6 Jun 2017
11:23 am

The Royal Thai Embassy in Doha, Qatar today issued a statement advising Thai people there to stay calm after five Arab countries severed diplomatic relations with Qatar yesterday.

The embassy advised them not to panic and lead their normal lives.

However they are advised to monitor news and the situation closely from reliable news sources.

It said that in case of having any development of the situation, the embassy will notify it on its Facebook page or its Line groups.

For any Thai having to travel to other countries, they are advised to check with airlines if their flights are affected or not.

For more information,they can call the embassy’s emergency lines at Tel +974 5557 8760, +974 3380 9062, +974 5006 9749.


5 Jun 2017
10:39 pm

Many complaints have been lodged with the Yala provincial office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission by local residents in three southern border provinces over suspected corruption in the installation of over 14,000 solar cell power poles in the region.

The complainants said many of the solar cell power poles installed by the Southern Border Provinces Administration Centre were found to be not working after only three days of their installation, causing hardship to them who have to rely on the lighting from the power poles for travelling at night.

It was reported that the project to install about 14,000 solar cell power poles in the provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat where electricity is not accessible was estimated at about one billion baht.

Mr Payab Kotchaplayuk, director of the NACC’s provincial office in Yala, said that his office was in the process of gathering information about the project and, for the time being, it could not be confirmed that there was corruption in the project.


5 Jun 2017
3:53 pm

An Air Force officer has confessed to arms smuggling after police found a large number of arms and ammunition in a pickup truck which ran off the Sukhumvit highway in Trat province last Saturday.

First Class Flight Sergeant Pakin Dejpong, attached to the Bangkok-based Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), admitted to police interrogators in Trat that the arms cache was meant for delivery to the Karen National Union (KNU), a rebel Burmese minority group, in Myanmar.

He said he received the arms cache from a Cambodian army colonel to deliver to the rebel group at Mae Sot district of Tak.

He said he had successfully delivered arms to the KNU three times during the past six months.

Air Force spokesman Air Vice Marshal Pongsak Semachai, meanwhile, said the Air Force is ready to give cooperation to the police in the probe.

He said the arms cache seized belonged to the officer.

He said the Air Force is awaiting information from the police before taking disciplinary action with him.

The Air Force officer was rescued by marine rangers from a pickup truck which crashed into the ditch on the highway from Klong Yai to Trat.

The pickup truck bears the emblem of the Royal Thai Army.

He was slightly injured.

Marine rangers found a large number of fire arms and ammunition in his truck which included 29 AK assault rifles and more than 4,000 rounds of amminition, M 79 mortars, and rounds of submachine guns.

As the marine rangers were searching the truck, a Cambodian man arrived in a white Landover cruiser bearing Cambodian car plate 2 AD 5629 .

He claimed to be a Cambodian immigration official.

Both the slightly injured Air Force officer and the Cambodian driver identified as Rien were detained for questioning.

Examination of the Army emblem on the side body of the pickup truck driven by the Air Force officer showed it was a duplicated emblem and fake.

The check showed the truck bearing car plate 7625 Khon Kaen belonged to Sirisak Namsiri in Khon Kaen province.

He was later booked for questioning.

Investigation by police showed that the Air Force officer drove the pickup truck bearing fake Army license plate to take delivery of the arms cache from the Cambodian man in Klong Yai to deliver to the Burmese rebel group at the Mae Sot border.

After taking the arms cache, he returned but his pickup truck ran off the road.

He then called the Cambodian man for help. However the Cambodian arrived after the marine rangers were already at the scene to help the officer.

5 Jun 2017
1:55 pm

Nakhon Si Thammarat provincial police have arrested a fourth suspect in the murder of a novice monk and the burying of his body under the ground paved with cement floor and a Buddha statue on top.

The fourth suspect was identified as Natee Sidorn, alias Benz, 24.

Police accused him of having a role in the burying of the body of the novice monk two metres under the ground.

Police said he was paid 10,000 baht to bury the body.

The body was retrieved after police used backhoe to demolish the surface of cement floor and cement block where the body was underneath. On top of the cement floor, the suspects also placed a Buddha statue for people to worship.

Earlier three suspects were arrested.The key suspect admitted of the murder, and the burying of the body under the ground paved with cement floor. In addition, with the permission of the temple, he also placed the statute on the paved cement floor to conceal the body.

Police suspected more than eight people were involved in the burying of the body.

So far four were arrested.

Police have also sought cooperation from the Anti Money Laundering Office to impound the assets of the couple, a former monk and his wife who were key suspects after finding them having cash in several bank accounts amounted to over 40 million baht.

They suspected that the large amount of cash came from business inside the temple, and the murder might be stemmed from the slain novice monk knowing something in the business.

The victim was earlier claimed to have stolen a handbag of a female suspect containing cash and gold ornaments.


5 Jun 2017
12:17 pm

Three female suspects in the murder and dismembering of a bar girl were this morning taken by Khon Kaen police to reenact the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death.

Under escort of up to 300-member strong police force, the three suspects, Ms Preeyanut Nonewangchai, Ms Kawita Ratchada and Ms Apiwan Sattayabundit, were brought to eight places to reconstruct their crimes amid the watchful eyes of several hundreds of bystanders.

Royal Thai Police deputy commissioner Pol Gen Chalermkiat Srivorakarn was also at the crime scene to supervise the reconstruction by the three girls.

The three girls turned themselves in to Myanmar police and handed over to Thai authorities on Saturday in Chiang Rai. They were later flown into Khon Kaen for questioning.

All confessed to the murder and the dismembering of Ms Warisara Klinjui out of conflict over debt between Ms Preeyanut and the victim, and narcotics.

According to police, Ms Preeyanut claimed that they had no intention to kill Ms Warisara at the beginning but circumstances developing in the car forced them to do so.

