13 Jan 2014
12:02 pm

The activist, Sudchai Boonchai,  who is a member of “Thaksin’s Friends” Group posted on the Facebook page urging red-shirt people to abduct Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha’s twin daughters from his sister-in-law’s  florist shop in Phitsanulok province if he engineers  a coup.

The twin daughters of the army chief now have two armed soldiers as bodyguards at the florist shop.

Army deputy spokesman Col Winthai Suwaree said Mr Sudchai’s threat was extreme inappropriate and was a serious breach of other people’s rights and the family institution.

He said what he wrote was an attempt to incite disorder and risked committing a serious offence.

Such aggressive behavior posed a serious danger to Thai society and the Thai people would not accept what he said, the spokesman said.

The red-shirt activist said on Facebook “taking them alive as hostages will be good, but catching them dead is also worth it. The army chief will know the taste of losing his loved ones.” His message was widely shared on the Internet among supporters and opponents of Thaksin.

13 Jan 2014
11:31 am

The injured guard was identified as Samran Chanthong-on, 36, a resident from Cha-uat district of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

He was shot on the left shoulder by shotgun bullets.

According to the Thung Songhong police, a man riding in a motorcycle  came near the road blockade and was seen to have a talk with the guard. Shortly after a talk, the man left in his motorcycle and a gunshot was fired into a group of guards.

Samran fell on the ground after being hit by a bullet.
He was rushed to Mongkutwattana hospital for treatment. Doctors said he is now safe but still has to remain in hospital to recover from shot wound.

Police suspected the man might be angry when he could not pass the blockade and shot at him.

Police said they are looking into video footages from several surveillance cameras on the road to bring the gunman for trial.


13 Jan 2014
10:47 am

However no protester was injured in the shooting which protester guards said was politically  motivated.

The shooting occurred at about 02.30 a.m. today at a coffee house “A Big Seat” which is in front of the office of the Democrat party. A group of protesters from Rayong province was camping out near the coffee house. They arrived in Bangkok to join the Bangkok Shutdown protest today.

A Camry sedan was reported to come near the office and a man was seen sliding down the side windshield and sprayed bullets into the coffee house.
The driver then sped off immediately.
There was no injury but the glass door and window of the coffee house were  broken with a dozen of bullets.

Forensic police arrived to inspect the scene this morning to collect evidence.
Police said it might be the work of ill-intention people wanting to incite violence.

13 Jan 2014
10:40 am

Mr Nitithorn Lamlua, advisor of the NSPTR which is the hard-core wing of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, said Sunday, also threatened to close down the operations of Aeronautical Centre which controls air traffic to prevent any planes from leaving the country.

In retaliation against Capo’s ordering declaring several road intersections off-limits to protesters, Nitithorn said that it was necessary to close down the operations of Capo by cutting off water and power supplies to its head office at the government complex in Chaeng Wattana.

He, however, said that the main task of NSPTR is to continue its siege of the Government House.

Nitithorn also urged business operators to join the shutdown and to decide quickly before Wednesday when protesters will seize the stock market.

13 Jan 2014
10:28 am

Instead, the army chief called an urgent meeting of the “Top Five” army officers to assess the Bangkok Shutdown operation launched today by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee.

Members of the PDRC started blocking some main intersections to set up their stages since Sunday evening as the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order has declared several road intersections and government buildings where protests were planned off-limits to protesters.

11 Jan 2014
5:54 pm

At the press conference today, the Defense Ministry’s PR head Maj Gen Surakchart Jitjaeng said rumor of military coup was rife and spread following the unusual troop buildup and movement of military hardwares into the capital.

He said such movements were made at the time of the political turmoil and thus triggering fear of rumor.

But he said such buildup of troops and weapon were just for show at the Children’s Day and for parade to mark the Armed Forces Day on January 18 at the 11th Infantry Division in Bang Khen  which had nothing to do with the coup rumor.

The troop parade had been planned in advance since mid last year and the Army had earlier announced to the public of the movements, he said.

Despite of the announcement, the troop movement was instead twisted by ill-intention people and spread on the social media causing suspicion of the Army by the public.

He said after the show today, all weapon would be withdrawn to army bases on the same night.

Earlier red-shirt leaders have questioned the unusual troop build-up in the capital with call for the army chief to clarify and assure that the Army would not plot a coup.

Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha reiterated today that the Army would never or had an idea of plotting a coup.
He was enraged when one reporter asked him about a coup under the current circumstances of political turmoil.
He told the reporter to stop asking such question which is no good to the country.

11 Jan 2014
10:19 am

A youth was shot in the leg and a man was injured from explosion. The two were admitted to the Central Hospital for treatment.

Later at 4.00 a.m. today Erawan Emergency Center director Patpong Kamchornkitkan said five were injured in the gunfire and small bomb attacks. Three were admitted to the Central Hospital,  one at Vajira and another at Ramathibodi hospitals. All are now safe.

Guards of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee said gunman riding on the pillion of a motorcycle fired several gunshots at protesters near Rattanakosin hotel while riding down Pinklao bridge and sped. The incident happened at about 2.30 a.m.

Meanwhile there were explosions at Siyaek Kokwua intersection and gunfire at 4.00 a.m.

The two incidents left five protesters injured.

9 Jan 2014
8:50 pm

About 250 maize growers from Mae Chan, Mae Fah Luang, Muang and Mae Saroey districts  rallied on Thursday at the provincial seat to demand payments for their crops which, they claimed, have been long overdue since last October.

They claimed that the government had set aside a budget to subsidise maize prices but they are yet to get paid despite the fact that they had pledged their crops several months ago.

Mr Chalermpol Pongchababnapa, the provincial commerce minister,noted that the problem stemmed from the fact that the amount of maize actually pledged had exceeded the amount initially registered by over 90,000 tonnes from 157,000 tonnes.

The government has set aside 235 million baht to subsidse the maize crops.   Of these, 103 million baht have already been paid.

Mr Chalermpol said officials needed to check the number of growers registered to seek subsidies first before the rest of the payments could be remitted.

The maize growers agreed to disperse after the explanation but vowed to protest in Bangkok if they are not paid soon.


9 Jan 2014
2:37 pm

Mr Aksathai Rattanadilok, director-general of Land Transport Department, said today (Thursday) that the Transport Ministry had already given a six-month reprieve to the operators of the heavy trailer trucks and then there would be no more reprieve.

He added that the operators and those concerned had already acknowledged the study about the impacts caused by these heavy vehicles to the roads throughout the country.

According to the study, there are altogether a combined length of 60,000 kilometre of roads and 14,000 bridges across the country.  Most of these roads and bridges were built 56 years ago and they were designed to withstand weight of not exceeding 58 tonnes.

If they are to be rebuilt or strengthened to withstand more than 58 tonnes of weight, it will take 15 years to be completed at the costs of 856 billion baht for roads and 160 billion baht for the bridges, said Mr Aksathai.

9 Jan 2014
1:43 pm

CAPO spokesman Pol Maj-Gen Piya Uthaiyo said of the 27 guns stolen from the smashed police vehicles parked in Din Daeng area, 21 guns were state property and the rest were private property.

The stolen guns included  six shotguns, 12   teargas guns, and  three handguns of the state property, and six privately-owned handguns.

The spokesman said the police will set up more road checkpoints to check the smuggling of weapon into the protest site to prevent violence.