Doctors say HM the King has fever and feels tired

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His Majesty the King has fever, rapid breathing coupled with occasional rapid pulse rate and feel tired on Tuesday although blood tests show no sign of bacterial infection, according to the 20th statement from the Bureau of the Royal Household.

The King’s temperature today was measured at 38.1C and doctors have tried to find out whether the fever was caused by infection from bacteria or other microbes. However while waiting for the results of laboratorial tests doctors have administered anti-biotic medication intravenously on the King, said the statement.

X-ray films and computer X-ray of the chest, stomach and brain conducted on February 3 show no sign of infection and the infection at the right knee has improved. But echo cardiography examination shows infection at other joints, said the statement.

No trace of infection of the heart was found on February 7 but diastolic dysfunction of the heart was found and pressure of blood circulation system in the lung was higher than normal, according to the statement.

However, blood tests through biomarker show remaining traces of infection and doctors decided to provide the King with anti-septic medication intravenously. Oxygen was administered in conjunction with physical rehabilitation and mucus suction to prevent blocking of the windpipe, said the statement.


Courtesy of Information Division of OHM