Sangha Council insists Phra Dhammachayo needs not be defrocked

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The Sangha Supreme Council reaffirmed on Wednesday Phra Dhammachayo, the abbot of Wat Dhammakaya, needs not be defrocked because the embezzlement case against him has already been finalized and there was no appeal.

The council headed by Somdet Phra Maharatchamanglacharn or Somdet Chuang, the acting Supreme Patriarch met today to discuss the embezzlement case against Phra Dhammachayo after the Department of Special Investigation recommended that the controversial monk should be defrocked as earlier judged by the late Supreme Patriarch.

Mr Chayapol Pongseeda, deputy director of the Office of National Buddhism, said that the DSI would be notified of the Sangha Supreme Council’s ruling within Friday.

He explained that since the case was already finalized, it was not necessary for the council to rule whether Phra Dhammachayo should be defrocked or not.

In the letter of notification to the DSI, both the Sangha Supreme Council and the Office of National Buddhism insisted that they had the issue for over 100 times during 2001-2003.