27 Nov 2013
10:57 pm

Most of them were being diagnosed of being sick from high blood pressure, cold and sore throats from being over-exposed to rains and sunlight and skin diseases.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, police erected a five-metre high mesh net along the length of the concrete barrier to prevent missiles and bombs from being thrown at the police by troublemakers or protesters.

Two pingpong bombs were thrown at the barrier in the evening and exploded.  There were no injuries however, but a few cars were slightly damaged.

The number of protesters at Ratchadamnoen Avenue dropped substantially Wednesday as many of them had scattered to seize hold of several ministries and the government office complex at Chaeng Wattana.


27 Nov 2013
10:43 pm

He said that images of protests in Bangkok had affected the confidence of MICE organizers as well as foreign tourists who are about to make decisions whether to choose Thailand as the venue for MICE.

Long-term planning is necessary to stage an international MICE  and if there is a political risk, Mr Sumeth said that tourists and travelers would change their tourism plan from Thailand to other countries which are more well prepared and as competitive as Thailand namely Singapore and Hong Kong or turn to Europe.

However, he noted that cancellation of MICE tourism in the next three months was still unclear because tourists had already advanced their deposits for the travel plans.

Tourists in MICE market have more purchasing power than ordinary tourists and, therefore, safety for the tourists is of paramount importance, said Sumeth, adding that if the protests drag on further, MICE tourists for the first and second quarters next year would definitely drop.


26 Nov 2013
11:43 pm

Protest leader Suthep Thuagsuban told protesters at the besieged Finance Minister to brace for possible police raid to break up the protest at the ministry and to arrest him.

It was reported that the hard-core protesters at the Finance Ministry had prepared swimming goggles, towels and bottled water in case police might use tear gas to force the protesters out of the ministry.

Suthep told the protesters late Tuesday night a police fried had suggested that he escaped from the protest site but he declined saying that he was not a dog “who is afraid of death and will dump his supporters”.

He said he would not resist the arrest if the police came to arrest him.

26 Nov 2013
10:35 pm

Pol Maj-Gen Chanthawit Ramasut, deputy commissioner of metropolitan police, said that it was lucky that the bomb hit the concrete barrier and exploded so no one was injured.

Earlier before the bomb attack, he said that some assailants had used sling shots to fire iron bolts into the police at Makkawan bridge.

Policemen gave chase but the assailants managed to escape, he said, adding that police would examine video clips from surveillance cameras in the vicinity to try to track down the assailants.


26 Nov 2013
4:30 pm

The Criminal Court has permitted the request of the police to issue warrant for the arrest of former Surat Thani MP Suthep Thuagsuban for leading anti-government protesters to lay siege to the Ministry of Finance yesterday.
The police said Suthep violated Article 365 and 215 of the Criminal Court.
But Suthep’s lawyer has petitioned the arrest warrant saying what he did was to uphold the Constitutional Court which was breached by the government.Cri

26 Nov 2013
10:52 am

All the injured students were immediately rushed to nearby hospitals in Singburi and Lopburi with some of them in critical condition.

Witnesses said that the CPF bus was making a U-turn on the road in Muang district when suddenly the school bus coming in full speed ramming into the middle of the bus.

21 Nov 2013
10:42 am

A combined force of soldiers, police and district officials today encircled a suspected house in Tambon Dawor of Ruesor District, Narathiwat province and arrested six RKK rebels along with a large number of weapon and jungle kits.

They were detained and sent to the ISOC forward command for interrogation

19 Nov 2013
12:18 pm

The incident took place in Bannang Sata district of Yala province on November 13 but was only known to the media on Monday when a Thai Rath stringer went to the house of the woman identified as Mrs Ameenoh for an investigation.

Mrs Ameenoh said that she earned a modest income of about 100 baht a day from making charred coal and sold them at the market while her husband did not have a permanent job.

She disclosed on November 13 she had no money at all and there was no food in the house to feed the four mouths.  So she decided to cut two bunches of bananas from a banana plant beside the Yala-Betong road not knowing that the plant belong to an owner.  She said she hoped to sell the bananas so she earned some money to buy food for her four children aged from two to 12 years old.

Mrs Ameenoh went on saying that they were very poor and some days they went  without any food to eat and their children skipped classes often because they could not afford the travelling expense.

However, the owner of the banana plant saw her cutting the banana bunches and reported the incident to the police who made the arrest and took her to Batutamong police station in Bannang Sata district.  She was initially charged with theft.

After finding out Mrs Ameenoh’s hardships and poverty, the owner withdrew the charge against her and the police set her free.

The Tham Thalu tambon administration organization which learned about Mrs Ameenoh’s ordeal sent a team  of officials to help install electricity in the house so the children didn’t have to rely on candles for reading at night.

Food and clothing were also given to the family thanks to the Tham Thalu TAO.

17 Nov 2013
4:56 pm

The piers that Bangkok Metropolitan Administration worn :

– Rama 7 Pier, Bang Sue district

– Bang Po Pier, Bang Sue district

– Sawat Pier, Sampantawong district

– Pier at Customs Department, Klong Toey district

– Wang Lee Pier, Klong San district

The officials also put the warning sign on the prohibited piers to remind people not to enter to Loy Krathong and ask to do it on safer places.  Municipal officials will facilitate people on the popular piers along Chaophya River.

BMA again convince people to use Krathong from Natural materials to reduce river trash.


15 Nov 2013
11:29 am

Three masked armed men carrying shotguns and pistols held up a cash delivery truck of a bank in front of Lotus Bang Pakong superstore in Chachoengsao province at 10. 45 a.m. today and made off with four million baht in cash.

The armed robbers escaped in the direction of Bang Na –Trat  Highway on a  black Toyota Runner pickup truck . The truck is also a brand-new vehicle as it has a red-color license plated fixed on the front and rear bumpers. Police asked for cooperation from motorists to help notice the car but warn them not  to try to  intercept it because they are armed.