4 Sep 2013
1:45 pm

Federation of Thai Industries says blockades of the southern highways and roads by rubber farmers have not yet affected tourism.

FTI vice president Ithirit Kinglek said that  the scattered protests affected only some routes while hotels reported no cancellation or postponement of room bookings in Krabi and Phuket provinces.

However if protesters move to block airports, then it will have immediate impact on tourism, he said.

4 Sep 2013
12:06 pm

International football assistant referee Thanom Borikut was shot and seriously wounded while he was on the way to the Sports Authority of Thailand on Ramkhamhaeng road.

He was immediately rushed to nearby Ramkhamhaeng hospital by  a guard.

He went to the SAT to have a physical test prior to decide  for Thai Premier League games.

By late today  doctors said that he was out of danger but still has to remain in hospital for treatment of shot wounds  on his body and leg.

It was still unknown if what is the cause of the shooting.

But according to Hua Mark police, witnesses saw two men riding in a motorcycle and the pillion rider fired four shots at Thanom, only two hit him.

Thanom was a former Lopburi-based Special Warfare Center soldier but resigned to take up the football referee profession. He spent two years to upgrade himself from 3rd grade referee to second grade and to international level in 2002 when he named an assistant referee to FIFA competition.

He was recently appointed to be the only Thai referee to decide in the final round of the World Football matches in South Africa.

4 Sep 2013
12:00 pm

Bangkok railway station or Hua Lumpong  turned chaotic early this morning  when all trains  could neither depart or enter the station after its railway control system broke down.

State Railway of Thailand governor Prapat Chongsa-nguan said the control system of all rail lines broke down  disrupting all train departures and arrivals to the station.

But he said that SRT mechanics were hastily repaired by the control system  and expected to  get it back to normal very soon. All train arrivals and departures were late behind schedule several hours.

By late this morning, SRT said that the problem has been fixed and train services have return  to normal again at 8 a.m.

3 Sep 2013
2:43 pm

Former rector of Ramkhamhaeng university Professor Rangsan Saengsuk was acquitted of malfeasance in office charge by the Appeal Court today in a case which he and 10 other defendants was charged by a colleague.

A total of 11 executives of Ramkhamhaeng university, including the former rector Prof Rangsan, was accused by Pol Lt Charun Thaneerat, a former lecturer of the university’s education science faculty, of malfeasances in offices.

The Court of First Instance found the former rector and another executive Deputy  Professor Raweewan Srikramkran guilty of the charge and sentenced each of them two years in prison and a fine of 20,000 baht each. Another executive Deputy Professor Prasart Sa-ngasri, the deputy rector, was given a one year imprisonment and a 10,000 baht fine. But imprisonment term was commuted to a  two-year probation instead.

At today’s hearing of the appeal, the court reversed the  first court’s verdicts and acquitted  all of the 11 executive of the charges after finding  the supported evidence were weightless.

Prof Rangsan said after hearing the ruling that he has to countersign in a research work of the plaintiff as a  rector on duty. But he said that he was glad to be cleared of the charge by the court and believed that there was something in behind the case as some tried to persecute him at the time he was applying as a candidate for the rector post.