CDC is ready to review composition of Judicial Commission

The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) is ready to review the draft constitution regarding the composition of the Judicial Commission following protests from the judges.

Mr Paibul Nititawan, a member of the CDC, insisted Wednesday that the CDC had no intention whatsoever to interfere with the judicial affairs for its decision to propose in the draft charter that one third of the Judicial Commission should be outsiders who are neither judges or former judges nor political office holders.

He explained that the logic behind the proposal to bring in outsiders into the Judicial Commission was the same applied to the Judicial Commission of the Administrative courts – that is to make judges to be more connected with members of the public.

Anyhow, Mr Paibul said that since many judges were unhappy with too many outsiders in the Judicial Commission, the CDC was ready to review the makeup of the commission.

He nevertheless insisted that there should be at least two experts who are not judges or former judges in the commission.