CDC chairman admits drafting of two last organic laws difficult

Constitution Drafting Committee chairman Meechai Ruchupan admitted the difficulty in the drafting of two last organic laws – elections of Members of House of Representatives and Senators – but assured that they would be completed and passed by the National Legislative Assembly within the 240-day timeframe.

He said Wednesday that he was worried with the drafting of the two laws because they are difficult to write if they are to be written anew and to be different from the old laws and whether they will be accepted or not.

The CDC chairman said that he didn’t feel any pressure that the two remaining organic laws would not be passed within the 240-day timeframe or whether the two laws would be ditched in the parliament.

He, however, declined comment when asked about when political parties can engage in political activities now that the law on political parties has come into force.

He is also confident that the next election would proceed smoothly even if the Election Commission will start functioning shortly before the election as election officials have been involved in the drafting of the laws pertaining to elections of MPs and senators.