They also claimed that originally they did not intend to chop off the body, but simply did not know how to get rid of the dead body.

They would be late in the afternoon taken to Khon Kaen Provincial Court for permission to detain them for further interrogation.

The police also would ask the court not to grant them temporary release on bails.

4 Jun 2017
11:09 pm

The three female suspects in the murder and dismembering of a bar girl have allegedly admitted to the police during the initial interrogation that they did kill their victim due to conflict over illicit drug business and debt, according to Pol Gen Chakthip Chaichinda, the national police chief, on Sunday.

The three suspects, Ms Preeyanut Nonewangchai, Ms Kawita Ratchada and Ms Apiwan Sattayabundit, who are also karaoke bar girls turned themselves in to police in Myanmar and they were handed over to Thai authorities. They were flown to Bangkok from Chiang Rai on Sunday and immediately escorted to the Royal Thai Police to be questioned by the police chief.

After a 30-minute interrogation, Pol Gen Chakthip told a press conference there were five suspects involved in this case and all of them have already held in police custody.

He said that the murder of the victim, Ms Warisara Klinjui, was motivated by conflict over debt between Ms Preeyanut and the victim and narcotics, resulting to the arrest of Ms Preeyanut on drug charges previously.

According to the police chief, Ms Preeyanut claimed that they did not intend to kill Ms Warisara at the beginning but, somehow they were carried away by developments of the situation while they were with the victim in a car.

The suspect also claimed that they originally did not intend to chop off the body of the victim, but simply did not know how to get rid of the dead body.

But the police chief said that evidences would prove whether the killing was intentional or not.

The three karaoke bar girls were charged with murder and concealing the body in order to cover up the crime.


4 Jun 2017
2:57 pm

Three karaoke bar girls wanted by Khon Kaen provincial police for alleged involvement in the murder and dismembering their colleague were flown from Chiang Rai province to Bangkok this afternoon for interrogation.

The three suspects, identified as Ms Preeyanut “Prew” Nonewangchai, Ms Kawita “Earn” Ratchada and Ms Apiwan “Jae” Sattayabundit, reportedly turned themselves to Myanmar police who eventually handed them over to their Thai counterpart.

Ms Preeyanut reportedly told the Thai police that the three of them hid themselves in an unoccupied house in Thachilek, opposite Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district.

A Thai man reportedly helped arrange for their escape from a karaoke bar in Thachilek after Myanmar police, immigration and migration officials launched a hunt for them at the request of the Thai Joint Border Committee.

The trio were escorted from Chiang Rai to Bangkok by Pol Lt-Gen Natthatorn Prohsunthorn, commission of Immigration Bureau, and Pol Maj-Gen Charoenwit Srivanich, deputy commissioner of 4th Regional Police Bureau. They were flown from Mae Fah Luang airport to Bangkok and to be brought to the Royal Thai Police to be personally questioned by Pol Gen Chakthip Chaichinda, the national police chief.

A press conference will be given by the police chief after 3 pm today.

Earlier, a man and a woman were arrested by the police. The man, Wasin Namprom, was reported to be the driver of a Honda CRV utility car who, together with the three karaoke bar girls, drove the victim, Ms Warisara Klinjui, 22, also a karaoke bar girl, from a bar. The woman, Ms Jidarat Promkun, reportedly sold the smartphone stolen by the three assailants from the victim.

Both Wasin and Jidarat denied any involvement in the murder or dismembering of the victim.

The three female suspects allegedly beat and choked the victim to death in the car and took her body to a resort in Khon Kaen where they dismembered her body and disposed the body parts in the wood to conceal the evidence.

3 Jun 2017
3:24 pm

A state employee of the Department of Rural Roads yesterday turned himself in to Bang Kholaem police station in Bangkok to face recklessness charge after a taxi driver rammed his car into a steel barrier arm of the Krungthep bridge and was seriously injured.

The employee, Amphan Choikul, controlled the vehicle barrier gate on the bridge as the bridge was opened to allow the passage of a naval ship on the Chao Phraya river.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was freed temporarily without bail as the injured taxi driver still could not give testimony.

However the police will send him to court for detention later after the taxi driver recovers and could give information.

He faces charge of recklessness that results in serious injury to other.

3 Jun 2017
3:10 pm

The Nopparat Thara – Phi Phi islands national park has ordered park officials to tighten safey measures following an incident yesterday when an Indian tourist was injured after strong wave washed her to hit coastal rocks while she was swimming in the sea amid warning signs of high waves and unsafe for swimming.

Worapot Lormlim, chief of the national park, said the Indian woman suffered broken legs after she hit the rocks.

She was swimming in the sea at Kho Phai in Ao Nang Bay of Krabi province.

Following this incident, he said he ordered officials posted at various observation spots to advise tourists to swim only in safe areas where they are marked.

Besides, they are told to wear life jackets as now the sea has strong waves because it is the monsoon season.

At the same time the Singkhla Office of the Marine Departmemt also warned operators of small tour boats not to sail into the sea if there is high wave and strong wind.

They are told to monitor the weather forecast closely and to strictly abide by the warning. Any violation could mean the termination of their operation licenses.


2 Jun 2017
6:30 pm

Customs officials have seized 32 tonnes of smuggled frozen beef at a cold storage in Udon Thani province.

The smuggled frozen beef was estimated to worth 6 million baht and was regarded as the largest single seizure by the customs department officials in the Northeast.

Customs Department chief Kulis Sombatsiri said Friday that the beef was smuggled across the border from a neighbouring country in small amounts and then stored at the cold storage.

According to the Customs Department’s statistics, 679 tonnes of smuggled beef worth about 37 million baht were seized throughout 2015; 43 tonnes worth about 13 million baht of smuggled beef were seized last year.