15 Oct 2013
1:35 pm

The cabinet today approved the proposal of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to allow a 5-day New Year holiday end of this year to promote tourism.Under the ministry’s proposal, Friday December 30 will be added as another national holiday to make a 5-day holiday from December 28 through  January 1.The ministry proposed the long holiday for New Year to encourage travels in the country that will increase spending and help boost the economy.

11 Oct 2013
9:45 am

The Meteorological Department said today that a  4.1 magnitude tremor with its epicenter in Chiang Mai’s Phrao district happened today at 01.19 a.m. but there was no report of damage.

It said that the tremor was felt in Phrao district for  less than  a minute but did not cause any damage to property.

11 Oct 2013
9:43 am

Police said that the Indian largest movie producer Bollywood was  shooting a film at  ChocolateVille when the fire broke out at the high-voltage power-supply truck. However it was put out immediately after fire engine was alerted.

They said overheated power supplier could be the cause of the fire as the Indian film maker was shooting the film from 5 p.m. till 6.a.m. in the morning

9 Oct 2013
4:10 pm

An Army Huey helicopter with 10 officers and pilots on board made an emergency landing at a canal in Thepa district of Songkhla late this morning causing slight injury to one passenger.

7 Oct 2013
12:14 pm

The State Railways of Thailand today suspended its rail service between Aranyaprathet and Wattana Nakhon railway stations in Srakaew province as its rail line is under 20 centimeters of flood water.

1 Oct 2013
3:52 pm

The amendment bill passed the final reading in Parliament on Saturday with a vote of 358 to 2 while all the opposition MPs and 40 senators walked out in protest.

Under the Constitution, bill passed by the joint sitting must be submitted for royal approval within 20 days.

The Constitutional Court was scheduled to begin hearing of the petition of the opposition and the senators questioning the constitutionality of the amendment bill tomorrow. They asked  the court to have the ruling on the bill,

30 Sep 2013
11:33 am

Police said a team of combined force encircled a suspected house at Bue Chor village in Tambon Sawor of Rue Sor district after they received information that a RKK militant identified as Abdulloh Bueraheng, wanted for the bombing of a Yala-Su-ngai Kolok train in November last year, was hiding inside.

As the force moved in, the militant opened fire. In a brief gunfight, he was shot dead, police said.

The police said a total of 18 suspects were wanted in the train bombing and so far warrants have been issued for four suspects, one of them was Abdulloh Bueraheng.

27 Sep 2013
5:02 pm

Police said that the victim, later identified as Sulgiflee Manor,27,  of Sai Buri district , went to the masjid to pray like many other Muslims.  After completing the ritual, he and several other people left the masjid.

Police said that two assailants believed to be insurgents arrived at the masjid in a motorcycle and appeared to wait for the victim to emerge.  The pillion rider then approached the victim and fired several shots into his head and body right in front of the crowd.

The victim was later rushed to Kapor district hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

The two assailants, meanwhile, sped away in their motorbike.

27 Sep 2013
3:53 pm

The EOD team went to inspect a suspicious object after being alerted by villagers.  On their way back on the road from Raman to Yi Ngor district of Narathiwat,  southern insurgents hiding in roadside bushes triggered a bomb and opened fire with automatic rifles.

Two were wounded and rushed to Yala hospital. Reinforcement from nearby government bases was rushed into help with air-borne troops supporting the ground force to hunt down the fleeing insurgents.

23 Sep 2013
11:06 pm

The petitioners include Bangkok Senator Rosana Kosittrakul, Rayong Senator Sai Kangkawekin, andPetchaburi Senator  Sumon Sutta virayawat.

The senators have wanted the court to suspend the final reading of the bill scheduled on September 28 until there is a ruling from the court about the constitutionality of the bill.