Chicken farmers protest minister

Chicken farmers from 22 central provinces arrived in Bangkok this morning to protest the Commerce Ministry over the sale of eggs under the “Blue Flag” scheme in competition with the farmers.

They lodged a petition asking  the Central Administrative Court  to suspend the ministry’s sale of eggs reasoning that such scheme has put all chicken farmers in financial trouble.

They named Deputy Commerce Minister Yanyong Puangrach and Internal Trade Department director-general Miss Wiboonlasana Ruamraksa as persons who came out with the scheme to sell low-priced eggs to compete with the farmers.

A chicken farmer representative Suchart Phansook said that the Internal Trade Department freezes price of  egg for mixed sizes at the farm at 3.50 baht thus putting chicken farms in financial trouble.

They called on the court to suspend the price freeze, and terminate the sale of eggs  of mixed sizes under  the “Blue Flag” scheme reasoning that such measure by the government has destroyed the egg market.

He said that although an egg was sold at 3.50 baht , farmers could not fetch the price for every size of eggs,  but   only 20-30% which could get the price.

He dismissed a  fear that egg price now  is over 4 baht, saying that the government should control price at the end market but not the farm.