12 Mar 2017
3:44 pm

The passenger van carried 13 Burmese migrant workers from Pathum Thani to be sent to Mae Sot district of Tak. As the van was travelling on Pahonyothin road in Tambon Nakhon Chum, Muang district of Kampaeng Phet, the driver, identified as Chartchai Phupanee, 49, for unknown reason, slammed the vehicle into the rear of a trailer truck.

The van then lost control and crashed into a roadside tree. Two female passengers were thrown out of the van by the force of the collision impact and died.

The rest of the passengers, including the driver and his wife, were injured. All of them were later taken to Kampaeng Phet provincial hospital for medical treatment.

The trailer truck driver, Mr Wisan, said he was driving his vehicle on the left side of the road when, out of a sudden, he felt a strong impact at the rear of the truck.

The van driver, however, was injured and unable to talk to the police.

8 Mar 2017
10:37 pm

A Royal Command was issued by HM the King stripping Phra Tattachivo of his title as Phra Rajpavanajarn effective as of March 7

8 Mar 2017
8:00 pm

The charges were brought against the former spokesman of the temple with Klong Luang police by the Department of Special Investigation.

Phra Sanitwong has gone underground and is believed to be hiding in the temple after the filing of charges against him.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Phra Palad Seksan Attathamo, who recently took over from Phra Sanitwong as the unofficial spokesman of Wat Dhammakaya, turned himself in to police at Klong Luang district police station to acknowledge the charge of defying NCPO order.

Phra Palad Seksan was later escorted by the police to Thunya Buri provincial court where the police asked for the court’s permission to have the monk detained. The court granted the detention request, but granted bail to the monk on the condition that he must not enter the “restricted zone” declared by the NCPO.

DSI deputy director-general Pol Col Songsak Raksaksakul said Phra Palad Seksan was charged with incitement of public unrest, violation of Computer Crime Act and defying NCPO order.

He said that the monk was also banned from making statements to the media in a way which was deemed as public incitement otherwise his bail would be withdrawn.


2 Mar 2017
10:30 am

Initial report said Somchai Thongchai, a village headmaster, was driving his pickup truck to deliver students to a village school when mikitants hiding by the roadside bushes opened fire with assault rifles.

Four people who included the driver died on the spot.

Authorities were alerted by the gunshots and quickly rushed to the scene.

They sent another seriously injured to Rusor hospital.

More reinforcement arrived and were coming the areas to hunt the fleeing militants believed to mingle with local people near the scene.

28 Feb 2017
2:50 pm

He disclosed of the long closure of the bridge after joining the team of engineers from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to inspect the damage caused to the bridge by the fire this morning.

He said inspection of three steel structures of the bridge were deformed from the heat of the fire and were therefore unsafe for use.

The flooring of the bridge was also damaged, he said.

It was agreed that the bridge would now closed  to repair for 45 days.

During the closure period, traffic at the intersection will be changed, he said, adding that the police will not allow vehicles  to make right turn at the intersection, beginning this afternoon.

The next step will be the removal of the traffic island on Rama 4 road to make more traffic lanes for vehicles, he added.

The flyover closure is expected to worsen traffic on Rama 4 and surrounding areas during the rush hours after office hours this evening.

19 Feb 2017
1:26 pm

Five core leaders of the protest against coal-fired power plant project in Krabi were released at about 11 am on Sunday.

1 Feb 2017
11:23 pm

The Bhutanese Agriculture teacher, Mr Harka Bahadur Subba, was found in Samut Prakan, and now was admitted to Samut Prakarn hospital for treatment of exhaustion, and bruises on his body.

Bhutan embassy said he was located at about 9.00 pm after went missing since January 23.

He was seen walking barefoot on a street in Samut Prakarn by a Samaritan who recognised him.

The Samaritan bought food for him after he showed sign that he hadn’t eaten anything for days.

1 Feb 2017
1:07 pm

The incident happened at a construction material shop on Klong 7 in Lamluka district of Pathumthani province at 10.11 am.

All the injured were admitted to nearby hospital while forensic police were inspecting the scene to find the actual cause of the explosion.

28 Jan 2017
11:34 am

26 Jan 2017
11:41 am

The tour bus was descending a hilly road when it developed brake failure.

As the troubled bus approached a sharp curve, the driver decided to ram the bus to the barrier in bid to stop the bus and prevent it from going down the hill.

The bus flipped over with its side on the concrete barrier.

Rescue workers and police arrived shortly afterwards, and rushed all the injured to Phuket hospital.

Nobody was killed in the incident.

The driver was booked for reckless driving.