Chiang Mai holds charity run to raise funds for Toon’s “kaokonlakao” scheme

Chiang Mai people held a charity run around the northern city’s moat on Monday morning to raise funds for the “kaokonlakao” scheme.

The 11-kilometre run around the city’s moat was led by Chiang Mai governor Pawin Chamniprasart and joined by about 5,000 people, comprising aged people, students, and local government officials.

The run comprises a 10-kilometre mini marathon run and a 3.5-kilometre Kaokonlakao scheme run to raise funds for 11 state hospitals and for Chiang Mai hospital.

The run started from the Three Kings Monument in front of the old city hall in the early morning and by 8.00am over 3.7 million baht has been raised.

Meanwhile Nakhon Sawan also joined the “kaokonlakao” charity scheme by using 58,845 baht cash raised from the public to fold a 105-cm high and 155-cm paper dragon to be delivered to Toon when he is expected to arrive in Nakhon Sawan either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Mrs Pattama Buranajaree, president of the Army Housewives Club of 31st Military Circle said that dragon is considered a symbol of Nakhon Sawan city and is a sacred animal.

Therefore they have intention to fold paper dragon from the money raised to contribute to Toon’s charity scheme when he arrives here in Nakhon Sawan.