Commercial banks assure of security of their systems

Following reports of several foreign ATM skimming gangs stealing cash from ATMs of a state bank, commercial banks yesterday assure the public that the country’s banking system is secure and beginning next year fingerprint scans will begin to be used to ensure greater security.

Senior executive vice president of CIMB Bank Thailand Mr Adisorn Sermchaiwong stated that at present Thailand’s banking system is very secure either with regards to over-counter transactions or electronic transactions.

Furthermore, the Bank of Thailand has set protocols specifying that any clients wishing to make changes to important details with their accounts must do so in person with actual identity cards.

These apply to all commercial banks in the country, he said.

The Bank of Thailand has also allowed commercial banks in the country to carry out trials on electronic fingerprint scans for banking transactions, he said.

Expectations are that the system will be widely used by the beginning of next year if the trials are satisfactory, he said.

In light of the recent incident of skimmers hacking into the Government Savings Bank’s ATM machines and stealing  insubstantial amount of the bank’s money, all commercial banks assured that they place the highest importance to ensuring the security of all their client’s accounts.

All have confirmed that their ATM systems have their highest security standards and they have not discovered any irregularities with their respective systems.