Yingluck asks PM to halt civil compensation claim from her

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Former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra wrote another letter today requesting the prime minister to stop the ongoing civil procedure by the Finance Ministry to demand compensation from her for damages caused by her rice-pledging scheme.

She wrote on her Facebook page that she has designated her lawyers to forward her letter to the prime minister and the finance minister today.

Although she said she did not expect positive response from the prime minister as she has already written six similar letters seeking their intervention to stop the civil claim, but she stressed it was necessary because the chairman of the committee tasked with the civil claim is scheduled to testify before the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders as state witness, accusing her of causing damages to the country.

Ms Yingluck went on saying that the ministry’s appointment of the committee to pursue compensation claim from her is unconstitutional, arguing that as criminal trial is still ongoing and not yet finished, she, as a defendant, is therefore protected under the justice system.

Besides, she said, the Finance Ministry is not a damaged party, therefore it is illegitimate to demand civil compensation from her.

She added that as there is no existing law that accepts the assessment of the damages is right and fair to her, any ongoing civil procedure  to demand compensation from her alone is therefore unjustified.

She then demanded that the ongoing compensation claim be stopped and her case go on in accordance with the justice system.