18 Apr 2018
9:34 pm

Two of the four suspected Islamic State (IS) militants wanted in Malaysia have been detained by Thai security forces in southern Thailand, but the two others have escaped, said Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon today (April 18).

He did not give any details of the two detainees, but said that they were being grilled by security forces to find out whether they were actually IS members or not.

The deputy prime minister insisted that there was no IS terror cell in Thailand, but said that it was possible that the terror group might try to form a cell here, noting that the extremist militants had already tried in other countries.

“They (IS militants) are trying and have a tendency to do because they had done in other countries.  But we have been closely monitoring and taking precautions regarding IS and terrorism which may occur especially in three southernmost provinces,” said Gen Prawit.

It has not been disclosed if the two suspects would be handed over the Malaysian police.


Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda, the national police chief, said police had been in regular contact with their Malaysian counterpart and police were investigating the case.  But he declined to elaborate.

Meanwhile, Col Pramote Prom-in, spokesman of the Internal Security Operations Command of the Fourth Army Region, said confirmed Malaysian media’s reports that one of the 4 IS suspects wanted by Malaysia was a native of Cho-Airong district of Narathiwat, Awae Wae-eya.

Col Pramote

He insisted that Awae, an unemployed, had no connection with the Islamic State, but he made use of the social media to promote himself so he would be recognized by foreign IS abroad.

He said that Awae earlier told security officers he made up the story and used the social media to win recognition from the IS.

18 Apr 2018
5:34 pm

Four suspected Islamic State (IS) militants are believed to be hiding in Thailand’s southern border provinces to evade arrest by Malaysian police following the recent arrest of some members of their terror cell, The Star Online reported Wednesday (April 18).

The four suspected IS militants were identified by Malaysian police as Mumaham Faizal Muhamad Hanafi, 29; Muhamad Hanafi Yah, 51; Nor Farkhan Mohd Isa, 31; and Awae Wae-eya, 37, who is from Cho Airong district of Narathiwat.

Six members of the terror cell were detained in Johor by the Bukit Aman Special Branch Counter-Terrorism Division during February 27-March 1.

A source told The Star Online that the remaining four were believed to have fled to southern Thailand and they are considered to be highly dangerous and armed with weapons suspected to be supplied by a terror cell in southern Thailand.

The source said authorities believe they are not giving up their mission.

On Monday, Police Inspector-General Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun said police were hunting for the four militants as they pose a danger to the country’s security.

He warned any individuals of providing sanctuary to the four suspected militants, withholding information about their whereabouts or in complicity with them  would face action under Section 130M, 130K and 130L of the Penal Code which carry jailterms from seven to 30 years.

He also urged anyone with information about the four to contact the Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division or to go to the nearest police station.

18 Apr 2018
1:06 pm

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department says summer storms have wreaked havoc to 30 provinces, and killed four persons over the past five days.

Director-general of the department Mr Chayapol Thitisak said summer storms that happened between April 13 and 17 have killed four persons and caused damages to houses in 30 provinces.

He said 3,033 houses in 477 villages of 209 districts in 30 provinces were damaged by storms.

Four people also died from storm-related incidents.

A house damaged by summer storm in Phitsanulok.

The affected provinces included 11 in the North, 16 in the Northeast, and 3 in the Central.

Relief officials have been dispatched to the affected areas to assess the situation and to hand out primary assistance to the people, he said.

Emergency response teams are placed on stand by to monitor the weather condition closely so that they could go out immediately to assist the affected people, Mr Chayapol said, adding that people could call hotline 1784 for help in case of emergency.

The Thai Meteorological Department today (April 18) issued summer thunderstorm warning for 16 provinces. People should keep off unsecured building and outdoor and farmers beware of crop damage.

Affected provinces are:

  • North: Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Phayao, Nan and Phrae.
  • Central: Uthai Thani, Chai Nat, Kanchanaburi, Suphan Buri and Ratchaburi.
  • South: Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan and Chumphon.

18 Apr 2018
11:40 am

More traffic lanes on the Ramkhamhaeng road will be closed to facilitate the construction of the third underground section of the Orange Line connecting Hua Mark with Khlong Ban Ma.

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority (MRT) said on Wednesday (April 18) that as the contractor, Italian-Thai Development, will begin to construct the underground section of the Orange Line and subway station connecting Hua Mark with Khlong Ban Ma, it is therefore necessary to close traffic lanes on Ramkhamhaeng road to facilitate the construction.

MRT said it will close one inbound traffic lane from Soi Ramkhamhaeng 64-64/3 and one outbound traffic lane from Soi Ramkhamhaeng 105 – 109 (in front of Amway (Thailand) Co Ltd), starting from 10pm on April 21 onward.

The traffic closure will be around the clock, it said and advised motorists to use other route instead as the road will be left with only two lanes each for both inbound and outbound traffic during the construction period.

But it said that drivers still could enter or exit all sois along the closed section of the road as usual.

