14 Jun 2014
8:46 pm

The National Anti-Corruption Commission is to propose the military junta to amend the existing counter corruption laws to empower it  to investigate private individuals implicated in corruption involving state officials, according to commissioner Vicha Mahakun.

14 Jun 2014
2:03 pm

All three electric train services  have  returned normal now after the National Council  for Peace and Order lifted the midnight-04.00 a.m. curfew Friday night.

MRT, BTS and Airport Rail Link said they have resumed their normal service hours from 6 am until midnight.

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority also announced all its bus services are also back as usual.


13 Jun 2014
9:32 pm

The National Council for Peace and Order announced the lifting of curfew nationwide effective immediately tonight after the general situation of the country has eased and returned normal. It also said the lifting will help to boost tourism back to the country, and ease the daily life of the people.

13 Jun 2014
3:03 pm

Military junta chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha today dismissed rumour of imminent sweeping of illegal foreign labour saying Thailand is still facing labour shortage, and therefore still needs unskilled labour to work.

Gen Prayuth affirmed of no crackdown following mass exodus of Cambodian labour, mostly illegally entered the country, to crowd border trains to return homes.

13 Jun 2014
12:26 pm

NIDA Poll today reveals its latest poll of the rice pledging scheme showing the majority of the 1,464 samples it interviewed wanted the military junta to proceed the scheme, but adjust the pledged price to be in line with market price.

It said 22.95% wanted the scheme to be scrapped.

But junta chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha made clear at a meeting Friday the scheme would be scrapped.

13 Jun 2014
9:53 am

Maelao district of Chiang Rai province was hit again Friday by a 3.3 magnitude aftershock, Thailand Meteorological Department said.

It said the tremor happened 05.42 a.m. with the epicenter at 11 kilometers deep underground in Maelao district.

12 Jun 2014
10:30 pm

Although the midnight-04.00 a.m. is still in place in over half of the country, World Cup fever remains high among people eager to come out to watch outdoor as it gives more excitement than watching just indoor and cheering their favorite team alone.

But for provinces where curfew has been lifted tourists and locals alike could enjoy the matches throughout the night tonight and cheer with no concern of having to leave for homes  like those in Bangkok and cities where curfew is still enforced.

Business, entertainment places in Phuket, Hat Yai, Samui, Pattaya are expected to open late till morning to allow customers to watch the first match at 3.00 a.m. Friday  from huge TV monitors they installed to attract customers.

For Bangkok, the fever could be seen from World Cup decorations at many places.

Bangkok’s Rajaprasong and Ploenchit area are decorated with national flags of soccer teams participating in the 20th FIFA World Cup. A large screen TV is also installed at Novotel Hotel to show all 64 World Cup matches to its guests while the hotel staffs worked today, wearing national jerseys of soccer teams.

For inmates in Bangkok’s  Klong Prem Central Prison, wardens are kind enough to promote activities for inmates to paint murals on prison walls. They are given chance to watch World Cup match replays in the morning and midday.

But for  Nong Bua Rong temple in Nakhon Ratchasima, fever ran high with  hand-carved candles used for Buddhism ceremonies during the candle festival made in the animal patterns wearing World Cup signs. One giant turtle candle wears a Brazilian jersey with a soccer ball on his hand. They will be used in a candle procession during the candle festival.

In Khon Kaen province, postmen wore national jerseys of soccer teams and rode motorbike on streets to sell World Cup postcards to encourage people to join a contest, in which they will guess who will be the World Cup champion to win major prizes.

People in Nakon Sawan province also crowded a post office to buy postcards for a World Cup winner guess contest. This year, the post office also has a service to deliver postcards to buyers.

Chiang Mai Night Safari Zoo also held a two-a-side soccer match of Bengal tigers to welcome the 2014 FIFA World Cup and entertain visitors. The zoo also organized a contest on its Facebook page, in which the public are invited to guess a winner of the World Cup opening game between Brazil and Croatia to win an annual zoo pass.

Meanwhile, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry has cooperated with police to crackdown on gambling websites ahead of the World Cup. Police Major General Pisit Pao-in, advisor to the ministry, said the ministry has recently closed down over 100 gambling websites and only 5-6 sites from over 300 remain active. They are those whose server is located in oversea countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. The ministry has, however, shut down gateway to block access to these websites to prevent people from using them on football gambling.

12 Jun 2014
6:29 pm

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission has agreed to subsidize RS Plc 427 million baht for the airing of all World Cup matches on free TV channels.

The NBTC board voted 6-1 to spend money from fines to subsidize.

12 Jun 2014
3:34 pm

Diesel price will be reduced by 14 satang/litre to 29.85 baht from 29.99 baht after the National Energy Policy Committee agreed to cut contribution of diesel oil to the Oil Fund by 14 satang.

The new retail diesel price will be effective tomorrow.

12 Jun 2014
2:22 pm

The National Council for Peace and Order today set up a working committee  to help and promote small and medium enterprises.

The committee is headed by NCPO head  Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha himself and its deputy head  is Air Force Commander-in-Chief ACM Prajin Juntong.