Chinese gang preying on plane passengers busted

An airborne Chinese gang stealing passengers’ baggages on a plane was smashed by Thai police as the gang was about to leave a Bangkok Airways flight at Suvarnabhumi International Airport last night.
The arrest of two Chinese on the plane and another accomplice at the airport came after Bangkok Airways officials alerted airport police of burglaries on its Flight PG930 parking at the airport’s bus gate of the main terminal building.
The officials said two passengers, a Taiwanese Mr Keng Hao Hsu, and a Chinese Mr Tian Run Jing, informed cabin crews that their money were stolen from the baggage they put on the overhead cabin.
Mr Keng said he lost 15,000 baht in Thai currency while Mr Tian said he lost 10,700 US dollars. They said they suspected the two Chinese passengers to steal their money as they saw both open the overhead cabin and later went into the toilets as the plane landed at the airport.
Airport police then went to the parked plane and detained the two Chinese suspects for search as they were at the bus gate.
The search produced the stolen money in their carry-on baggage.
They were later identified as Mr Xin You, 30, and Mr Congo Wang, 49. Both traveled on the Chinese passports to Thailand.
Questioning of the two suspects led the police to arrest another Chinese accomplice identified as Mr Liqian Wang, 41, at the airport compound.
Seized from him were both US and Euro banknotes.
All were detained for theft charges.