17 Apr 2018
11:09 am

As authorities in Hua Hin remain uncertain if claims of shark attack at a foreigner swimming at Hat Sai Noi beach were real or just injuries from sharp rocks, warning signs are now erected at the beach asking tourists not to swim in deep sea or 20 metres from the beach where shark attack was claimed.

But a fishery expert viewed it was very likely that it was a real attack by black tip reef shark.

“This kind of shark is so cute as kitties or puppies and is not fierce. But it doesn’t mean that if they are cute, they don’t bite. It is like kitties and puppies that also bite but they don’t mean to hurt,” said Dr Thon Thamrongnawasawat, deputy dean of Kasersart University’s Faculty of Fisheries on his Facebook page yesterday.

Hat Sai Noi beach

He said it was possible that the shark might assume that the foreigner’s leg might be another fish, and it then tried to bite.

But shark teeth are sharp and that the bites might cause bleeding, he said.

He asked tourists not to panic as such incident was rare or 1 in 200 million times per year.

He reiterated that black tip reef shark is not a dangerous species and it never attack human.

According to the fishery expert the last time of fatal shark attack in Thailand was in 1965 when a man known only as Chalerm was killed in an attack by tiger shark in Chon Buri beach.

After that another tourist was injured when a shark bit him in the leg in Pha-ngan Island.

But despite of his assurance of black top reef shark, warning signs were erected at the Hat Sai Noi beach by Hua Hin City officials asking tourists nitvti swim in deep sea or over 20 metres from the beach.

Hua Hin city mayor Nopporn Wuthikul said authorities from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Tourist Police Bureau, and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department to keep watch on shore and in sea to ensure safety for tourists during this period until it becomes certain of the attack.

The foreigner lived with his Thai wife in Hua Hin. He was attacked on April 15 and is still at Krungthep Hua Hin hospital.


16 Apr 2018
9:18 pm

Tourist police have arrested a taxi driver who picked up a female passenger from Suvarnabhumi international airport for a ride to Huay Kwang but allegedly dumped her on the motorway after she refused to pay him 500 baht as taxi fare as he demanded.

The passenger who managed to hail another taxi which brought her home in Huay Kwang later posted in her Facebook account her bad experience with the cabbie working at Suvarnbhumi international airport.

Tourist police based at the airport later managed to track down the taxi driver, identified as Boonchuey Pimnont, and made the arrest along with his taxi. A search of his car uncovered a small amount of Ice.

During the interrogation, Boonchuey admitted that he was hooked to Ice several years ago and had to consume it on daily basis. He also admitted that he picked up the female passenger at the airport and, after leaving the airport, he demanded from her 500 baht as taxi fare and refused to use the taxi meter.

The cabbie claimed that, during festive occasions such as Songkran and New Year, most taxi drivers at the airport would normally refuse to use taxi meters, but would charge a lum sum fare from their passengers.

He was, however, charged with possessing illicit drug, using drug while driving, refusing to send his passenger to the destination and not using taxi meter.

Tourist police said they would ask the Land Transport Department to revoke his driving license.


16 Apr 2018
5:37 pm

Twenty-nine passengers were injured when a tour bus in which they were travelling from Udon Thani skidded off the lane, climbed on a road island and turned one-side up in Bang Pa-in district of Ayutthaya province on Monday morning.

Some of the passengers later told police that they suspected the bus driver might temporarily dozed off due to lack of rest as the bus moved unsteadily before it skidded off the lane, climbed on a road island and turned one side up.

The driver, identified as Thitikorn Onlert, 34, fled the scene after the accident.

Land transport official based in Ayutthaya province said that the GPS system on the bus showed the bus was cruising at an average of about 70 kph. He added that it was lucky that there was a big hole on the road island which appeared to have stopped the vehicle from jumping into the parallel road and ending up hitting a roadside power pole.

The official said that the driver would have his driving license permanently seized so he would not be able to drive a bus again.

Rescue workers arrived at the scene and sent all the injured who included nine men, 19 women and one girl to Karoonvej hospital for first aid treatment.

None of them were seriously injured and all were later picked up by another bus sent by its company.

16 Apr 2018
4:54 pm

A 30-year old bull elephant wellknown among villagers in Tambon Pluang Thong of Chon Buri’s Bo Thong district for its single ivory tusk and shortened tail was killed, believed electrocuted, at a pineapple plantation in Village Two of Tambon Pluang Thong on Sunday(Apr 15).

