27 Jul 2015
10:03 pm

Thailand remains at the lowest ranking  at Tier 3 in the 2015 annual human trafficking report.

According to the US State Department Monday night, Malaysia and Cuba were removed  from the blacklist of countries failing to combat modern-day slavery, and upgraded to Tier 2, while Thailand remained on the blacklist.

25 Jul 2015
11:47 am

A monk and a soldier were killed Saturday morning when militants detonated a powerful roadside bomb while a unit of soldiers was escorting a group of monks to receive alms from local people in Saiburi district of Pattani.

Six others who include soldiers, a monk and civilians were also injured in the bomb attack which happened at 6.30 am near Wat Nimonwatanaram in the municipal area of Saiburi.

24 Jul 2015
9:33 am

Two people died in a predawn fire which broke out at a four-storey commercial building in Samrong Nua district of Samut Prakarn province.

One victim died when she jumped out from the balcony of the building which houses Saha Mongkol Insurance Co’s branch office in the Thippawal housing estate.

Another man died from suffocation when he was trapped inside a room of  the building which was engulfed when the fire started at 4 am Friday.

23 Jul 2015
3:30 pm

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has invoked Section 44 of the interim constitution to tackle street racing seriously with parents facing both imprisonment and fine if their kids repeated the same street racing.

The tough enforcement of traffic law to deal with young street racers or “Dek Wan” came as these defiant young racers continue to hold street racing with no regard to safety of other motorists sharing the same road.

The tough law was announced yesterday in the Royal Gazette which was released today.

22 Jul 2015
1:07 pm

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha indicated of imminent cabinet reshuffle saying if the work he has designed to relevant ministers could not be  accomplished or could not proceed, then the change was necessary.

His indication of cabinet change following last week’s economic forum in which the deputy prime minister M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula criticised him for having no knowledge of economy in criticising economic projects he was in charge did not make progress.

Gen Prayut said he didn’t mind the deputy prime minister’s criticism but said if economic tasks he had ordered them to tackle  could not  proceed or delay, then it should be changed.

MR Pridiyathorn’s criticism of the prime minister caused uneasiness among  several businessmen joining the forum.

22 Jul 2015
11:34 am

Former Air Force assistant commander-in-chief and former THAI president ACM Prayat Didyasarin died inside the cemetery of Wat Phra Sri Mahathat in Bang Khen this morning.

He was suspected to have committed suicide as a loaded pistol was found beside his blood-stained body.

Residents told police they heard a single shot at about 4.00 am but his body was found 8.00 am.

The 91-year-old retired air force officer was the father of Flt Lt Virayuth Didyasarin.

20 Jul 2015
10:25 pm

The council is preparing a report to all relevant international humanitarian organizations to inform them of the latest situation.

NSC secretary-general Anusit Khunakorn reported today after making a visit to China to check on the condition of 109 Uighur migrants amid concern by international communities that they would ill-treated by the Chinese authorities.

He stated that he had met with a senior Chinese official who reassured him that the Uighur migrant were being cared for and he was also allowed to speak to them personally.

At present, Mr Anusit reports that they are being housed at recuperation center in Xinjiang province.

He also reports that leaders of the migrants had informed him that they were misled by international human traffickers into travelling to other countries and now regretted their decision as it has caused major problems for many countries.

He went on saying  that he was willing to put his position as the secretary-general of the National Security Council on the line as assurance that all 109 Uighur migrants were not being ill-treated nor were any of them being prosecuted.

He said at present a report is being prepared which will be approved by Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, the deputy prime minister, who will then inform Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha.

He said the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs will later distribute the report to all the relevant international humanitarian organizations to inform them of the developments.

16 Jul 2015
2:38 pm

Two soldiers were shot dead in an ambush in front of a musjid in Ruesor district of Narathiwat province before noon today.

Ruesor police said the two soldiers were on the way  back to their base at 15132 infantry unit in a pickup truck when Muslim militants hiding by roadside bushes opening fire with assault rifles.

The militants then lit the truck on fire with the body of the soldier at wheel.

The truck went up in flames with the body burnt to charred remains. Another soldier lied dead on the road by the side of the burning truck.

16 Jul 2015
10:56 am

A 45-year-old caretaker of a farm was arrested after evidence showed he electrocuted three elephants in Palau forest in Hua Hin district of Prachuap Khiri Khan

Sompong Yapakdi faced intense questioning by police last night and later confessed to the electrocution because of the evidence collected from the scene of his farm clearly showed the wild elephants died of high voltage electricity.

15 Jul 2015
2:51 pm

Three elephants were found dead mysteriously at Huai Sat Yai wildlife sanctuary in Hua Hin district of Prachuap  Khiri Khan province today.

There was no trace on the three carcasses that showed the elephants were either harmed or shot by wildlife poachers or hunters.

Veterinarians and officials from from the Department of  National Parks Wildlife and Plant Conservation are inspecting the scenes to find out their mysterious deaths.