7 Jul 2015
1:29 pm

The Bangkok Military Court today ordered the unconditional release of the 14 student activists  after they were escorted to the court to seek permission for the extension of their detention for 12 more days.

A court summon will be officially issued to the Bangkok Remand Prison to have all the students freed late this afternoon.

6 Jul 2015
11:10 am

Security along the border with Myanmar opposite Mae Sot district of Tak province was tightened following the fierce clash between Myanmar troops and the DKBA Karen rebels Monday morning.

The fighting resumed at dawn today and went on for almost two hours, prompting Thai Army to reinforce border troops and police to prevent the fighting to spill over to Thailand.

Border crossing at Mae Sot checkpoint was also closed during the height of the battle which artillery pieces were used by Myanmar troops.

3 Jul 2015
10:39 am

Seven armed guards of a drug caravan were shot dead by soldiers as they tried to smuggle heroin from Myanmar border to Thailand’s border of Mae Fa Luang district of Chiang Rai province early Friday.

Soldiers from the Pamuang Field Force were tipped off that a drug caravan would use the jungle path of Mae Fa Luang to smuggle the drugs from Myanmar border.

In a 10- minute fierce gun battle, the members of drug caravan escaped back across the border, leaving seven of their members lying dead with their assault rifles, and six bags containing heroin.

30 Jun 2015
11:21 am

Wattana Muangsuk, a former party-list MP of the Pheu Thai party and former industry minister in Thaksin government in 2005 was summoned to the First Army Region Headquarters this morning for questioning.

Military police refused to allow media representatives to enter the headquarters for news coverage.

It was not disclosed for what reason he was summoned but an army officer said he was summoned just in the case he sought permission to leave the country for Hong Kong and Singapore, and nothing was in connection with the rehabilitation scheme.

Earlier the military junta said it will summon a certain group of people for questioning after they were found to back student movement against the military junta.

29 Jun 2015
11:04 am

Boonsong arrived at the court Monday morning but declined to comment on the accusation compiled by the National Ant-Corruption Commission (NACC).

The first hearing today will allow the former commerce minister to defend himself after the court read the charges indicted upon him and 20 others involved in the corruption scandal.

Today’s hearing is open to public to attend.

The Office of the Attorney-General (OAG)  filed the charges on behalf of the NACC, targeting three persons in political positions in the Yingluyck government, three civil servants, and 15 other individuals.

If convicted, Boonsong could face life imprisonment and total fines of 35 billion baht.

The OAG targeted three persons previously in political positions in the Yingluck Shinawatra government, three civil servants, and 15 other individuals who were authorised directors of companies and juristic persons. They were charged with committing and supporting malfeasance in violation of the Criminal Code and competitive-bidding and anti-corruption laws.

25 Jun 2015
11:07 am

Five Thai students arrested at Lohore airport in Pakistan when one of them was found to have gun in possession on June 8  have been released, the Thai Foreign Ministry said today.

They were freed on June 22 and have returned to Thailand today, it said.

The students have already returned to their home provinces today, it said.

24 Jun 2015
11:42 am

A rumour monger responsible for spreading counter coup rumors in the past week was arrested by police.

Identified as Miss Chayapha Chokpornbutsri, she spread the rumour on her Facebook which also carried recent tank movement in the capital.

National police chief Somyot Phumphanmuang said the suspect was to face lese majeste charge as several posts by her carried inflammation messages.

She will be brought before a press conference before noon today.

18 Jun 2015
7:20 pm

The Public Health Ministry today announced the first confirmed case of Mers patient from a Middle East country, but assured that the patient has now been put under close monitoring and isolation treatment by doctors at Bamrasnaradura lnfectious Diseases Institute.

The patient is  a 75-year-old man who came to have heart disease treatment at a private hospital with three family members.

He is now quarantined at the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute.

17 Jun 2015
3:53 pm

The cabinet has approved in principle to raise garbage collection fees to 220 baht per month per household.

Government deputy spokesman Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said however that the fee increase is necessary as the government has not sufficient budget to handle collection of huge amounts of garbages.

He said the government spent over 10 billion baht a year on collection of garbages while fees collection was lower than three billion baht.

But he asked the people not to panic over the sharp rise, saying more studies will be conducted to find the most appropriate way to collect the fees.

17 Jun 2015
2:07 pm

Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang today come out openly to back call by some national reform assemblymen to open free casino operations in the country, saying he was ready to face strong opposition by non-governmental organisations.

Holding a press conference to courageously declare his full support for free casino operations, Pol Gen Somyot said he was ready to become the first national police chief to propose free casinos before he retires end of September this year.

He said he would personally launch a website to sound out public opinions.

He cited Switzerland as an example of protest against free casinos, saying 20 years afterwards, the country has casinos right in the middle of the country.