It added that during the construction, city officials will put up warning signs and lights for safety driving and no parking will be allowed in the closed section.

The Orange Line will be open to service in 2023.

17 Apr 2018
9:28 pm

Overpricing of lottery tickets will be liable to a maximum one-month jailterm and/or a fine of 10,000 baht instead of a 2,000-baht fine under an amended Government Lottery Office Act approved by the Cabinet on Tuesday (April 17).

The amended law also seeks to ban the sale of lottery tickets in educational institutes and to people less than 20 years old.  The penalty for violators is similar to that for lottery overpricing.

Altogether 17 sections of the existing GLO Act were amended.  But the essence of the amendments concerns the allocation of lottery revenue, with 60 percent of the revenue from the sale of lottery tickets for each draw to be allocated as prize money; 22 percent to be sent to the state coffers; 17 percent as management fees.

Two percent of the revenue will go to associations and organizations and one percent to a fund for social development.

Twelve percent of the management fees will be discount given to lottery vendors or the retailers instead of 7 percent as it is now.  

“This means that a vendor who sells lottery at 80 baht apiece will in the future get 9.60 baht price difference instead of 5.60 baht,” said Col Boonsong Chansri, deputy director of the GLO.

He added that the amended law would allow the GLO to issue new products for sale which could be Lotto or online lottery.  However, the said the matter had yet to be studied.

17 Apr 2018
5:55 pm

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources has dispatched a team of experts on a patrol boat to look for sharks in the sea of Hua Hin in Prachuap Khiri Khan after one foreign tourist was reported to be attacked by a shark as he was swimming in the sea.

Mr Sophon Thongdee, deputy director of the department, said Tuesday (April 17) that experts were not sure that the tourist was attacked by a shark because there had never been a single case of shark attack in the Gulf of Thailand except a case in Phuket in the Andaman sea last year.

Nevertheless, he said that a team of experts was dispatched on a patrol boat patrolling the Hua Hin sea from Wat Tham Khao Tao through Khao Tao beach, Hat Sai Yai, Hat Sai Noi and Hat Hua Hin beaches to look for sharks.

He said that the officials would also talk with the abbot of Wat Tham Khao Tao who claimed to have seen sharks swimming near the beach at the temple in the afternoon.

The abbot, Phra Khru Boonyapiram, claimed he had taken still pictures and video of the shark with his smart phone on April 16 and posted them on the social media.

@แดง จิตต์วารินทร์ ชัดๆ แผลฉลาม หรือ แผลจากตัวเพียงถ้าเป็นตัวเพียง จะเป็นแผลด้านใดด้านนึง หรือใต้ฝ่าเท้าแต่จากแผลที่เห็นเนื้อหายไปด้านนึง และแผลเป็นโดยรอบข้อเท้าและเมื่อวานโยมมาเที่ยวหลายคน เห็นฉลามเข้าบริเวณ เต่าทอง หน้าวัดถ้ำเขาเต่า กันทุกคน เวลา 17.30 น.จนต้องโทรไปบอกโยมที่จัดงานวันสงกรานต์ ประกาศให้ โยมที่กำลังเล่นน้ำหน้าหาดเขาเต่า ขึ้นจากน้ำถ้าจะรอให้คนตายก่อนตามสบายถ่ายได้สดๆร้อนๆ ปลาฉลาม จร้า หนักโดยประมาณ 50 ก.ก. ถ่ายได้บริเวณ เต่าทอง หน้าวัดถ้ำเขาเต่า เวลา 16.10 น.ไม่ใช้ตัวเดียวตามที่ประมาณ 40-50ตัวฝรั่งที่โดนกัดเมื่อวานเวลาประมาณนี้เลยจร้า เย็บ 41 เข็ม กระดูกแตกหัก

Posted by เพจคนปราณบุรี on Monday, 16 April 2018


In the meantime, Mr Sophon said that the wounds on the victim had to be examined carefully by forensic experts who would be able to give the answer whether they were inflicted by a shark or not.

Admitting that the report of shark attack is affecting tourism business, the deputy director-general said, if there are actually a shark or sharks in the Hua Hin sea, officials would try to catch them and have them sent elsewhere “but that depends on whether it can be proven that there is a shark or more sharks in the Hua Hin sea.”

17 Apr 2018
12:46 pm

Road accidents during the past six days of the long Songkran holidays from April 11-16 have claimed the lives of 378 people, and injured 3,575 others.

Only on Monday April 16, 49 people died and 464 others were injured in 426 road accidents which happened in a single day yesterday, according to the Road Safety Centre.

The centre spokesman Lt Gen Thanes Kalapruek said motorcycle crashes topped most accidents yesterday or 81.80%.

Speeding was blamed as the major cause (28.47%), followed by drunk driving (27.28%), he said.

Most accidents happened in straight part of the roads (64.0%), highways  (39.6%), and secondary roads in rural areas (34.82%).

Most accident time was between 16.01 and  20.00 hrs.

