VIDEO: Thai Smile offers seats for child god dolls on plane

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Thai Smile Airways says it will sell air tickets and serve food and drinks to "child angels" for passengers who want to take their "Look Thep" dolls on board.

The airline’s acting chief officer Capt Woraneti Lahprabang said the selling of seats to Look Thep or what the airline calls “child angel” was in response to passengers who want to bring their dolls with them on board and are reluctant to have them loaded in cargo cabin or put under the passenger seat or in overhead compartment in case the dolls are big.

He said in the past there were about 20 passengers who took Look Thep dolls as carry-on to sit with them on the laps and some also asked to serve drinks and food for their dolls.

Under the aviation safety regulations, luggage or big objects are not allowed to carry on to the passenger cabin. They must be put under the seats or kept in the overhead compartment, he said.

So selling tickets to these child angels is an alternative for this certain group of passengers to keep their spirits and thrust on their “child gods”, he explained.

But seats for child angels will be restricted to near the windows.

They are not allowed to be seated in the middle row or near the emergency exits which are reserved for passengers who want special assistance.

Passengers also have to declare how many child angels they will bring along with them.

But for passengers who bring along their child angels with small sizes, they can still bring them as carry-on.

Look Thep or child god as it was called is a new superstition-fueled trend that has emerged in the country with locals seen cradling, feeding and dressing up their haunted dolls in the belief they will bring wealth and blessing.

It was believed to be the updated version of the old kuman thong, the fetal fetishes containing the soul of a child traditionally worshiped, but without going to the trouble of obtaining a dead fetus.

Instead, Look Thep are soul-optional, they simply invite a child’s spirit to possess a factory-manufactured doll.

A well-known DJ from 94 FM went public recently with his Look Thep named “Wansai” on television claiming the doll has brought him success in the entertainment industry.