26 Dec 2013
3:21 pm

Central bank Governor Nguyen Van Binh has described 2013 as a successful year in reforming the nation’s monetary policy system.

“The consistency of the monetary policy will continue in the coming years. Then, we can confirm to those who have deposited Vietnamese dong in banks, and to those who haven’t, that they should be more confident about depositing their money in banks. This investment channel is, indeed, secure and attractive,” Binh said.

Other economic experts also repeated the central bank’s recommendation to deposit money in the banks.

Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) Deputy Director Vo Tri Thanh added that the central bank monetary policy, along with foreign exchange rates, appeared to be more supportive of the Vietnamese dong than for the US dollar.

Le Xuan Nghia, former deputy chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Committee, also advised the public that savings was a good alternative for investing their money.

And in the current context of sluggish stock and real estate markets, if an investor considers the interest against risks, savings appeared to be a popular choice, said Quach Manh Hao, head of the finance and banking department at Ha Noi National University’s Economics University.

However, experts remain concerned that risks to the economy continue because of attempts to revive the economy through public investment, which might cause instability due to ineffective management and collaboration. Such potential instability reduces the attractiveness of the dong, they add.

26 Dec 2013
2:51 pm

The 5-member Election Commission issued a statement this afternoon proposing the caretaker government to put off the February 2 election, citing the current political instability and turmoil that has disrupted its election registration process.

In the statement, the EC said it is ready to mediate between the government and the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) to sit down for talk to resolve their differences on the election date until January 1.

It said that if nothing came out from the talk, it would exercise its right to decide by itself on the election date.

It said a meeting of the EC will be held January 2 and will announce its stance on the election on the same day.


26 Dec 2013
12:27 pm

Confrontation between anti-riot police and hundreds of protesters at Din Daeng is easing after protesters agreed to pull out of the area following report that the police plan to disperse their colleagues now gathering at Government House.

A dozens of protesters, including journalists, were injured by tear gas and rubber bullets.

Leader of the Network of Students and People for the Reform of Thailand (NSPRT) Nitithorn Lamlua announced through loudspeaker urging protesters to withdraw from Din Daeng as he heard that the police would disperse protesters at Government House

26 Dec 2013
11:25 am

Election Commission (EC) officials stranded inside the election registration venue at the Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan) were flown out of the stadium in a police helicopter late this morning.

They could not come out as on the outside anti-riot police are battling angry protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons.

EC officials are expected to give a press conference on the election situation late today.


26 Dec 2013
9:58 am

The battle started at about 7.00 a.m. and until 9.30 a.m. it is still on.

At press time, EC officials said they have finished the lot drawing to pick party numbers with a total 30 parties qualified for lot drawing. Chart Pattana party picked No 1 while Pheu Thai received No 15 from lot drawing.

Now they are going to leave the hall but could not do so when it was blocked by protesters who are fighting back with bottles and rocks.

23 Dec 2013
6:13 pm

Some 2,000 protesters of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee led by Ms Anchalee Praireerat and Nitithorn Lumlua stormed the compound of the DSI and about 200 of them broke into the building and then engaged in a scuffle with police guarding the building, said Tarit Monday.

He claimed that two notebooks belonging to the DSI and a microphone of a TV Channel 3 reporter had been missing.

He said that illegal encroachment and theft charges would be lodged with the police against the protest leaders.

The protesters, most of them members of the Network of Students and People for the Reform of Thailand, left the DSI at about 2 p.m.

Uthai Yodmanee, a coordination of the network, said that although the protesters did not meet with Tarit, their storming of the DS

23 Dec 2013
1:38 pm

Several gunshots were fired while anti-Thaksin regime protesters were gathering in front of the Din Daeng police station.

The seizure was described by protesters as not to blockade registration application but merely to see the faces of party executives who remain defiant to register for election.

Four gunshots were fire but there was no injury.

Angry protesters demanded the local police chief and deputy commissioner of the metropolitan police bureau to find out the man who fired the shots which were fired from the police station compound.

The shooting happened while protesters and the police have agreed to pull out and return to the Victory Monument

But the protesters now rejected the pull out and demanded the police to explain why the shooting happened.

The police said the shooting was fired from the car park of a hotel not from the police station.

Negotiation is still on.

20 Dec 2013
3:39 pm

Thai Airways International president Sorachak Kasemsuwan resigns as president citing health reason.

He said in the letter to THAI board his resignation will take effect January 2 next year.

It was not immediately known the exact reason behind his abrupt resignation but its union role caused some top government officials a concern of its active participation in supporting the anti-government protest.

20 Dec 2013
2:28 pm

Commissioner Vicha Mahakhun in his capacity as chief of the investigating team said Friday that the team had received vital information about the alleged irregularities in the scheme, especially documents about rice delivery, from Thailand Development Research Institute honorary academic Nipon Puapongkorn.

He said further that several people involved in the rice trade, including those who bought rice from nominees, had volunteered information for the probe team.

Once the investigation is wrapped up possibly in the middle of next January, Mr Vicha said that the NACC would be able to determine whether corruption charges would be lodged against former commerce minister Boonsong Teriyapirom and other government officials who were involved in the scandal regarding the bogus government-to-government rice deals with China.

Another probe team is investigating an information from the ombudsman Sriracha Charoenpanich regarding a suspicious rice deal with Indonesia in which Siam Indiga company was involved.

Vicha further said that the commission was to investigate another scandal exposed by former Democrat MP Warong Dejkitvikrom that a relative of caretaker prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra was involved in the packed rice scandal.

19 Dec 2013
9:37 am

National Security Council (NSC) chief Lt-Gen Paradorn Pathanatabutr  called today’s  street marches as a test of the strength of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee) whether how much it would receive support from the people before the nationwide mass demonstration Sunday 22.

PDRC  demonstrators will start marching out from three places together at 9.00 a.m. today in a circle loop  with the destination on Asoke intersection on Sukhumvit road for lunch and then returning to the Democracy Monument.

The street marches will be led by the People and Student Network for the Reform of Thailand, followed by the People Army to Overthrow Thaksin Regime, and the PDRC.

Suthep will head the PDRC on the street marches.

The routes that the demonstrators will take are Rajdamnern, Pan Fah bridge, Narng Lerng, Phetburi, Ratchadapisek, Asoke Intersection,  Sukhumvit, Nana,  Siam Center, National Stadium,Charoenpol, Urupong, Yommara, Democracy Monument.

Tomorrow, the street marches will be to Silom Road.