Ex-Democrat MP demands probe into the suicide of a special enquiry police officer

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Former Democrat MP Watchara Petthong today (Friday) submitted a petition addressed to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha asking him to order a probe into the death of a special enquiry police officer who reportedly hanged himself to death at his house in Bang Khun Thien district, Bangkok Metropolis, early this morning.

The ex-Democrat said in the petition that he didn’t believe Pol Lt-Col Chan Chaisawat committed suicide as reported because the former enquiry police officer had just petitioned the prime minister on February 8 against the complete overhaul of the enquiry police force as ordered by the premier invoking Section 44 of the interim constitution.

Mr Watchara said that he was in contact with the police officer for the last time two days ago. However, he added that on February 8 Pol Lt-Col Chan told him that he was under heavy pressure from his boss after having submitted the petition to the prime minister.

He said he would like to ask for justice from the prime minister on behalf of the dead police officer and would like the Department of Special Investigation to investigate the case and Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunant, director of the Forensic Science Institute, to conduct the autopsy on the dead police officer.

The former Democrat MP claimed that the complete overhaul of the enquiry police force had hurted the morale of enquiry police officers.