Commerce tells Finance to allocate enough budget for rice scheme

Commerce Minister Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan today told the Finance Ministry to allocate enough budget to support the government’s rice pledging scheme.

Niwat, also deputy prime minister, was reacting to a report that the Finance Ministry could not support enough budget for the pledging scheme for the 2013/14 harvesting season which will begin October 1.

The cabinet has earlier approved a 270 billion baht rice-pledging scheme in order to shore up local prices.

Niwat said that it was the duty of the Finance Ministry to find the money no matter it be securing money from local and overseas sources.

He said that the Commerce Ministry has the duty to implement the scheme so to make it move forward.

He added that the ministry was speeding up selling rice on government-to-government  so as to return money to the Finance Ministry, with the latest rice deal with China which agreed to buy 1.2 million ton and delivery within a year.