27 Nov 2014
6:53 am

Five Muslim militants were yesterday sentenced to death by the Pattani provincial court after finding them guilty of killing four soldiers and wounding two others in an attack on the road in Mayo district of Pattani in July 2012.

The five militants were among 18 militants who traveled in three pickup trucks and motorcycles to attack  six soldiers riding in three motorcycles in a routine patrol to give protection to teachers on July 28.

Video footages showed the militants opened fire at the soldiers and then stole away their M16 assault rifles in the escape.

26 Nov 2014
2:56 pm

A Greek diplomat was killed when she tried to jump onto a moving No 257 train from Thonburi to Nam Tok railway station in Saiyok district of Kanchanaburi province this afternoon.

She was identified as Mrs Aristea Liapi, an attaché attached to the Greece Embassy in Bangkok.

She missed the step of the train and rolled into the wheels of the moving train.

26 Nov 2014
1:16 pm

The Appeals Court late this morning dropped charges against media activist Jon Ungphakorn along with nine others from civil society organisations in Thailand for their forced entry into the premises of Parliament during a rally in 2006.

They were arrested in Bangkok on 30 December 2010 for violating seven provisions of the penal code.

The Criminal Court earlier sentenced six of them  to two years in prison and a 9,000 baht fine each, while the rest to one year and  9,000 baht fine. However prison terms of all defendants were exempted with  extended jail term of two years instead.

25 Nov 2014
11:31 am

Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumpanmuang vowed to arrest any  police officer found guilty of corruption no matter who he will be

“No matter how big he is, I will arrest him if he is found guilty,” Pol Gen Somyot declared as he gave a press conference today to explain the arrest of the former CIB commissioner on five serious charges ranging from taking bribes from gambling dens, demanding money to get  police promotions, money laundering and lese majeste.

He said that the Royal Thai Police in his era will be clean and without all these misdeeds.

He said he would lay down a new standard for the Thai Police that will be corruption free,  having good governance, and with morality.

22 Nov 2014
12:28 am

The Bureau of the Royal Household issued Announcement No 10 stating that His Majesty the King is still resting at Siriraj hospital and is not prepared to  grant audience to Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha to bring two newly appointed cabinet ministers to swear in before assuming office today. The  announcement said the audience will be put off until further notification.

21 Nov 2014
12:23 pm

The Appeals Court today upheld two-month jail sentence on former Democrat party MP Watchara
Phetthong for defaming redshirt leader Jatuporn Prompan in 2009, and fined him 20,000 baht for the offence.

However his jail term was eased with a one year extension instead when he had no criminal records in the past and the extension  will allow him to behave as a good citizen.

The court also ordered that he published the verdict in brief on two daily newspapers for seven days.

20 Nov 2014
1:06 pm

Five defiant Khon Kaen university students who yesterday protested military coup by raising three fingers in front of Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha while presiding over the release of water truck caravan to droughts stricken areas in Khon Kaen province reported to the military personnel at the Patcharin army barrack with their parents at 10.00 am today.

One of the students, Mr Jatupat Bunpatraraksa, said they would not accept any conditions to be laid down by the military for their release and were ready to face prosecution and have their student status terminated.

He said nobody or no political party were behind their movement.

19 Nov 2014
10:35 pm

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has appointed two new ministers to strengthen his cabinet.

The two new appointees are Deputy Finance Minister Visut Srisuphan and Deputy Agriculture Minister Amnuay Patisae.

A Royal Command has been issued approving the two appointments.

19 Nov 2014
12:29 pm

Anti military junta leaflets were strewn around the Khon Kaen city hall and several roads in this redshirt influenced town this morning before Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha will arrive to preside over a meeting to resolve drought problem.

The leaflet reads” Isarn people won’t welcome dictator.”

The leaflets were later collected by police and soldiers.

Five Khon Kaen university students were also detained when they protested in front of the city hall before the arrival of the prime minister, raising their hands and three fingers in defiance.

The symbol of protest is adopted from the popular book and movie series The Hunger Games.

19 Nov 2014
11:07 am

An express train from Bangkok to Trang rammed at a car passing an uncontrolled railway crossing in Thung Song district, killing two persons and seriously injured two others in the fatal car.

The incident happened at 9.00 am Wednesday.

The collision caused the car to burst in flame.