Officials of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation based in Si Racha district were alerted of the jumbo’death by villagers in Tam,bon Pluang Thong and a team was immediately sent to the scene to investigate.

Mr Yu Senatham, head of the Si Racha office, said officials had collected samples of vital organs of the dead elephant to be sent to the department’s laboratory for examination to determine the cause of its death.

But he said he suspected the elephant was electrocuted and a complaint would be lodged with Bo Thong police to look for the perpetrator.

A one-minute clip posted in the social media by officials of Ang Runai wildlife sanctuary after Sunday’s tragedy shows the animal of being friendly and good- tempered and a familiar figure in Chon Buri and Rayong.

Meanwhile, an informed police source said that the elephant’s trunk was badly burned, suggesting that it was electrocuted. He said that the elephant was found dead about 100 metres from the burial site of another jumbo which was electrocuted on March 25.

(Photo: Ang Ru Nai Animal and Wildlife Reserve Protection Area)


A guard of the pineapple plantation where the dead elephant was found on Sunday, identified as Samin Chansamut, 45, was arrested by the police allegedly for discharging electricity into the barbed wire fence of the plantation which killed the elephant on March 25.

The case against him is still pending in the court.

Officials suspected that Samin might be responsible for the Sunday’s death of the one-tusk elephant and would urge the police to look for him for interrogation.


16 Apr 2018
1:30 pm

A total of 323 Songkran celebrants were killed and 3,140 others were injured in the past five days of the Songkran festival.

According to the Road Safety Centre, only on April 15, or the fifth day of the  7-day dangerous period starting April 11, 69 people died and 589 were injured in a total of 552 road accidents in  single day on Sunday.

Most fatal accidents were blamed on drink driving (42.03%), and speeding (25.72%).

Motorcycle crashes recorded most of the road accidents (78.53%).

Chiang Mai had the highest road accidents of 20 cases, and  highest injuries of 27, while Chonburi had the highest death toll of six yesterday.

For  the five-day period from April 11 to 15, the centre said there were 3,001 road accidents, 323 deaths, and 3,140 injuries.

Chiang Mai  had the highest accumulated accidents of 119 cases, and 136 injuries in the past five days, while Nakhon Ratchasima recorded the highest death toll of 19.

For drink driving offence, the centre said 21,829 drivers were arrested.

It said although more drink drivers were arrested, road accidents remained on the increase.

It added that as today will be the last day of the long Songkran holidays, more safety checks will still be strictly enforced to ensure people safe return to the capital.

16 Apr 2018
12:26 pm

The National Council for Peace and Order revealed on Monday that officials have seized 10,099 cars and motorcycles, and arrested 113,450 drivers of motorcycles, and 69,898 drivers of public transport  vehicles and  private cars for drink driving  during April 11-15.

NCPO deputy spokesperson  Colonel Sirichan Ngathong said of the 10,099 vehicles seized, 7,372 are motorcycles, and 2,727 are cars.

She said only on April 15,  a total of 52,698 traffic offences were committed by motorcycle drivers, and  2,069 motorcycles were seized.

Officials have also  seized driving licences of 2,999 motorcycle drivers on April 15 alone, she said.

She said 41,443 motorcycle drivers  were arrested and charged in the court.

For public transport vehicles and private cars, a total of 38,956 traffic offences were committed by drivers.

Officials have seized driving licences of  38,956 drivers, seized 814 cars, and charged 24,936 drivers in the court.

15 Apr 2018
9:40 pm

Seven youths have been arrested for gang-attacking a 25-year old man until he passed out on a road in the municipal area of Nakhon Ratchasima during Songkran celebration on Saturday (Apr 14).

The seven youths were arrested by Nakhon Ratchasima police on Sunday and charged with assault, causing serious injuries to the victim and being drunk as they beat up the victim. Three other youths are still at large.

Pol Gen Veerachai Songmetta, the deputy national police chief, on Sunday paid a visit to the injured, Mr Athisak, who was being treated at Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima hospital under police protection for fear that his assailants might come to harm him.

Athisak told Pol Gen Veerachai that he didn’t know his assailants but admitted he got into a quarrel with one of them and they engaged in a fistfight. But after both of them fell on the ground, the other youths came in to gang-attack him, he said.

15 Apr 2018
3:30 pm

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation has clarified that the land plot in Doi Suthep mountain on which the controversial judges’ housing project is located is outside the territory of Doi Suthep-Pui national park from the very beginning and the department has never issued a Royal Decree to cede the land plot for the construction of the project.

