CCP spokesman says army will side with the government

CCP spokesman Sok Eysan warned on Wednesday that the army would side with the government if there are clashes over election results, The Cambodia Daily Online reported on Thursday.

Sok Eysan said the armed forces would not remain neutral because they are the national force and the government that was created by elections is the “government of the nation.”

Speaking at CNRP head office, opposition leader Kem Sokha said the threats from the ruling party would galvanized opposition support.

“If anyone wants their teeth smashed, they can vote for them. If any wants to keep their teeth for eating rice, come join us,” he added.

Sokha who returned on Tuesday from a fund-raising tour in the US urged more restraint from his foes and complained of double standard in what kinds of rhetoric would be allowed.

He urged commune candidates and party supporters to remain calm in the face of threats, saying that the CNRP is powerless to counter.

Sokha also repeated past statements that CNRP would resolve any impasses through peaceful means and promised there would be no war when the party wins the election.