21 Feb 2018
10:23 pm

The national police chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda said Wednesday (Feb 21) that he knew who is the real owner of the 30-million-baht first lottery tickets, but would not give any details, saying that he would disclose the final police report on Feb 28.

The case which is now being handled by Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police was 90 percent completed, he said, adding that he would not push the CSD police to accelerate the case which will be wrapped up and revealed on Feb 28.

Asked by a reporter about a press report that the five First Prize lottery tickets belong to Pol Lt Charoon Wimoon, Pol Gen Chakthip said that the retired police officer was the last person who held the lottery tickets and was the person who cashed the money.

He, however, added that Mr Preecha Kraikruan, a school teacher in Kanchanaburi who claimed he was the real owner of the tickets in question, could take the case to the court if he was not satisfied with the CSD police report.

“Whether the police report will be shocking or not depends on the society to judge, but the police have the duty to find out the truth,” said the police chief.

Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Police operation centre today (Feb 21) ordered the transfer of Pol Maj-Gen Sutthi Puangpikul, commander of Kanchanaburi provincial police, to the RTP operation centre in Bangkok to pave way for the CSD police’s investigation into the lottery tickets controversy.

Pol Maj-Gen Sutthi earlier conceded that he invited Pol Lt Charoon to his house in Kanchanaburi to talk about the case.

The Kanchanaburi police chief claimed that he talked to Pol Lt Charoon because he would like to help settle the dispute over the lottery tickets ownership.

21 Feb 2018
9:46 pm

Eighty-four former security guards known as the Srivichai warriors of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) were sentenced today (Feb 21) to imprisonment from three to eight months by the Supreme Court for their role in the siege of the state-run NBT TV station in Bangkok during the anti-government protest in 2008.

The Supreme Court’s verdict reconfirmed an earlier verdict of the Appeals Court which found the 84 former security guards guilty of illegal assembly, illegal association of more than ten people to commit offences, causing unrest.

The defendants were given jailterms ranging from six months to one year and fined 500 baht each.  The sentence was halved to 3-8 months jailterms due to their confession.

Among the 84 guards were three underaged youths whom the court gave them suspended jailterms.

Of all the guards, 79 of them showed up to hear the verdict from the Supreme Court.  They were later escorted by prison officials to Bangkok Special Prison and the Women’s Remand Home to serve their remaining jailterms.

The other five who did not show up and the court issued warrants for their arrests.

The PAD demonstrations in 2008 aimed to oust the People’s Power Party, which was the reincarnation of the Thai Rak Thai pary.

21 Feb 2018
6:09 pm

Italian-Thai Development Plc boss Premchai Karnasuta has been summoned to report himself to the police inquiry officers at the Provincial Police Region 7 in Kanchanaburi tomorrow (Feb 22) to face an addition charge of cruelty against animals.

Pol Maj-Gen Krisana Sapdet, deputy commissioner of Provincial Police Region 7, said that Mr Premchai had already missed an appointment with the police inquiry officers to acknowledge the charge on Feb 15, claiming that he was busy and could not meet the officers.

He warned that if the ITD boss missed the second appointment tomorrow (Thursday), the inquiry officers would report the Thong Pha Phum provincial court about Mr Premchai’s failure to report himself to the police so that the court could judge what measure to be taken in dealing with him.

Mr Premchai is scheduled to report himself to the Thong Pha Phum provincial court on March 26 when the fourth round of 12-day bail is due to expire and he has to apply for another bail or held in detention.

The charge of cruelty against animals was lodged against Mr Premchai by the chief of Thung Yai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary following the arrest of the ITD boss and his three companions along with wild animal carcasses on Feb 4.

21 Feb 2018
3:22 pm

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) will give two weeks to clarify all the 25 pricey wristwatches Gen Prawit Wongsuwan wore on different occasions.

This was disclosed on Wednesday (Feb 21) by the NACC chairman  as he spoke of the latest update on the watches owned by Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, the deputy prime minister and defence minister.

He said as far as he knew, the NACC investigators have notified Gen Prawit to clarify all the 25 watches he wore on different occasions within two weeks.

In this photograph taken on December 4, 2017, Thailand’s junta number two Prawit Wongsuwan covers his eyes, displaying a watch he is wearing, during a photo call with other members of a new cabinet in Bangkok.
Thailand’s junta number two has been snapped with 25 different luxury watches worth 1.2 million USD since a 2014 coup, social media sleuths said on January 17, 2018, a day after the ex-general vowed to resign if a graft panel finds him guilty of wrongdoing. / AFP PHOTO / Krit PHROMSAKLA NA SAKOLNAKORN

According to the investigators, he was asked to give details of the watches such as brands, models and prices.

