CDC to retain Election Commission’s power to stage new election if a poll is fraught with cheats

The Constitution Drafting Committee has agreed to retain the power of the Election Commission to order a new election to be staged if it is discovered that an election is fraught with cheats.

However, the power to withdraw the right to contest a poll of a candidate found to have cheated in an election will rest with the Supreme Court.

CDC spokesman Mr Amorn Wanichvivat said that the EC would still be empowered to suspend voting in an election unit and to stage a new election if electoral fraud was detected. He explained that the CDC wanted to put emphasis on fraud prevention by empowering just one EC member to suspend voting immediately if electoral fraud was found.

Also, the EC will be empowered to investigate or call a new referendum if a referendum was found to be illegal.

For the House of Representatives to convene its first sitting, it is required that the EC must endorse 95 percent of the newly-elected MPs. However, Mr Amorn said that the CDC felt that 95 percent was too high and the percentage could be reduced.