1 Jun 2017
12:48 pm

Beginning today drivers under the age of 20 having blood alcohol content in excess of 20 milligrammes will be considered driving under the influence of alcohol and will be charged with drunk driving.

Besides, drivers with blood alcohol content in excess of 50 milligrammes will not get compensation payment in case of traffic accident​.

This is the clause in the amended traffic law which comes in to force today.

The clause was proposed by the traffic police to the military junta to increase penalty for drunk driving after fatal traffic accidents were blamed on driving under the influence of alcohol or drunk driving.

The amended traffic law with higher penalties for drunk driving was published in the Royal Gazette and released to the public today.

Under the amended law, not only drivers under 20 of age with blood alcohol content in excess of 20 milligrammes will be considered driving under the influence alcohol, drivers with no driving license, or with provisional driving license will also face same drunk driving charge if they have blood alcohol content in excess of 20 milligrammes.

For other drivers having blood alcohol content over the 50 milligrammes limit, they will be charged with drunk driving.

In the case of traffic accidents involving drunk driving, drivers with blood alcohol content over 50 milligrammes will be denied compensation payment for damages caused.

Under this clause, insurance companies are told to adjust and adapt their car insurance policies to meet the new traffic law conditions.

The new law will apply with new insurance policies bought after June 1 this year.


1 Jun 2017
11:29 am

A combined force of over 200 narcotics suppression police, commando police and soldiers launched a predawn drug busts today on 19 targets in the capital’s high density residential areas in the second massive drug offensive within a month.

The predawn drug bust codenamed “Midtown Bangkok Daybreak Drug Offensive 2/60” is aimed at stopping drug abuses by dwellers in the communities or urban poor to turn to drugs, while also preventing the smuggling of drugs into their urban communities.

It focused on 19 suspected targets locating in high density community areas of Bangkok’s nine districts.

In one search at Talingchan district, two suspects were arrested for having marijuana in possession. Urine test also showed they were positive for drugs.

Another search in Thungkru district, a 17-year-old youth was arrested for drug. He pleaded guilty to consuming drug but not a drug courier.

The narcotics police said they will wrap up the results of the massive drug busts late today.

The first massive drug bust on May 3 netted a large number of drug addicts and dealers.

1 Jun 2017
10:23 am

The pipe bomb found near Thailand Cultural Centre subway station is not linked to three recent bombings in Bangkok, but the device is similar to explosive devices used in two bombings in 2014 and 2015.

The device found in rubble behind a restaurant near the MRT subway station is similar to the devices used in two explosions in Minburi area and at the BTS skytrain station at Siam Square.

According to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) chief Pol Col Kamthon Ouicharoen, the bomb is a metal pipe with lit fuse and gun powder inside.

There is no ball bearings or nails inside, he said.

But he said if the bomb exploded , it could cause death and serious injuries because the metal pipe itself would turn shrapnels.

From the condition of the bomb device, he said it was left in rubbles over a month.

He said the explosive device found is similar to the bomb device which exploded on March 27, 2014 in Minburi and at BTS Siam skytrain station on February 1, 2015.

Police had arrested several suspects in the Minburi explosion and they turned to be those with different political ideology.


31 May 2017
9:54 pm

 The Department of Special Investigation on Wednesday seized another stolen luxury car at a company in Lat Krabang industrial estate.

The seizure of a Range Rover hybrid from JMW Motors Company has brought the number of luxury cars reported stolen in Britain to 13 out of a total of 42 stolen cars believed shipped to Thailand as reported by the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service.

DSI deputy director-general Pol Lt-Col Korawat Panprapakorn said that the chassis and engine numbers of the seized Range Rover matched with the numbers of the stolen car.

After the seizure, the car was placed under the care of Customs Department.

As for the remaining stolen cars which are yet to be retrieved, Pol Lt-Col Korawat admitted that he was afraid some of them might already be shipped out of the country to elsewhere.

Regarding the buyers of the stolen cars, he said that they might not know the cars were stolen and could claim themselves of being the damaged party.

He also appealed to owners of about 1,000 luxury cars which were under-declared to avoid paying full taxes to turn in their vehicles for inspection by DSI officials otherwise they would not be allowed to pay road tax next year which means that they could not use the cars legally.


31 May 2017
1:54 pm

The Criminal Court today sentenced two thieves to death after finding them guilty of snatching a mobile phone from a fresh university graduate and stabbing him to death.

At the hearing of the sentence today, Kittikorn Vikaha, 26, and Supatchai Chansri, 25, pleaded guilty to the robbing and stabbing of Wasin Luengchaem, a fresh graduate of Srinakharinwirot university on January 4 this year in front of 7-Eleven convenient store on Sukhontasawat 7 in Lard Prao area.

Kittikorn said he snatched the I-phone mobile phone from Wasin and stabbed him after he resisted his attempt.

Although both would plead guilty, the court didn’t commute the death sentence after both had serious criminal records.

Before robbing the fresh graduate, both had committed two robberies on the same night.

Besides they had committed eight robberies in the past few years and were just released from prison.

There was no reason to commute the death sentence, the court ruled.


31 May 2017
10:54 am

The Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has ordered extensive investigation into the pipe bomb that was retrieved near Thailand Cultural Centre subway station, Col Piyapong Klinphan, spokesman of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) said this morning.

He said the prime minister was worried and ordered the extensive probe to see whether it has link with three recent bomb incidents.

Moreover the prime minister has also ordered stepped up intelligence operations and closing in on those suspected persons, he said.

