City officials told not to allow street vendors to return to reclaimed street pavements 

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) yesterday warned its city officials of severe disciplinary punishment if they allow street vendors to return occupying street pavements that have been cleared and reorganised for trade.

The severe disciplinary punishment could mean transfer to inactive positions for negligence of duties.

The warning was given as the chairman of the Bangkok governor’s advisory board Mr Wallop Suwande summoned a meeting with chiefs of all Bangkok’s 50 districts and heads of city police at 21 districts.

The meeting was aimed at reviewing the recent campaigns to reorganise street vending in the capital, and to give new instructions.

The meeting was told of the return of street vendors to trade on some pavements earlier reclaimed by the BMA from vendors, notably at the Victory Monument, Ramkhamkaeng and Saphan Lek.

Although only a handful of street vendors have returned to the reclaimed street pavements, but Mr Wallop insisted that no vendors would be allowed.

He then warned of severe disciplinary punishment if city officials neglect duties and allow vendors to return.

The heaviest punishment might be transfer to inactive positions, he warned.

However such severe punishment has been propose to the BMA executive board for approval.

On the solving of flower vendors at Pak Klong Talad, he said they will be allowed to trade until February 28.

So far the BMA has successfully reclaimed 39 street pavements at 21 districts, involving 14,876 vendors,