Cigarette and liquor prices to go up now

Smokers will now pay higher prices for cigarettes after the Sports Act, which requires tobaccos producers and distributors to contribute to a newly established ‘national sports development’ fund, has become effective.

Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM) says it has announced an increase of all locally-produced and imported cigarettes by 1-2 baht per pack following the publication of the Sports Act in the Royal Gazette on March 20.

TTM managing director said Daonoi Suthinipapant said the Sports Act requires all producers and distributors of tobaccos and alcoholic beverages to contribute to the ‘national sports development’ fund the amount equivalent to 2 percent of excise tax they pay.

Meanwhile, the government is eyeing to increase excise tax on tobaccos and alcoholic beverages by 2 percent, which is also expected to slightly increase cigarettes and boost prices.

The tax hike is expected to push up cigarette price by 1-3 baht per pack.

Price of Thai beers is also expected to increase by 47 satang (100 satang =1 baht) and those of imported beers should rise by 60 satang a can.

Price of locally-made spirits will rise by 79 satang per bottle while locally-made coloured brandy will see a 2.2 baht increase in price per bottle.

Price of foreign coloured brandy will rise  by between 5.23 and 8.49 baht per bottle.