24 Jun 2017
3:50 pm

Investigation into the misappropriation of temple fundings continued with the anti corruption police finding more evidence and more funds being siphoned off by the gang which comprises both state officials, monastic employees and monks.

At least two government agencies handling corruption affairs are involved in the investigation. They are the Anti Corruption Division (ACD) under the Royal Thai Police and the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

NACC so far found more than 60 temples whose funds were siphoned off, amounted to over 100 million baht, all from the same gang.

Meanwhile the ACD police continued probing in the provinces.

They questioned abbots of three temples in Chumphon province in the South, and two admitted to have their funds siphoned off, not knowing that it was an act of corruption.

ACD police along with officials from the Office of the Attorney General and local police went to Sawee district in Chumpon province to carry out a probe into monastic affairs.

Three abbots were invited for separate questioning.

They are abbot of Wat Leb Kra Rok, Wat Don Sathon and Wat Thong Tom Yai.

Earlier investigators revealed that they had information that each temple had received 2 million baht subsidies each between 2015 and 2016.

The funds were reported to have been transferred into each temples accounts on January 2016 before being ordered by corrupt officials to return 1.6 million baht wherein 400,000 baht would be paid to the abbots as bribes.

The 2 abbots from the 2 temples however claimed that they refused to accept the bribes and were willing to disclose information on the officials.

Upon reviewing the information in the case file, ACS deputy superintendent Pol Col Worayuth Sukhawat ordered that the temples’ financial records which were under the care of the Sawee branch Krungthai Bank to be turned in to investigators.

Furthermore, he also ordered that banks officials who were in charge of the accounts at the time also report to Anti-Corruption Division investigators for questioning.

He said that all the developments in the case thus far will be made public today


24 Jun 2017
3:37 pm

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha last night called for more participation from the general public in the drive against any potential threats to the nation.

His call followed recent bombings in the capital by perpetrators with ill intentions.

In a televised broadcast last night, he said his government is speeding up national reforms and reducing inequalities in society.

He said that it is necessary for the country to go through national reforms in may aspects, particularly the security, economy, and the society.

He then said the government is seeking more participation from the general public to help being vigilant for any potential threats to the nation, and that the country needs to be able to defend itself and conserve its benefits both in the lands, waters, air, and the territory.

He said the economic reform which the country needs is meant to increase its competitiveness and reduce inequalities.

He said it is urgent to create a quality society with good education and employment opportunities, improving the skill standards to meet with labour marker demands.

The government is working to improve the legal and justice system to be on par with universal standards, and provide the opportunity for all suspects, regardless of their financial capability, an equal chance to defend themselves.


24 Jun 2017
1:34 pm

Nok Air was awarded international safety standards certificate yesterday to become Thailand’s sixth airlines to qualify for the world’s standards.

The Air Operator’s Certificates (AOC) under International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards was awarded to Nok Air by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

CAAT director Mr Chula Sukmanop said three additional airlines would receive new AOC in two weeks.

But he said that in September, 10 airlines have to stop their international flights because they failed to pass the safety standard check.

However, they are small airlines and the halt of international flights would have no impact on overall air transport services.


24 Jun 2017
12:46 pm

A huge predawn fire broke out at the U-sab Cotton Manufacturing Company in Phra Samut Chedi district of Samut Prakarn province causing damages to the factory building and machineries.

The fire was reported at around 1.30am Saturday at the cotton spinning factory in Klong Bangplakod and quickly spread.

Five fire trucks rushed to the scene and were able to contain the fire in limited area after over an hour of blazing that destroyed the factory’s six spinning machineries.

According to a factory guard, the fire started from the front of the building where power line was laid to the factory’s power supply main board.

There was a loud explosion first and shortly later, fire was seen coming out of the building.

The fire started after about 20 workers finished working and leaving the factory. The factory owner was not present during the fire.

Forensic police inspected the factory to look into exact cause of the fire.


24 Jun 2017
12:28 pm

The Ministry of Commerce yesterday officially opened the first Thong Fah Pracharat discount store at Pak Kred district in Nonthaburi province to sell consumer products to people in nearby communities at reasonable prices in another effort of the government to lower living cost for the public.

