Chalerm says he will disguise himself to arrest Suthep

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Chalerm says he will disguise himself to arrest Suthep

The labour minister said he would wear moustache, sun glasses and a hat to prevent protesters from recognizing him when he would venture in disguise into the protest site together with a special police team tasked with arresting Mr Suthep.

However, he stressed that the special team would try to avoid a direct confrontation with Suthep’s bodyguards who, according to intelligence sources, are heavily armed.

Chalerm claimed that Suthep, secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, normally travels in a convoy of three cars and about 50 motorcyclists for protection.

Suthep, according to Chalerm, has a hideout at Dusit Thani hotel and occasionally eats at Inter-Continental Hotel.

He said CMPO would invite executives of the two hotels to warn them about providing sanctuary to Suthep and other protest core leaders who are facing arrests for violations of the emergency decree.

He went on saying that he would have Phra Buddha Issara, another protest core leader, arrested immediately after the court approved the police request for an arrest warrant against the monk.