Children’s Day celebration round-up

Thailand today (Jan 13) celebrated the National Children’s Day with state agencies and private organisations organising wide range of fun and educational activities, contests and shows to entertain children nationwide.

Highlight of such activities in Bangkok was at the Government House where children are allowed to visit the prime minister’s office and sit on his working chair.

Children lined up in a long queue waiting for a turn to test sitting on his chair.

Meanwhile, the lawn in front of Thai Khu Fah building was turned to amusement park with several toy machines provided for children to play.

A girl smiles as she sits on the prime minister’s chair in his office at the Government House.

Cardboard cutout of the prime minister in several manners were displayed for children and parents to take selfies with Gen Prayut’s standees.

The Royal Thai Army also displayed it’s most sophisticated tank VT-4 for show to children along with helicopters, artillery pieces, armoured cars at the 2nd Calvary Division King’s Guards. Children were seen riding in tanks, helicopters and armoured cars with fun.

The Royal Thai Air Force also brought out fighter aircraft for display together with the airshows at Wing 6 air base in Don Mueang.

Tanks and artillery on show at the 2nd Cavalry Division King’s Guard in Bangkok.

The Public Relations Department organised fun activities and contests at its head office for children with  plenty of prizes up for grabs.

For this year, the prime minister has given a motto for children to follow: “Think, Analyze, Promote Creative Technology” which he said intended to encourage children and youth to always seek out new knowledge for themselves while being aware of how to use technology in a creative manner.

On  his address Friday night on TV Pool, Gen Prayut advised children to follow the teaching of  the Supreme Patriarch, Somdet Phra Ariyawongsakhatayan.

The Supreme Patriarch, in his Children’s Day message published in the 2018 Children’s Day book of the Education Ministry, encouraged children to do good for others and use their knowledge to contribute to their community.

The prime minister also stressed that children are the driving force of the nation whereas parents and teachers are obligated to foster ethics and morality of their kids.