Colombian theft gang busted in Nonthaburi

Nonthaburi provincial police yesterday busted a Colombian theft gang and arrested two Colombian and one Puerto Rican nationals shortly after the gang broke into a house and stole several items out.

The gang was said to have committed at least six break-in robberies in Bangkok, Nonthaburi,  and Ratchaburi province in the past several months.

The two Colombian suspects are identified as Mr Jeisson Alfredo Aguirre, 34, Mr Jesus David Reyes Vasquez, 45, and Mr Jesus Anilbal Cardenas Santos SanJuan, 41, a Puertorican national.

All were arrested at Windmill Park A housing estate in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan province yesterday

The gang was under watch by Nonthaburi police for some time after the gang broke into a house on Soi Samakki in Nonthaburi province on July 6 and escaped with a million baht worth of a steel safe with jewelries, cash, land title deeds, Thai and foreign currencies  worth over a million baht.

A CCTV camera of the house captured the gang used a Toyota car in the robbery. The gang drove to the house and parked and then drove out and returned again several times. Finally two men concealing their faces with hats coming out of the car and claimed over the house wall. They came out 20 minutes later carrying a big safe box in the waiting car and drove off.

The break-in burglary shown on the video footage resembled the burglary pattern of a Colombian burglary gang that committed break-in burglaries at several houses in Nonthaburi which had been earlier busted.

This convinced the Nonhaburi police to believe the burglars are Colombian gangs. They then started to go through immigration record of Colombians coming to the country during the period and came across the names of the three suspects.

The police then started to track them for a period until getting tip that the gang has gathered at the house in Windmill housing estate. The police laid in wait outside until they left the house with stolen valuables yesterday.

All were apprehended red-handed with almost 1,000 items of loots from the house in the car which also bears fake license plate number.

The stolen items included two safe boxes with traces of attempted breakup, two handguns, brand-name bags, Buddha amulets, wristwatches, jewelries.

They were escorted to Rattanathibet police station for questioning.

Police also called on people whose houses were broken in by foreign burglars and suspected the gang to be responsible to report so more evidence could be gathered to add more charges against the gang.