6 Oct 2015
11:25 am

The Criminal Court today dropped the case filed against the attorney-general and other state prosecutors by former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra for alleged malfeasance and negligence of duty related to her rice-pledging scheme.

5 Oct 2015
11:18 am

The National Council for Peace and Order chaired by Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha today selected Mr Meechai Ruchuphan as chairman of the new 21-member constitution drafting committee.

The meeting also endorsed the selection of the 200-member National Reform Steering Assembly.

2 Oct 2015
10:14 am

Thousands of electric train commuters were stranded at subway stations this morning after a subway train broke down at Bang Sue station.

The incident happened at about 9.00 am Friday.

MRT mechanics used another train to tow the crippled train back to its depot for maintenance and restore the full train service half an hour later.

1 Oct 2015
10:30 pm

An informed source said that Panthongtae planned to visit the National Police Office on Friday to hand over the cash reward to the national police chief, Pol Gen Chakthip Chaichinda, to be distributed to the officers responsible for resolving the case.

However, Pol Gen Chakthip would not be available and the plan was called off.

Earlier, Panthongtae posted a message in his Facebook page on August 21 saying that Thaksin had endorsed the promised cash reward but it should be divided into two portions – one portion of two million baht to be given to those who gave the tips leading to the arrest of the suspected bomber and the other portion, five million baht, are to be shared out among police officers responsible for investigating the case.

One of the two suspects held in police custody, Adem Karadag, confessed to the police on September 23 that he was the yellow-shirted bomber wanted by the police.


25 Sep 2015
12:02 pm

Metropolitan Police Bureau deputy  spokesman Pol Col Ekarak Limsangkart said today that Adem Karadag has confessed to be the yellow-shirted bomber of the Erawan Shrine after a police team went to question him at the 11th Army Infantry Regiment’s detention centre yesterday.

But he said the police have yet to look for evidence to verify his confession.

24 Sep 2015
12:14 pm

Former yellow-shirt leader Sonthi Limthongkul was today sentenced to a three-year suspended jail term by the Supreme Court for defaming the Shinawatra and Damapong families over tax avoidances in share purchases in 2006.

16 Sep 2015
1:45 pm

The Criminal Court today sentenced four redshirt leaders to four years and four months in prison after finding them guilty of leading a thousand of people to protest Privy Council chairman Gen Prem Tinsulanonda at his Sisao Theves official residence on July 22, 2007.

Two other redshirt activists were acquitted, and another received two years and eight months.

The four convicted leaders of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) are Veerakarn Musikapong, Nattawut Saikur, Viphuthalaeng Pattanaphumthai and Weng Tochirakarn.

Another defendant Nopparut Worachitwuthikul was sentenced to two years and eight months.

They are among seven defendants charged with illegal assembly, assaulting police trying to stop the violent protest in front of the residence.

Veerakarn did not attend the hearing of the verdict today due to his sickness.

The court scheduled September 30 at 9.00 am for Veerakarn to hear the verdict by himself.

The three redshirt leaders are in the process to seek release on bail from the court.

12 Sep 2015
10:50 am

One woman was killed and 13 injured in a fire at a car spare parts factory in Bangkok’s suburb Saturday morning.

7 Sep 2015
9:22 am

A huge fireball  was spotted in North of Bangkok  by hundreds of people in most parts of Bangkok during the morning rush hour at about 8.45 a.m. causing panic among those who saw this unusual fireball.

One witness who saw the huge fireball said it plunged from the sky to the north on the verticle way down to earth with tail of white smoke behind, according to JS Traffic Radio station.

There was no sound when it came down like a big round object with no sound.

The fire was bright with green and orange colours, another motorist driving on Rama 2 road on the west of Bangkok said.

There was no report of any aircraft accident and JS Radio said it was checking information from the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand of the object falling from the sky.

Latest check said there was no aircraft accident.

The Civil Aviation of Thailand is also checking.

Another said it might be a meteorite.

6 Sep 2015
11:59 am

The National Reform Council rejected the draft constitution by 135 votes against 105 in favour with 7 abstentions.