Asked on possible postponement of his two-week clarification, the chairman said Gen Prawit might be busy at work or needed more time to make clarification of each watch.

But he said it was normal for extension of clarification time as this was permitted by law.

Asked to comment on a former graft buster voicing concern on investigators handling the watch probe, Pol Gen Watcharapol said it was an interrogation process that allowed chances for the accused to clarify freely.


He said he was not worried over the case now under focus by the public and he would continue to perform his duty carefully.

21 Feb 2018
12:56 pm

The Bangkok governor says he will summon owners of five markets surrounding the Seri Villa housing estate off Srinakharin road for talk in applying for official permits within one week, with warning of facing closure if they ignored.

The notice to market owners came after Bangkok governor Pol Gen Aswin Kwanmuang and his team of officials from the Metropolitan Administration (BMA) inspected the market areas surrounding the housing estate following a video clip showing two residents of the housing estate bashing a pickup truck in front of their house went viral in the social media.

The residents, Ms Rattanachat Saengyoktrakarn and her sister, Maneerat, later defended their actions and held the Bangkok governor and the chief of Prawet district district responsible for allowing the markets to open in residential areas.

Pol Gen Aswin admitted after inspecting all the markets that these markets didn’t have official permits.

He said he would call a meeting with market owners and told them to apply for permits within a week or else they would face closure.

He said he would also set up a fact finding committee to find out the truth surrounding the opening of markets in residential areas.

He admitted that some business owners have permits only to build commercial centres but they might misuse the permits to convert commercial areas to markets which is a violation of the law.

He said he would tell all market owners for a meeting if they wanted to continue doing the marketbusiness, they have to comply with the laws with improvements of all environmental conditions.

If they couldn’t improve within one week, they would be shut down, he said.

He said he also was sympathised with market vendors if the markets were ordered closed but would try to find new locations for them to do business.

The governor also said that from this incident, he would order officials to inspect all marketplaces in Bangkok if they have met all city regulations or not.

He said he was unshaken if what he did would affect the business of influential people.

Pol Gen Aswin also visited the home of Mrs Ms Rattanachat Saengyoktrakarn who made news headlines after the video clip.

However she was not at home.

But the governor later talked to her in telephone and apologized the inconvenience she suffered from the market, and pledged to regulate the markets in her vicinities.

21 Feb 2018
12:43 pm

The Department of Children and Youth says the 13 surrogate children will be sent to a special lodgings and tutorial facilities in Muak Lek district of Saraburi province to gain familiarity with their nannies before they are handed over to their birth father Mitsutoki Shigeta and move to Japan.

The department’s director-general Withas Techabun said now Thai authorities were in coordination with Mr Shigeta’s Thai lawyer to arrange the move to the facilities in Muak Lek after winning the four year long legal battle.

According to him, all 13 children 8 boys and 5 girls are between 3 to 4 years old.

Twelve are currently under the care of the Pakret Babies Home and the last is at the Ban Wien Phing Babies Home.

Each are reported to be healthy and of normal development aided by Mr Shigeta who has paid for all expenditures for their care and hired teachers to teach them Japanese.

According to authorities at both homes, Shigeta’s mother made frequent visits to the children and nannies have been introduced to them to gain familiarity in preparation of the handover.

Mr Withas said he expected that all the paper work and details would be worked out within 1 week after which the children would be handed over to their birth father.

He disclosed as far as he knew, the Japanese father has hired at least six nannies that rotate their rounds to look after the children.

He said Mr Shigeta has hired professional nurses and prepared a special lodgings and tutorial facilities at an international school in Muak Lek for the children before they are finally moved to Japan.

He said he saw no problems for familiarity as children at these ages are quick to adapt themselves which would take about a week.

But he said Thai authorities would still follow up the children while they are in Japan by asking their staff at the Thai Embassy to look after regularly.

The case made headlines in 2014 after police raided a condominium complex in Ladprao district and found nine 1 year old children. DNA tests later revealed that all the children were fathered by then 24 year old Mitsutoki Shigeta whose travel records showed him entering and leaving the country on more than 65 separate occasions which aroused official suspicion.

Following the discovery of a further 4 children fathered by the Japanese, authorities suspected that he was involved in a human trafficking operation.

More evidence later surfaced after it was found that Shigeta had already taken 6 children out of the country, bringing the total to 19 children he fathered.

Shigeta told authorities during questioning that he wanted the children to succeed him in his enterprise.

