1 Sep 2015
4:53 pm

Ratchaprasong suspected bomber was arrested near the Thai-Cambodian border this afternoon by Thai security forces.

29 Aug 2015
4:56 pm

The combined force of more than 100 police and soldiers found ball bearings of the 0.55 mm size in the search of the foreign suspect’s rented room in Nong Chok. They are similar to ball bearings which the forensic police found at both the Erawan shrine and Sathorn bridge.

29 Aug 2015
4:23 pm

A combined force of police and soldiers encircled a hostel in Bangkok’s eastern suburb of Nongchok at 4 pm today and apprehended a foreigner who the police suspected to be the wanted bomb suspect in the Erawan shrine deadly bomb explosion.

Assistant commissioner of the Royal Thai Police  Pol Lt Gen Prawut Thavornsiri and Bangkok police commissioner Pol Lt Gen Sriwara Rangsitpramprom were rushing to Nongchok police station to question the suspect.

28 Aug 2015
9:25 pm

General Teerachai Narkvanich was appointed the new commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army.
The royal command appointing him the 39th army chief was announced Friday night.
Gen Preecha Chan-o-cha, the assistant army chief, was appointed permanent secretary of the Defense Ministry.

28 Aug 2015
11:32 am

All oil prices will be cut by 40 satang, except E85 and diesel, effective 5 am Saturday.

Prices of E85 and diesel will remain unchanged.

25 Aug 2015
12:43 pm

All oil prices will be cut by 40 satang tomorrow morning, except E85 by 20 satang.

25 Aug 2015
11:35 am

Former Nakhon Sawan MP and deputy commerce minister Pol Lt Col Banyin Tangphakorn turned himself to the Crime Suppression Division police before noon today to face charge of falsifying official share transfer documents and unauthorised use of the documents in a controversial case involving the unusual transfer of shares worth over 300 million baht to two girls by a construction billionaire Chuwong Sae Tang killed in a van crash.

The van was driven by the former MP who escaped the crash unscathed.

CSD police are considering whether to allow bail for his temporary release.

The two girls also  faced the same charges but they have contacted the CSD to turn themslevs in over the next few days.

24 Aug 2015
12:32 pm

The Foreign Correspondents’  Club of Thailand today issued a statement calling on the Thai security authorities to drop criminal charge pressed on a HK journalist in wearing life protective gears while covering the bomb explosion incident on Ratchaprasong last Monday.

Hok Chun ‘Anthony’ Kwan, who was assigned by Initium Media Technology last week to cover the aftermath of the Erawan shrine bomb, was stopped at Suvarnabhumi Airport as he was about to board a flight back to Hong Kong.

He is being charged with possessing an illegal is being charged under the 1987 Arms Control Act, which prohibits the possession of military equipment without a licence.

21 Aug 2015
11:17 am

All Benzene and Gasohol oil prices will go down 50 satang tomorrow at 5 am.

Only E85 will be reduced by 30 satang, while diesel price will remain unchanged.

20 Aug 2015
12:01 pm

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said today that His Majesty the King has endorsed his new cabinet appointments which saw 20 positions reshuffled.

He said those who were not in the new cabinet list would continue working as his advisors.

Announcement of the new cabinet is expected late today.