According to the department chief Mr Tunya Netithammakul, the land which is now the Doi Suthep-Pui national park was originally declared “prohibited” for the Royal Forestry Department by virtue of a Royal Decree B.e. 2492 before there was a ministerial regulation issued in 1964 turning it into Doi Suthep national forest reserves before it became a national park.

However, the national park land has overlapped with the land being utilized by state agencies. Later in 2017, a Royal Decree was promulgated excluding the land being used by nine state agencies from the national park land. The nine agencies include the Agricultural Technique Department, the Highland Research and Development Institute (a public company), the Chiang Mai night safari, the Ping Nakorn Office (a public company), the Chiang Mai Rice Seeds Centre under the Royal Projects Foundation, the Rice Department, the Agricultural Promotion and Development Region 6 Office and the National Office of Buddhism.

The land plot on which the housing project of the Region 5 Appeals Court is located used to be “prohibited” land under the supervision of the military in accordance with the Royal Decree B.E. 2483. But in 1957, the “prohibited land” covering over 23,000 rai was ceded by the military to the control of the Treasury Department.

In 1997, a 147-rai land plot of the Treasury Department’s land was ceded to the 5th Region Appeals Court for the construction of a court house and housing units for judges and officials.

Construction started in 2014 and it is now over 90 percent completed.


15 Apr 2018
1:45 pm

The death toll from 2,449 road accidents in the past four days during April 11-14 rose to 248 and 2,557 injured, with 57 deaths and 626 injured in 603 accidents on April 14 alone, according to the statistics of the Centre for the Protection and Reduction of Road Accidents during Songkran festival.

Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, deputy permanent secretary of public health in his capacity as the chairman of the centre, said on Sunday that drink driving accounted for the 43.62 percent of the road accidents which was the highest, followed by speeding, 25.70 percent.

Motorcycles accounted for the highest number of road accidents at 79.58 percent of all the road accidents and 65.17 percent of the accidents occurred on straight roads; 43.62 percent of the accidents on secondary roads in villages and areas under the jurisdiction of tambon organization organizations; and 32.84 percent on roads under the jurisdiction of the Highways Department.

30.68 percent of the road accidents occurred during 4 pm-8 pm and adults aged over 50 accounted for the highest number of casualties at 22.11 percent.

For the past for days, Chiang Mai ranks top with the highest number of road accidents at 99 and the highest number of injured at 109 while Nakhon Ratchasima ranks top with the highest death toll at 17.

There are eight provinces which do not have a single death toll from road accidents. They are Yala, Ranong, Lop Buri, Satun, Samut Songkram, Nong Khai, Nong Bua Lamphu and Ang Thong.

Altogether 65,491 officials of different units were mobilized on main and secondary roads across the country to check vehicles. For the past four days, they have checked 858,520 cars and motorcycles and, of these, 181,692 people were arrested and charged, including 50,603 cases of not wearing crash helmets and 48,061 cases of driving or riding without driver’s licenses.

Dr Opas pointed out that from road accidents on April 13-14, it was discovered that secondary roads and roads linking one district with another claimed the highest number of accidents as people engaged in water splashing and several of them drank alcohol.

Most of the accidents involving motorcycles were caused by speeding and drink driving, he said, adding that he had instructed officials concerned to tighten up measures against drink driving and riding without crash helmets.

Interior deputy permanent secretary Mr Supachai Iamsuwan said several Songkran revelers have started to return to Bangkok today with many more expected to return tomorrow. He added that instructed officials to adjust their road checkpoints to check on vehicles heading back to Bangkok.

14 Apr 2018
10:45 pm

A Vietnamese para-glider sustained serious injuries after she crashed into a cliff face as a result of sudden strong wind in Si Khieu district of Nakhon Ratchasima province today (Saturday).

The victim was among some 150 para-gliders from 10 countries namely China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand participating in the international para-gliding meeting and training during April 6- 15 hosted by the Thai Para-gliding Association at Khao Sadao in Si Khieu district.

About 50 officials and villagers launched a search for Ms Run, the Vietnamese para-glider after she lost control of her para-glider which eventually crashed into a 300-metre cliff.

After about 5-hour search, the search team found her lying amid bamboo shrubs with a broken left leg and a fractured left collarbone and bruises on her body.

She was later to the district hospital for medical treatment.