Security beefup in Pattani’s Muang district

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Security in Pattani’s Muang district has been beefed up as a precaution against possible revenge attacks by militants following the raid of a small bomb-making factory in Nong Chik district on February 10.

Security forces found the small bomb-making factory in the middle of a mangrove forest on the coast of Ban Tanyongpao, Tambon Thakamcham. They seized two improvised explosive devices made of LPG tanks weigh about 60 kgs, ANFO high explosives, ball bearings and small pieces of iron wire which are enough to produce about 60 bombs. One suspect was arrested.

Security authorities said that the factory had been in operational about two years and was accessible only by boat.

Roadblocks manned around the clock by defence volunteers were set up at various strategic points in Muang district at the order of the Muang district chief in his capacity as the peace-keeping head of the district.

Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles going into the township through the roadblocks are stopped and searched. So far, no untoward incidents have been reported since the security beefup.