17 Jun 2015
12:51 pm

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, in his capacity as chairman of the National Council for Peace and Order, today approved the extension of state of emergency in the three provinces in the deep south for another three months, starting June 20 to September 19, 2015.

The extension will allow government authorities to work in keeping peace and order in the three provinces with efficiency.

But the state of emergency will not cover Mae Larn district of Pattani.

10 Jun 2015
1:39 pm

The Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang revealed today that the Criminal Court has approved the request by the police to issue warrant for the arrest of Mr Montri Sotangkur for lese majeste.

Mr Montri is former independent director at PTT Plc, and also a member of  the Grand Chamberlain in the Bureau of the Royal Household.

9 Jun 2015
10:20 pm

Deputy Prime Minister Visanu Kruea-ngarm said that the National Legislative Assembly can either approve or disapprove the proposed amendments but have no right to make any changes to the proposed amendments unless with the consent of the cabinet and the NCPO.

The NLA must complete the deliberations of the proposed amendments within 15 days.  Approval of the amendments requires at least half of the votes of the NLA or 111 votes.  Then the prime minister will submit the approved amendments to His Majesty the King for Royal approval within 15 days, said Dr Visanu.

The seven proposed amendments are as follows:

  1. A qualification of NLA members which states that he or she has never been stripped of the voting right is changed to “not within the process of being stripped of voting right”. The amendment will allow those who used to have their voting right withdrawn can become members of the NLA or cabinet.
  2. About taking an oath of allegiance before HM the King. The amendment will make it possible to take an oath of allegiance before HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn or a Royal representative of the King.
  3. The Constitution Drafting Committee is given 90 days instead of 60 days to complete deliberation of proposed amendments to the draft charter.
  4. The Election Commission will designate the date of the referendum on the draft charter and, before the referendum, copies of the draft charter must be distributed to at least 19 million households or 80 percent of eligible voters.
  5. The NRC will be disbanded once there is a referendum on the draft charter. A new council to be called the National Reform Steering Council comprising not more than 200 members will be established with the prime minister making the appointments.
  6. In case the CDC is dissolved for whatever the reason, a new CDC which is made up of 21 members will be formed to draft a new charter and the new charter writers can be members of the former CDC.
  7. Wordings correction.


8 Jun 2015
11:07 am

Riot broke out  in Songkhla provincial prison Monday morning with over a hundred prisoners breaking up glass windows and throwing  things at wardens.

Over a hundred of police, soldiers were alerted by prison wardens at 8 am and rushed to calm the rampaging prisoners.

It is not yet known what the prisoners are demanding for, but 2-3 prisoners were reported injured.

3 Jun 2015
8:08 pm

Four soldiers were shot dead in Bacho district of Yala late this afternoon while they were driving back to their base in a car after taking part in a sports competition at a local school.

The southern militants were traveling on board a ten wheel truck, disguising themselves as workers.

As the truck pulled alongside the car, they drew out assault rifles and pumped several shots at the soldiers in the car.

They climbed down the truck  and seized three M 16 assault rifles and a pistol from the badly injured soldiers.

They escaped and strewn nail spikes to prevent authorities to follow them.

EOD and troop reinforcements were sent in and were planning to hunt down the militants.

3 Jun 2015
11:43 am

Lt Gen Manas Kongpaen turned himself in to Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang at about 11.30 am today.

Pol Gen Ake Angsananont said the senior army officer has not yet shown any document to seek police bail.

He will be questioned after the turning in today.

2 Jun 2015
12:56 pm

A number of live grenades and ammunition were discovered on the second floor of the parking lot building of the Metropolitan Police Bureau before noon today, prompting the police to seal off the area for safety reason.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit of which its office is located nearby was alerted and are inspecting the area.

Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang was also informed of the incident and was on the way to the Metropolitan Police Bureau for inspection

29 May 2015
2:29 pm

The committee in charge of police ranks has agreed unanimously to strip ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra from his police lieutenant colonel rank, Pol Gen Chaiya Siri-ampolkul, advisor to the Royal Thai Police commissioner, said today.

The committee will recommend the decision to the Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang to forward to the Cabinet Secretariat for royal endorsement and announced in the Royal Gazettee.

28 May 2015
3:57 pm

The National Legislative Assembly late today passed the  amendment to the bankruptcy law with 167 supporters to four abstentions.

The amendment will shorten case procedures and enable creditors to get payment faster.

It also empowers official receivers from the Legal Execution Department, instead of the court, to consider and issue orders about debt payment in bankruptcy cases.

27 May 2015
2:29 pm

The Foreign Ministry announced at noon today that it has revoked two passports of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

It reasoned that his recent press interview was detrimental to national security, and tarnished the country’s reputation.

The revocation was proposed by the national security officials.

Revoked passports are passport book No U957441, and Z530117.