13 Mar 2014
9:50 am

The Election Commission has endorsed the appointment of the Navy’s SEAL commander Rear Admiral Winai Klom-in as a qualified consultant to the Navy as proposed by the caretaker cabinet. Besides, it also approved proposal to appoint Maj-Gen Apirat Kongsompong as the new commander of the First Division of the Royal Guards.

12 Mar 2014
6:53 pm

The injured male elephant which was hit by a Pajero van on Highway 344 from Ban Bung to Klaeng district of Rayong before dawn Wednesday died late in the afternoon after suffering serious injuries from the impact. A team of veterinarians from the Ban Khao Yai wildlife conservation unit has invited monks to perform a cremation rite for the mammoth and will also conduct autopsy to find the exact cause of death.

Death toll from the two-car-rash with elephant rose to six dead and four injured.

12 Mar 2014
6:53 pm

16.30 p.m. Angry farmers dumped more than 12 tons of paddy in front of the Finance Ministry and demanded the caretaker to buy them at 12,000 baht/ton.

They also told the finance officials to speed up payment of the 20 billion baht cash borrowed from the central fund to pay farmers who pledged their rice with the government. After a 15-minute wait for the ministry’s representative to come out to negotiate failed, they threw rotten eggs into the ministry.

12 Mar 2014
3:17 pm

The court said in its ruling today that Mrs Salakcharid Tiyapairat, now the president of Chiang Rai provincial council, provided false information during the registration of candidacy in the provincial assembly election in Chiang Rai.

It then handed down five-year imprisonment verdict on her.

But with regard to her past good deeds, the court commuted the sentence by half to two years and six months in prison instead.

However, she was given a two-year probation for the prison term.

She was also banned from running in election and engaged in political activities for 10 years, and a fine of 50,000 baht.

Earlier in 2009, Yongyut was also sentenced to serve two months in prison and a five-year ban on politics for covering up and failing to declare his asset to the National Anti Corruption Commission. However, his two-month prison term was commuted to one year probation instead.

12 Mar 2014
2:49 pm

Pheu Thai party’s candidate for the February 2 general election in Constituency 3 of Saraburi province, Mr Chare Tanpornchai, today filed a petition to the Administrative Court seeking its order to mandate the Election Commission to declare him the winner in the election in Constituency 3. He also wanted the EC to issue a letter of certification of the MP status to him so that he could perform the duty as a Representative. He accused the EC of intent to delay announcing winning candidates although 30 days has passed after the general election.

12 Mar 2014
1:49 pm

The 9-member Constitution Court today reached a majority vote to rule that the controversial 2-trillion baht loan bill is unconstitutional.

The court said the loan bill was illegally revised in its content breaching Articles 169 and 170 of the Constitution, and also in the passage procedure.

Ruling of the Constitution Court came after more than four hours of meeting of the 9-menber panel. Each of the nine judges will present their written statement to the media late this afternoon.

The Constitution Court also accept the petition of the Ombudsman to rule whether the February 2 general election is void or not.

12 Mar 2014
1:18 pm

Farmers today burnt the effigies of finance minister Kittirat na Ranong and commerce minister Niwatthamlong Boonsongpaisan in front of the Commerce Ministry in a Khmer superstitious rite to curse the two politicians.  One farmer leader from Buriram then  cut the heads of the two rice straw effigies with a sickle and put the bodies afire. They later put the heads to the pot and dumped into the Chao Phraya river along with another effigy which they said was that of caretaker prime minister.

12 Mar 2014
12:38 pm

Two persons were wounded and another was killed in a heated brawl  on Ratchadapisek road this morning.

11 Mar 2014
3:12 pm

A  hand grenade was thrown at a village school in Bacho district of Narathiwat and exploded. But the explosion caused no injuries.

The attack at noon today was believed to disrupt a ceremony on Tuesday morning to give certificates to kindergarten children who finished Level 3 of pre-elementary education. Despite the incident, the ceremony was held as scheduled under tight police security.

11 Mar 2014
3:07 pm

14.35 p.m. Veterinarians in Nong Khai have collected dead chickens at a farm for laboratory test after more than 3,000 chickens at the  farm died of unknown cause.