be planning to use cyanide to kill Indonesian security officials, The Jakarta Globe reported.

A secret report warning of the threat has earlier circulated among security force members, and this has later been confirmed by government and security officials.

Although the Jakarta police have not received the report, they have been informed of the possible threat by Densus 88, the counterterrorism squad of the National Police.

The information is that there is a group of terrorists that wants to use poison to kill security officials, he said, adding: “As a preventative measure, we have informed all of our officers.”

The National Police earlier said terrorists may be imitating the recent headline-grabbing case of Jessica Wongso, who allegedly murdered her friend Mirna Salihin in Jakarta by placing cyanide in her coffee.