Team Suvarnabhumi opens to counter international crimes, terrorism

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The Thai Immigration Bureau will today officially open "Team Suvarnabhumi" at Suvarnabhumi international airport that will enable real time sharing of information with five countries about travelers identities including for suspect lists, and missing and stolen passports.

Immigration Bureau commissioner Pol Maj Gen Nattorn Prohsunthorn named the five countries that will share real time information with Thai immigration as France, Canada, Australia, Austria and United States.

He said that the benefit from real time sharing is that it will make the counter terrorism effort of engaged countries more efficiently, as well as immigration check of travellers, particularly when the ASEAN Economic Community now takes effect.

He also said now all immigration checkpoints across the country have been placed on heightened alert, particularly at the southern border following the bomb attacks in Indonesia.

He said the southern border is the place which connects Malaysia where Indonesian people can enter Thailand via the Malaysian border in addition to air access.