PM orders stricter control on pirated goods

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Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday ordered tougher actions be taken to crackdown on the problem of counterfeit goods.

But he also admitted that critical obstacle however is the fact that there are only 20 copyright inspectors for the entire country to do the job.

The order came from Gen Prayut chaired a meeting of the Policy Committee of the National Intellectual Property.

The meeting placed priority on the problem of counterfeit goods in the country and also difficulties with regards to intellectual property copyrights.

A decision was reached where stringent checks will be continuously made at all major markets along the country’s borders to make certain that no counterfeit goods are sold in the country.

At the meeting a  startling fact was revealed that in the entire country, there were only 20 copyright inspectors.

In light of this, an agreement was reached to increase the number of these officials to facilitate the national effort to eradicate counterfeit goods.

The prime minister  stated that the current effort to crackdown on counterfeit goods was part of a preparatory effort prior to the International Intellectual Property Convention which will be held in April of this year which Thailand will be attending.

He went  on to say that there is a vital need for the country to step-up its efforts with regards to intellectual property protection and thus he has ordered three courses of action to be taken.

The first of these is to foster greater consciousness among the public for preference for authentic products, he said.

This must be followed closely with an integrated effort from every sector so that a clear and concise solution to the problem can be achieved, he stated.

Finally, Gen Prayut stressed that there was a pressing need for a more effective management of intellectual copyrights of which there are at present more than 10,000 registrations waiting to be approved in the country.