4 Oct 2014
1:28 pm

Fire at The Mall Bangkapi was put out and the shopping centre resumes business as usual.

The Mall PR official said the fire happened from electrical short circuit inside a Japanese restaurant, Miyabi, on the second floor.

Security guards using both chemicals and water hose to fight the fire which broke out on the ceiling where the power circuit was located .

During the incident, shoppers were still shopping around, but only the area closed to the scene was sealed off.

It took security guards a short time to keep the fire from spreading.

Business is now back to normal, the official said.

4 Oct 2014
1:23 pm

A fire broke out at the second floor of The Mall Bangkapi shopping centre causing morning shoppers to start running out of the centre.

The shopping centre which opens at 10.30 am, however, did not announce evacuation of shoppers but just sealed off the area where the smokes came out from a Japanese restaurant restaurant on the second floor close to the elevator of the ground floor where coffee mall and a fish pond garden is located.

The smoke was first spotted at about 11.30 am.

Security guards are using fire extinguishers to put out the fire and at the same time sealed off the area from shoppers.

2 Oct 2014
8:38 pm

Deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Pol Gen Jakthip Chaichinda disclosed late today three Myanmar construction workers were arrested, one of them confessed to the murder of the two British tourists.

2 Oct 2014
5:17 pm

Deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Pol Gen Jakthip Chaichinda disclosed late today three Myanmar construction workers were arrested, one of them confessed to the murder of the two British tourists.

2 Oct 2014
10:19 am

A southern train to Bangkok jumped off the tracks at Huey Sai Nua railway station in Cha-am district of Phetburi province, forcing almost all southbound trains to leave Bangkok today to suspend services.

Besides all trains heading for Bangkok also were forced to stop services pending the recovering the train back on the tracks.

More information can be obtained from the state railway information centre at Tel 1690.

1 Oct 2014
4:00 pm

The cabinet today declared next January 2 an official dayoff hence giving Thai people and others a 5-day holiday from December 31 to January 4 during the New Year festival.

1 Oct 2014
1:38 pm

RS Plc today filed power abuse charge against the chairman of the National Broadcasting  Commission (NBC) Col Natee Sukonrat over the issuance of must-carry condition for satellite and cable television networks to comply with.

The must-carry condition, it said, has infringed on the company’s exclusive broadcasting rights of the recent World Soccer tournaments.

The legal case was filed with the Criminal Court because the company did not want another precedent of power abuse by state authority on the private company, sad RS lawyer.

30 Sep 2014
1:02 pm

the Hua Hin Provincial Court today sentenced a 22-year-old outsourced employee of the State Railway of Thailand to death after he was found guilty of rape and murder of a 13-year-old student on the sleeper train on July 5.

Although the convict, Wanchai Saengkhao, a  bed-sheet replacement employee of a company outsourced by the SRT,  would confess,  the court said it would not help to ease the death sentence because his confession was confuted to testimonies and  evidence.

He has 30 days to appeal the death sentence.

His accomplice Nattaporn Chamnan was also sentenced to six years in prison but commuted to four years after he confessed.

26 Sep 2014
7:46 pm

The Central Administrative Court has ruled in favor of Channel 3 to have its original Channel 3 analogue to be broadcast on satellite and cable TV networks,  but till  October 11, not until end of October as requested by the channel.

The court’s ruling came after Channel 3 petitioned the court against the order of the National Broadcasting Commission  for satellite and cable TV networks to stop rebroadcasting original Channel 3 dialogue programs from  September 30.

25 Sep 2014
4:17 pm

The custom-built machines will dispense a variety of pure gold items that produced by top Swiss refiner, PAMP.

The gold products – available in a variety of sizes from one to ten grams – will have different prices daily, pegged to the day’s global prices.

On the day of the launch, a one gram pendant cost $100 while a ten gram one cost $660.

The company behind the machines, Asia Gold ATM, says it intends to launch two or three more machines “in the near future” as it looks for more locations to base the ATMs.  It also touted its ATMs as Asia’s first.