In December 2016, he filed a lawsuit in the Central Juvenile and Family Court for parental rights of the 13 children still under the care of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

In yesterday’s statement issued by the court, it said Shigeta had a genuine fatherly interest in the children and deemed that in light of his background and social standing, the children would be provided with a better future than under welfare.


21 Feb 2018
11:42 am

Samut Prakan provincial police arrested two youths last night after they knifed a rival student to death and escaped to Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Pol Col Phisut Chantarasuwan, Bang Kaew police station superintendent, said the two youths were responsible for killing a rival student and injuring two others in a knife attack in Samut Prakan last Friday on Nam Dang-Bang Phli road in Bang Phli district.

The victim, a Mathayom 3 student of Thepsirin Samut Prakan school, was struck by a long knife on his neck by one of the two rival students from Bang Kaew Prachasan school, riding on a motorcycle on February 17.

He said the alleged knifeman admitted of the knife attack claiming that it stemmed from a challenge by the rival students on Facebook.

He said one of the rival students paint-sprayed its rival’s school symbol on the supporting pillar of the Kanchana expressway bridge. Then, later on, the opposing group vandalized the school’s symbol with spray paint.

On the day of the incident which was the establishment aniversary of their rival students’ school, both admitted to drive in a motorcycle to hunt for their rivals.

When they encountered a group of rival students, they then attacked them with knife.

However the alleged knifeman said he didn’t intend on his life but merely to teach them by aiming on his back.

Unfortunately the victim turned around as he was attempting to chop his back, hitting his face and neck instead, the officer quoted the suspect as saying.

Police said both youths would be sent to the Central Juvenile and Family Court for detention on charges of premeditated murder and carrying of weapon to public places.

21 Feb 2018
10:37 am

A pickup truck carrying students back homes collided head-on with another pickup truck which veered off the road lane, injuring 20 people, eight seriously.

The incident happened in Muang Sam Sip district of Ubon Ratchathani province at about 4.30pm on the road from Muang Sam Sip to Phana.

Muang Samsip police said driver of the student truck Somsak Kaenmun was driving in his pickup truck which was converted to a student truck to deliver 18 students homes.

But as he was arriving near Km 15 marker on the road, another pickup truck driven by Suraphan Saiphat veered off the lane and crashed at the traffic island.

The impact sent it to fly over the island and crashed head-on with the student truck.

The collision left all the students and the two drivers injured, 8 seriously.

All were later admitted to Muang Sam Sip district hospital.

Police said rescue workers spent almost an hour before they could pull trapped Suraphan out of the badly damaged truck.

Police said Suraphan’s vehicle was arriving at a curve on the road when it lost balance, veering off the lane and jumping across the traffic island and hitting the student truck coming on the opposite direction.

Exact cause was being examined by police but both were booked for further questioning.


20 Feb 2018
10:57 pm

The cabinet on Tuesday (Feb 20) approved the Education Ministry’s proposal to set up a fund for equal right to education with the proposed starting budget set at one billion baht.

However, the cabinet had made some changes to the ministry’s proposal out of concern that the fund might not be used efficiently.

Government spokesman Lt-Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the cabinet resolved that the amount of budget should not be fixed at 5 percent of overall budget allocated for education as proposed by the ministry, but should be considered on yearly basis by the government.

Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin clarified to the cabinet that the fund for equal right to education did not target only poor students, poor teachers or poor people, but people in general who do not have access to education.

Money to be handed out to the needy could be in the form of a grant or a loan for education purpose.

The spokesman said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha wanted clearer and more details about the fund and reminded the education minister that the fund should not duplicate with the student loan fund.

He added that recipients of the student loan fund were entitled to apply for grant or loan from the fund for equal right to education.

20 Feb 2018
9:07 pm

Officials of the Energy Ministry based in Chumphon province and workers started removing huge oil pipes from the beach in Pathiu district on Tuesday (Feb 20).

The pipes, measuring more than 150 metres in length overall and weighing about 14 tonnes, were washed ashore on the beach in Ban Bang Bird on Feb 13.  Some of them were half-buried in sand, making it harder for them to be removed.

So far, no companies have shown up to claim ownership of the pipes, hence forcing the Energy Ministry to undertake the removal job itself although the Department of Mineral Fuel is still checking with all the oil and gas exploration concessionaires as well as all the 12 oil tanker ships to find out whether they have lost any of their rubber oil pipes.

With the help of a backhoe, workers managed to remove just 4-5 sections of the huge pipes. They also  wrapped the pipes with PVC plastic sheets to prevent crude oil leakages from the pipes.

A source in the petroleum industry, however, said that the mysterious pipes could come from one of the oil tankers engaged in loading and unloading of oil in the international waters.

He said the pipes might break from the vessel because of strong waves.