In total, he said, 378 died and  3,575 were injured in  3,418 cases of accidents during the past six days of the holidays from April 11-16.

He said the ages of most victims were from 50 and over or  28.07%.

He said 65,226 officials were pisted on duties during the  period and 856,446 vehicles were checked.

He said 176,415 drivers were arrested which 49,866 of them for not wearing helmets, and 46,067 for having no driving licences.

Nakhon Ratchasina had the highest death toll of 19 in six days, while Chiang Mai had the highest injuries of 136 and highest accidents of 126 cases.

Provinces with zero death toll during the six day period were Yala, Ranong, Satun, Samut Songkram, Nong Khai and Nong Bualampoo.

17 Apr 2018
12:28 pm

A Yala-Bangkok sprinter train was partially damaged after hitting a metal objectwhile it was running in Kui Buri district of Prachuab Khiri Khan province early on Tuesday(Apr 17).

The crash with the object, later proved to be a large metal sheet, at 5.00am happened near the railway crossing at Ban Nong Tasua in Tambon Kui Buri, causing damages to the braking systems of three cars on the front, and the motor oil tank for the  air conditioning system.

The train couldn’t proceed further forcing the evacuation of some 424 passengers on six  cars to buses instead.

Railway engineers later detached the two damages cars from the train and used the third car to slowly drag the train to Kui Buri railway station for checking.

According to railway officials, it was not known exactly the cause of the crash as they and local police checked the route but found nothing obstructing the tracks.

They found only a large metal sheet tainted with motor oil near the rail line with traces showing it was hit by train.

Railway officials and police did not establish the incident was  intentional or accidental but said that in  January last year, unknown number of ill- intention people blocked the rail line with wood sleepers, and in January this year, 7 concrete fence poles were also used to block the  rail line at Klong Chaitong in Prachuab Khiri Khan, 5 kilometres away from today’s scene.





17 Apr 2018
11:09 am

As authorities in Hua Hin remain uncertain if claims of shark attack at a foreigner swimming at Hat Sai Noi beach were real or just injuries from sharp rocks, warning signs are now erected at the beach asking tourists not to swim in deep sea or 20 metres from the beach where shark attack was claimed.

But a fishery expert viewed it was very likely that it was a real attack by black tip reef shark.

“This kind of shark is so cute as kitties or puppies and is not fierce. But it doesn’t mean that if they are cute, they don’t bite. It is like kitties and puppies that also bite but they don’t mean to hurt,” said Dr Thon Thamrongnawasawat, deputy dean of Kasersart University’s Faculty of Fisheries on his Facebook page yesterday.

Hat Sai Noi beach

He said it was possible that the shark might assume that the foreigner’s leg might be another fish, and it then tried to bite.

But shark teeth are sharp and that the bites might cause bleeding, he said.

He asked tourists not to panic as such incident was rare or 1 in 200 million times per year.

He reiterated that black tip reef shark is not a dangerous species and it never attack human.

According to the fishery expert the last time of fatal shark attack in Thailand was in 1965 when a man known only as Chalerm was killed in an attack by tiger shark in Chon Buri beach.

After that another tourist was injured when a shark bit him in the leg in Pha-ngan Island.

But despite of his assurance of black top reef shark, warning signs were erected at the Hat Sai Noi beach by Hua Hin City officials asking tourists nitvti swim in deep sea or over 20 metres from the beach.

Hua Hin city mayor Nopporn Wuthikul said authorities from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Tourist Police Bureau, and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department to keep watch on shore and in sea to ensure safety for tourists during this period until it becomes certain of the attack.

The foreigner lived with his Thai wife in Hua Hin. He was attacked on April 15 and is still at Krungthep Hua Hin hospital.


16 Apr 2018
9:18 pm

Tourist police have arrested a taxi driver who picked up a female passenger from Suvarnabhumi international airport for a ride to Huay Kwang but allegedly dumped her on the motorway after she refused to pay him 500 baht as taxi fare as he demanded.

The passenger who managed to hail another taxi which brought her home in Huay Kwang later posted in her Facebook account her bad experience with the cabbie working at Suvarnbhumi international airport.

Tourist police based at the airport later managed to track down the taxi driver, identified as Boonchuey Pimnont, and made the arrest along with his taxi. A search of his car uncovered a small amount of Ice.

During the interrogation, Boonchuey admitted that he was hooked to Ice several years ago and had to consume it on daily basis. He also admitted that he picked up the female passenger at the airport and, after leaving the airport, he demanded from her 500 baht as taxi fare and refused to use the taxi meter.

The cabbie claimed that, during festive occasions such as Songkran and New Year, most taxi drivers at the airport would normally refuse to use taxi meters, but would charge a lum sum fare from their passengers.

He was, however, charged with possessing illicit drug, using drug while driving, refusing to send his passenger to the destination and not using taxi meter.

Tourist police said they would ask the Land Transport Department to revoke his driving license.