Col Piyapong said that it was still not known it has links pending thorough examination of the pipe bomb if its components and making was similar to the three pipe bombs used at the old Government Lottery Bureau office, the National Theatre, and the Phramongkhutklao hospital.

But the spokesman said that in his personal opinion, it was unlikely that it would link to the three bombings.

It was possible that it might be discarded or thrown away by its owner for fear of arrest as currently security was strict and tightened by authorities.

He asked the public to be stay in calm and allow security officials to probe and find the perpetrators.

The pipe bomb was found among the rubble behind a restaurant close to the MRT’s Thailand Cultural Centre subway station.

Earlier a motorcycle taxi driver alerted the police after he came across a suspecious object wrapped in plastic bag while going to catch some fishes there.

He reported seeing several wires sticking out from the ends of a metal pipe covered under a green plastic basket.

Explosive ordnance disposal police were called in and discovered it to be a remote control pipe bomb.

The metal pipe was 8 inches long and four inches wide.

EOD said the pipe bomb was live and therefore they defused it before taken it for thorough forensic examination.

Two city street cleaners told security authorities that they saw two men on a motorcycle arriving at the scene late in the afternoon as it was raining.

The pillion rider went into the rubble for about five minutes and both left on motorcycle.


30 May 2017
8:29 pm

Three more luxurious cars believed stolen in Britain and exported to Thailand have been found at Customs Department’s free zone in Samut Prakan.

A team of officials from the Department of Special Investigation led by the department’s deputy chief Pol Lt-Col Korawat Panprapakorn went to the free zone in Bang Bo-Bo Kaew area to examine two of the cars which were parked inside a warehouse.

The other two were on board a freighter which was about to sail out of port, prompting customs officials to order the skipper to turn back so that DSI officials could examine them.

DSI officials have, so far, retrieved 10 of some 40 stolen luxurious cars reported by Britain’s National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVICIS) to have been shipped to Thailand.

An informed DSI source said it was suspected that there was a group of people attempting to ship some of the stolen cars out of the country to prevent them from falling into the hands of the DSI.

The source added that some corrupt customs officials were involved in falsifying invoices to facilitate the import of the stolen cars into the country.

30 May 2017
7:22 pm

One of the four suspects wanted by Khon Kaen police for alleged involvement in the murder and decapitation of a karaoke bar girl was arrested and was being escorted back to Khon Kaen province for questioning.

Pol Col Pongrith Kongsirisombat, superintendent of the 3rd subdivision of the 4th regional police bureau, said Tuesday that Thai police, with the cooperation of their Laotian counterpart, apprehended 25-year old Wasin Namprom at a guesthouse near the Laotian National University in Vientiane.

He added that the suspect was being escorted back to Khon Kaen.

Meanwhile, Khao Suan Kwang district police invited the parents of another suspect, Ms Preeyanut “Preaw” Nonwangchai, for interrogation, concerning the murder and decapitation of Ms Warisa “Am” Klinjuey.

The couple said they had raised Preeyanut since her birth until she grew up and that she had always been gentle.

However, they suspected that, because of her association with some bad friends, she turned a different person.

An informed police source said Ms Preeyanut contacted her sister through B-talk, admitting that she colluded with three other friends in the murder of Miss Warisa because she was angry that the victim informed the police about her husband’s involvement in drug trade which led to his arrest by the police.

Ms Preeyanut said they lured the victim out of the karaoke bar and into their CRV utility car and, once inside, they started beating her up and, finally, strangling her to death after she challenged them to kill her.

Then the driver drove the car around town for a couple of rounds before heading for a resort in Ban Non Tun in Muang district where they helped in cutting up her body in pieces and  put in two black bins. Her body was buried in the area of Ban Non sa-nga in Khao Saun Kwang district.




30 May 2017
11:11 am

The Government will double check the list of 11 million people who have registered for state welfare to make sure they are really low income earners.

This was revealed by Mr Krisada Chinavicharana, director of the Fiscal Police Office (FPO) yesterday.

He said now the Ministry of Finance has forwarded names of 11 million low-income earners to relevant government agencies and state banks for verification of their qualifications.

He said a total of 14 million people have registered themselves with the government as low-income earners.

However only a list of 11 million people has been forwarded to the Department of Provincial Administration, Department of Lands, Revenue Department’s and the Bank of Thailand for verification.

The remaining number is on the process.

The verification process of the 11 million low income earners is expected to be completed within two months, he said.

He continued that in addition to subsidies on water and electric bills, and transportation, the FPO is also studying additional measures to help a group of three million people earning less than 30,000 baht a year, as well as looking for ways to generate income for the Elderly Fund in respond to the Cabinet’s resolution to give more living allowance to them.


30 May 2017
10:53 am

The prime minister yesterday assured that the remaining 18 million tons of rice stocks will be released within the tenure of his government.

The assurance came as Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha opened “Thailand Rice Convention 2017” yesterday.

The convention was attended by more than 1,000 participants made up of rice merchants, producers, exporters, the Thai Commerce Minister and Iraqi rice importers.

Gen Prayut voiced confidence that Thailand had the capability to become the leading producer and center of trade for high quality rice in the world.

He said the government plans to release all the remaining 18 million tons of rice stocks within the tenure of the current administration.

The government will be sticking to its plans to release remaining rice stocks in order to alleviate the current pressure on market prices.

He recalled that during the past 2-3 years, his government has already released 13 million tons out of the 18 million tons of rice stocks worth 100 billion baht.

He reiterated that the government will be releasing the remaining stocks within the current governments tenure and was confident that this will allow market mechanisms to readjust and return to normal levels.

In doing so, this  will substantially reduce stocking costs which has been borne by the government.