2 Dec 2013
11:44 am

The meeting was held  under the protection of almost 2,000 police personnel mobilized to guard the National Police Office against intrusion and attempted seizure by anti-Thaksin demonstrators who surrounded the office yesterday until late in the night. The demonstrators dispersed to join their colleagues at other protest sites late last night but vowed to return with more force.

The police still close traffic on the Sukhumvit road from Yaek Rajaprasong to Yaek Chalermpao but open traffic only on the Central World lane.

Reporting the situation to the prime minister at the meeting at 10 .00 a.m. is National Police Chief Pol Gej Adul Saengsingkaew, head of the Center for the Administration of Peace and Order.

The center is also considering the imposition of the emergency law if the protest situation intensifies to the extent that the police could not control the situation.

But the emergency law was earlier dismissed by the National Security Council chief Lt-Gej Paradorn Patthanatabutr who said the situation now as still under control and there was no need for the enforcement of emergency law.

The law will empower the prime minister to call in the military to assist the police to keep control the situation.

1 Dec 2013
11:59 pm

It  said two of the dead were red-shirt supporters of the government, while another victim was a student of Ramkhamhaeng university.

It also said that the clashes between demonstrators and anti-riot police  throughout the day near Government House left 23 police injured.

Meanwhile the Public Health Ministry’s Health and Medical Operation Center reported  68 people were injured and three were killed.

Of the total injured, most have been discharged from hospitals with only 17 still remaining at hospitals.

It said that most of the injured were from tear gas.

1 Dec 2013
2:18 pm

The spokesman said if the firing of tear gases into the protesters was conducted under the international standard.

But he said that the police would use the second step if the demonstrators tried to break into the two places by force.

29 Nov 2013
7:11 pm

The three red-shirt guards, identified as Piyawong Kittiwong, Prachuab Silaphan and Somsak Silarat were killed inside the Lumpini park on May 14, 2010, by gun shots.

The court said that troops from the 23rd cavalry battalion of the Royal Guards were operating on the Rama IV road, in the Lumpini park and in the vicinity of Lumpini police station.

Piyawong  and Somsak were killed by .223 calibre or 5.56 mm gunshots fired from the direction of Wireless or Rama IV road while Prachuab died of unspecified caliber of gunshot.

The court ruled that it could not be determined who fired the shots  which killed the three red-shirt guards.

29 Nov 2013
12:48 pm

The advice came as the protest leader has pledged to launch even large scale protests in his bid to end the protest within this week, it said.

It said police have intercepted a truck-load of sandbags and 10 gallons of petrol as it was entering the Democracy Monument. The truck driver said he was transport the sandbag to fill areas around the monument while the petrol was meant to fill power generators used by the demonstrators at the monument.

However the center spokesman said the police were asking for clarification of the sandbags and petrol from the protest leader, and now it has kept the truck at a police station for safety reason.

29 Nov 2013
11:01 am

Motorists are warned to avoid Phetburi road near the Asoke Phetburi intersection as now several hundreds of anti-Thaksin demonstrators are gathering at Charn Issra Tower on Phetburi before marching to the office of the ruling Pheu Thai party on the same road to voice opposition to its current movement to defy the Constitution Court and its push for the amnesty bill.

They planned to start marching on the street to the office to blow whistles before noon.

28 Nov 2013
2:20 pm

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra late this afternoon calls for national unity and an end to the ongoing protests as the nation will celebrate the birthday anniversary of His Majesty the King on December 5.

In a brief live broadcast on TV Pool at about 2.00 p.m. the prime minister reiterated her call for the end of the ongoing protests which is causing trouble to the people.

She called for cooperation from  the protesters and all the people to end the protests and enter a talk with the government. She said the government  was ready to open a forum to solve the differences as it did not want to see confrontation from different groups.

28 Nov 2013
10:30 am

Police said the bombs were hurled into the police behind the barricades at about 7.00 p.m. last night, shattering the windshield of a police van. However no police was injured.

Police said they checked the surveillance cameras near the scene of the bridge and discovered that four youths were near the bridge and then they hurled the bombs and then ran into the crowd of anti-government protesters rallying near the bridge.

Earlier on Tuesday, a ping pong bomb was also thrown near the same place but nobody was scathed.

27 Nov 2013
10:57 pm

Most of them were being diagnosed of being sick from high blood pressure, cold and sore throats from being over-exposed to rains and sunlight and skin diseases.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, police erected a five-metre high mesh net along the length of the concrete barrier to prevent missiles and bombs from being thrown at the police by troublemakers or protesters.

Two pingpong bombs were thrown at the barrier in the evening and exploded.  There were no injuries however, but a few cars were slightly damaged.

The number of protesters at Ratchadamnoen Avenue dropped substantially Wednesday as many of them had scattered to seize hold of several ministries and the government office complex at Chaeng Wattana.


27 Nov 2013
10:43 pm

He said that images of protests in Bangkok had affected the confidence of MICE organizers as well as foreign tourists who are about to make decisions whether to choose Thailand as the venue for MICE.

Long-term planning is necessary to stage an international MICE  and if there is a political risk, Mr Sumeth said that tourists and travelers would change their tourism plan from Thailand to other countries which are more well prepared and as competitive as Thailand namely Singapore and Hong Kong or turn to Europe.

However, he noted that cancellation of MICE tourism in the next three months was still unclear because tourists had already advanced their deposits for the travel plans.

Tourists in MICE market have more purchasing power than ordinary tourists and, therefore, safety for the tourists is of paramount importance, said Sumeth, adding that if the protests drag on further, MICE tourists for the first and second quarters next year would definitely drop.