9 Apr 2014
11:33 am

A van with 16 Cambodian passengers on board capsized and fell into a ditch in the middle of the Ban Bung-Klaeng highway in Rayong province this morning causing death to a 2-year-old child and injuries to 16 people, including the driver. All the Cambodian workers are on the way to Bangkok to work.

9 Apr 2014
11:11 am

A group of red-shirt community radio station staff and supporters rallied at the head-office of the National Anti-Corruption Committee (NACC) today and held a black-magic rite to drive evil spirits out of the office of the graft buster

The redshirts accused the NACC’s inquiry chief Vicha Mahakhum of unfair treatment of caretaker prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra and vowed not to accept any ruling of the NACC against her.

9 Apr 2014
9:14 am

A minor 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit Tambon Bantam of Dok Khamtai district, Phayao province at 01.41 a.m. today. There was no report of injury and damage.

8 Apr 2014
9:53 pm

Two persons were injured when a firecracker bomb was thrown at Saphan Hua Chang Rongsee near the Interior Ministry late this evening.

The two persons, a woman and a man, were later admitted to the Central Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile a suspected object was laid near Gate 6 of the Chulalongkorn Hospital late this evening.

Soldiers near the scene have sealed off the area and used an oil car tyre to guard the object and called in the EOD police to examine.

8 Apr 2014
3:48 pm

The Thai Red Cross Society has asked for blood donations to store up during Songkran festival. The donations can be given at the National Blood Centre on April 8-16.

8 Apr 2014
2:04 pm

Office workers who stare at computer screens over an extensive period of time risk having sick building syndrome (SBS), aka office syndrome, warned Minnistry of Public Health. Morover, those who sit in a hunched position may suffer from neck pain, breathing difficulties, and poor concentration.

8 Apr 2014
1:55 pm

The Election Commission is to meet representatives of the Armed Forces this afternoon to asset the situation and whether it is possible to hold of the new general election without troubles again.

8 Apr 2014
1:54 pm

Fire at the Phraekasan refill was put under control with fire engines now saying they could contain the burning  at limited area and is not spreading. The cause of the fire could not yet be established as it happened right in the middle of the dump site. The area is still covered by white smoke but not spreading as feared.

8 Apr 2014
12:50 pm

PDRC leader Suthep Thaugsuban led hundreds of anti-government protesters to rally in front of the Justice Ministry to persuade government officials to stop working for the caretaker government. He was later joined by hundreds of supporter of Luang Poo Buddha-issara who are also on the way to the Justice Ministry.

8 Apr 2014
9:09 am

Fire breaks out again at the Phraekasa refill in Samut Prakarn before dawn Tuesday and is still raging, forcing nearby residents to evacuate due to the thick smokes blanketing the vicinity.

Fire at the refill was put out mid last month but it started again from underground burning which was not completely put out.