Chinese Embassy concerned over reports of Chinese waste ending up in Thailand

The Chinese Embassy in Bangkok on Thursday expressed concerns over reports of China-originated electronic trash being brought into Thailand and allegations that some Chinese businessmen were involved in the illegal importation of the industrial waste for separation or recycling as reported in the local media.

The embassy said in the statement that China,  like other developing countries, also suffered from the importation of electronic trash into its country and, therefore, was fully aware of the concern of the Thai people towards the problem and didn’t want to see Thailand being burdened by the same problem.

The embassy said that Chinese and Thai governments had been cooperating in environmental conservation and would promote the exchange of technical knowhow with the government in environmental conservation as well as stepping up efforts to deal with illegal disposal of electronic trash.

The embassy stressed that it would instruct Chinese investors and state enterprise to strictly follow the Thai laws, to help conserve Thai natural resources and environment, to cooperate in proper disposal of electronic trash, to suppress and to prevent illegal importation of electronic trash into Thailand.