Chinese “call centre” gang members brought to Bangkok from Songkhla

Twenty-three Chinese nationals who are alleged to be members of a major call centre scam in Songkhla’s Sadao district were escorted to Bangkok on Friday (Dec 15) after they were busted by a combined force of provincial police, border patrol police, immigration officials and military personnel.

Initial police investigation found that the gang rented 11 houses in Tambon Samnakkham, Sadao district and used them as their operating centre and to store documents.

The source said that there was a safe to contain documents in every rented house.

Pol Gen Thanitsak Thiraswasdi, special advisor to the Royal Thai Police, said that the gang used WeChat application to dupe victims in China to invest with them, to gamble or to buy their online products.

Most of the 23 suspects are from Yunnan or Fujian, Pol Gen Thanitsak said, adding that the gang members entered Thailand as tourists and they stayed on for long period of time to operate the call centre scam.

He said police would find out if there were Thais involved with the gang.