Chinese guide killed by rampaging elephant

A Chinese guide was killed and two other tourists injured by a rampaging elephant while they were visiting a fruit orchard in Bang Lamung district  of Chonburi yesterday (Dec 21).

The victim is a 34-year-old Chinese man who works as a tour guide.

U yungram, 37, mahout told police that he was riding Plai Utane, a 17-year-old male elephant, to take a tour around the orchard with two Chinese tourists on its back.

As the elephant was walking pass a place where many tourists were gathering, one tourist pulled its tail, causing the animal to get angry.

It then went rampage chasing other tourists who were walking around.

One tourist riding on its back fell to the ground while another managed to cling to the seat.

Mr U said as he was trying to calm the elephant down, the running Plai Utane kicked one tourist on its way.

The victim fell to the ground unconsciously. He died at the scene.

The mahout later manged to calm down the elephant and brought it back to its camp.

Police said they are still investigating the exact cause of the incident.