6 Jan 2017
10:26 am

It was not immediately known the cause of the fire which erupted at 7.30 am today at the fresh market.

Seventeen fire trucks rushed to the market but faced difficulties in entering the market. Sporadic explosions of cooking gas tanks were also heard during the fire.

However they were able to keep the fire under control an hour later after 10 shop houses were gutted.

Two people were reported to be injured while trying to flee their homes.

5 Jan 2017
11:54 am

A 52-year-old mother and her 21-year-old son who went missing today in a pickup truck washed away by flashfloods on a road in Thung Song district of Nakhon Si Thammarat were found dead late today.

Both were drowned after being trapped inside the pickup truck which was washed by flashflood as it was trying to wade through the current.

16 Dec 2016
5:09 pm

16 Dec 2016
10:00 am

A 8-storey old building collapsed from the top floor onto the ground injuring one worker and burying four others.

The old showroom building on Sukhumvit 87 is located on a two-rai plot of land on the Sukhumvit road and is under demolition by the new leaser.

Rescue workers and Phrakhanong district officials are now at the scene to try to locate the missing workers buried under the concrete rubble and dust.

24 Nov 2016
12:19 pm

Motive of the shooting is not yet known but police and charity foundation workers said one woman and two men died inside the “Bhaesaj” drug store on Yaek 7 off Serithai 7 at 11.30 am.

23 Nov 2016
10:59 am

The Office of the Attorney-General has agreed to prosecute Dhammachayo, abbot of the Dhammakaya, on three charges in connection with the embezzlement of the funds of Klongchan Credit Union Cooperative.

The three charges are conspiracy in money laundering, money laundering, and receiving stolen money.

22 Nov 2016
7:29 pm

Death toll from the bus plunge into a ravine in Uttradit has increased to 18 with 22 injured.

22 Nov 2016
1:52 pm

The incident happened near Kilometre 350 on the Asian highway in Denchai district of Phrae province.

The bus with about 40 passengers was on the way from Phrae to Uttaradit.

Of the 25 injured, 10 are in serious condition.

The cause of the tragic incident was under police questionings.

7 Nov 2016
10:27 am

MRT announced late this morning that its subway train service from Hua Lampong to Bang Sue is now back to normal at 10.15 am.

It said all its 18 stations are now back to service.

No other reason was announced as to what happened to such a long disruption of service of over two hours.

24 Oct 2016
9:05 pm

One woman was killed and 17 others injured when a home-made bomb planted at a crowded market in Pattani town exploded at 7.00pm Monday night.

Security authorities immediately sealed off the market after all the injured were rushed to Pattani hospital as more bombs could still be planted to hurt authorities.