Cheaper bus and boat fares announced

The Marine Department and the state-owned yesterday announced that private boat and bus service operators will announce the reduction of fares this week.

Marine Department deputy director Nut Jabjai said boat fare in the Saen Sab canal in Bangkok would be reduced by one baht and people can enjoy the cheaper boat ride from today.

The reduction was made to fulfill its earlier promise given to the public to cut a boat fare in the Saen Sab canal once the diesel price goes below 21 baht per litre. 

Diesel price came down by 70 satang to 20.59 baht oWednesday.

The department would also consider cutting boat fare in the Chao Phraya River which was to be seen within 10 days.

Meanwhile the Transport Company also has announced that it will offer 15 percent discount for interprovincial bus tickets clients paid in advance.

Transport Company acting president Noparat Karunyavanich said yesterday the discount was in line with the reduction of oil prices.

The reduction would help the company compete with low-cost airlines.

The Transport Company has also announced that it will increase interprovincial buses to accommodate the mass exodus of travellers in the upcoming New Year period.

With the increase in buses, the company will be able to serve up to 135,000 people daily during the period, he said.