CDC spokesman says CDC not affected by Charter Court’s ruling

The Constitutional Court’s ruling today on Section 61 of the Referendum Act does not pose an obstruction to the role of the Constitution Drafting Committee in disseminating and publicizing the content of the draft charter to the public, CDC spokesman Udom Rat-amarit said on Wednesday.

He maintained that, under the Referendum Act, free expressions on the referendum are permissible but they must be done politely without the use of rude wordings or wordings which are insulting.

Mr Udom noted that cursings while expressing opinions on the draft charter are not always illegal as the intentions of the speakers must also be taken into consideration too.

As far as the CDC is concerned, the spokesman said that the CDC is required to follow the Referendum Act like any individuals or organizations. Anyone who disagrees with the draft charter – either the whole draft or any parts of the draft – can present their dissenting views to the CDC.

But those who pick on the alleged restriction of free expressions in the draft are politically motivated and may harbour political agendas, said Mr Udom, warning that they may be watched by the military regime.