It is the first among the target of 19,000 stores to be set up across the country by the ministry next year.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr Sonthirat Sonthi-Jirawong, the deputy commerce minister.

The store is located at the Pracharat market next to the Pak Kret district office in Nonthaburi province.

Mr Sonthirat revealed that by July there will be 5,000 Thong Fah Pracharat discount stores established all over the country.

The ministry plans to have 19,000 such stores setup all over the country by 2018.

These discount stores will be a permanent fixture and will be based on existing retail shops.

They will also be employing rural community funds networks.

Commenting on allegations of some detergent manufacturers in the program cutting down on their products content volume but selling them at former prices, Mr Sonthirat said the Department of Internal Trade has made enquiries and has received the consent of said manufacturers to reduce costs by 2 Baht per packet beginning in July.

Bathing cream producers however are adamant that they will not be reducing prices for their goods, he said


23 Jun 2017
10:36 pm

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) Plc management on Friday offered to pay three million baht in compensation to each family of the five people who died, presumably from suffocation in the accident at a waste water tank in one of the company’s factories.

The management also promised to take care of the education of the children of the dead victims who were the bread winners of their families until they finish university-level education.

CPF chairman and CEO Mr Suksant Jiamjaisawangruek expressed deep condolence to families of the dead victims. He also said that the company would attend the funeral of all the dead victims.


23 Jun 2017
10:26 pm

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha reiterated, once again, that the military junta had no intention whatsoever to stay on in power and that the election would proceed in accordance with the political roadmap.

In his weekly address to the nation, the prime minister said that he was confident that his government, in the past three years, had undertaken all the jobs it had pledged to implement and had accomplished many of them, with several others in the process of being executed.

He called for cooperation from all sectors of the society to ensure that all the tasks outlined are accomplished.

He warned that the country cannot move forward if people in the country remain divided and continue to engage in conflicts.

The prime minister went on to say that he is open-minded and is willing to listen to different opinions which are useful to the country.


23 Jun 2017
10:20 pm

Samsen Witthayalai school director Virote Samruan was today ordered transferred to the Basic Education Office’s Zone One pending an investigation into an allegation that he demanded 400,000 baht in tea money from the parents of a student in return for a seat in the school.

The transfer order was issued by director of Basic Education Office’s Zone One in Bangkok as recommended by Mr Karoon Sakulpradit, secretary-general of Basic Educatioin Committee following a consultation with Education Minister Thirakiat Charoensethasilp.

Mr Virote has categorically denied that he demanded tea money from the parents of the student who was given a seat at Mathayomsueksa 1 class in the school, but claimed that the money paid by the parents were donation to the school.

But a video clip showing money changing hands was posted in the social media and it went viral, drawing widespread criticism against the school director. The Samsen Witthayalai alumni association has threatened actions against the director and also demanded his removal from the school.


23 Jun 2017
9:39 pm

Ten soldiers were injured when the military truck in which they were travelling hit a bomb planted under a road in Su-ngai Kolok district of Narathiwat on Friday.

Two civilians, identified as Abdul Aryee Hayisalamae and her daughter, Pattharanut, who happened to be at the scene of explosion in Ban Lubohsama, were also injured.


23 Jun 2017
9:23 pm

Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn was diagnosed of suffering from lung, liver and muscle inflammation and low level of oxygen in the blood, but her condition has improved after medical treatment at Vichaiyuth hospital.

According to the first announcement of the Bureau of the Royal Household, the Princess, on Monday, experienced fatigue, breathe shortness, joint and muscle pains and had high fever. She went to Vichaiyuth hospital for diagnosis for her illness.

Doctors at the hospital advised that the Princess to be admitted for treatment after she was diagnosed from lung and liver inflammation and low level of oxygen in the blood as well as muscle inflammation, said the announcement.

But after continuing treatment, inflammation of the lung and liver has eased, oxygen level in the blood has returned to normal and there is no fever although she still experiences joint and muscle pains.

Doctors at the hospital advised that the Princess stays on at the hospital for further treatment and to suspend all functions for another period of time, said the Bureau of the Royal Household in the announcement issued on Friday.