17 Nov 2017
9:48 pm

Rain and isolated heavy rain is likely in the East, the lower Central including Bangkok, and the South on Nov 19-21 as a result of a tropical depression, the Thai Meteorological Department warned at 5pm on Friday (Nov 17).

As of 4pm on Nov 17, the tropical depression over the western Philippines with sustained winds of 55 kilometres per hour was moving west-northwest with a speed of 27 kilometres per hour.

It is expected to make a landfall over lower Vietnam and Cambodia during Nov 19-21.

Therefore, rain and isolated heavy rain is likely in the following provinces:

Nov 19-20: Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Bangkok and vicinity, Prachin Buri, Sa Kaeo, Chon Buri, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Trat, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon and Surat Thani.

Nov 20-21: Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, Surat Thani, Ranong, Phangnga, Phuket and Krabi.

People are warned of possible flash floods and strong winds.

Moderate wind waves about 2 metres high are expected in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.  All vessels should proceed with caution.  People on the east coast of the South should beware of inshore surges.

17 Nov 2017
11:56 am

Officials from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and 10 other relevant central and local government agencies yesterday (Thursday ) started to erect signs on Layan and Lepang beaches in Thalarng district of Phuket ordering six operators of businesses to leave the beaches in 30 days.

The sign says defiant operators will face arrest.

Action by the state authorities to claim back encroached public land by business operators and influential people on the beaches of Phuket came after the Supreme Court ruled early this month that the land these operators occupied, about 178 rai on the two beaches, are public land or state property.

The ruling by the court ended a land dispute which dragged on over a decade when six people sued the Phuket Provincial Land Office and other state officials in 2006 over a dispute on the legal status of the land plots.

The price of land now is sold at 70 million baht per rai or amounted to 14 billion baht in total.

DSI speared heading the operation after a meeting with officials of all relevant state agencies and local administration offices to discuss enforcement of the court’s order.

DSI director general Pol Col Phaisit Wongmuang said all encroachers would be given until December 15 to vacate their places.

He said violators will face intrusion charge and will face arrest.

He said some occupants live in the places for over a decade and they will be given warning first to leave.

But for those intend to stay on and defy the order, they could face additional charge of money laundering.

16 Nov 2017
10:16 pm

Women’s and child protection organizations have demanded the Office of the Attorney-General to consider indicting the governor and some senior officials of Mae Hong Son for allegedly buying sex from under-aged girls after the provincial prosecutor has decided not to proceed their cases to the court.

The group on Thursday (Nov 16) submitted an open letter to attorney-general Khemchai Chutiwong, asking him look into the Mae Hong Son attorney’s Nov 7 decision not to indict a suspect in the high-profile case.

OAG spokesman Prayuth Petchakhun received the letter from the organizations which include the Social Equality Promotion Foundation; Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation;  and Network of Lawyers for Children and Youth.

Thicha na Nakorn, an expert on youth and children, told the media that she found out that the Mae Hong Son provincial prosecutor decided on Nov 7 not to pursue cases to the court against some provincial officials, including Governor Suebsak Iamvijarn, accused of buying sex from under-aged girls.

Thicha na Nakorn

She said the women’s and child protection organizations wanted the attorney-general reconsider the cases against Mae Hong Son provincial officials, noting that buying sex from minors is a serious offence.

The OAG spokesman promised to refer the group’s open letter to the attorney-general for consideration.

Mae Hong Son provincial police chief, Pol Maj-Gen Preecha Wimonchaichit, said the police had filed altogether 48 cases against some 30 officials, including the governor, to the provincial prosecutor who, however, agreed not to proceed with the governor’s case to the court while the rest of the cases were still pending consideration.

The case surfaced in the middle of this year and the police forwarded the files to the prosecutor in August.

16 Nov 2017
9:18 pm

Several pieces of metal objects which were found in Khong Chiam district of Ubon Ratchathani are believed to be parts of a rocket used to send a satellite into the space, said an expert from the Geo-informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA).

Boonchoob Boongthong, director of GISTDA’s Satellite Operation Office, today (Nov 16) examined the objects which have been collected from rubber plantations and farmlands in the district this week.

Altogether 12 pieces of the metal objects have been located, including two six-metre long objects which were found today.  They are now kept at Khong Chiam district police station.

Mr Boonchoob suspected that the rocket had not reached the outer space and was at least 100 kilometres above the Earth when it was detached from the satellite and then fell back on Earth at high speed.

He explained that the thunderous boom heard by people in Khong Chiam was not caused by the explosion of the rocket but was, in fact, sonic boom.  He admitted that he had no idea the rocket belong to which nation, but he expected an answer in a week’s time.

Regarding compensation for damage caused by the debris from the space, Mr Boonchoob said the rocket owner would be held accountable for compensation in accordance with international agreement of the United Nations.

16 Nov 2017
3:16 pm

The Labour Ministry has set a target for Thailand to be without illegal migrant workers by March 31 next year and all legal workers will be provided with protection under the Thai and international labour laws, said permanent secretary for labour affairs Jarin Jakkapak on Nov 16.

Mr Jarin said this to Peter Haymond, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Bangkok, who called on him at the Labour Ministry.

The labour permanent secretary told the US official that Thailand is determined to solve problems over child labour, forced labour and human-trafficking.

By April 31, 2018 there will not be illegal migrant workers in Thailand and all migrant workers will be brought into the labour system and protected by the Thai and international laws after receiving the certificate of identity and groing through the nationality verification process from their home countries, he said.

Mr Jarin said the Labour Ministry will also pay a special attention on workers in the fishery sector in coordination with the Fisheries Department, the Marine Department, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and the Foreign Ministry in an attempt to unlock Thailand from the US Tier 2 watchlist in its 2017 Trafficking in Persons report so that Thai fishing products are acceptable to the international community.

Anurak Tosrat, director-general of the Labour Ministry’s Employment Department, said the Lao embassy in Thailand has informed the Labour Ministry that the Foreign Ministry of Laos has asked employers of Lao workers who have received a certificate of identity (CI) to take their employees to pick up their passposts at the embassy on Pracha Uthit road in Wang Thong Lang district.

He said 10,747 Lao migrant workers have been processed. However, about 50,000 others still need to undergo the nationality verification process. Therefore, Lao workers whose temporary pink cards are due to expire on March 31 next year are required to hurriedly get their nationality verified by contacting employment offices in Bangkok and other provinces.

16 Nov 2017
2:30 pm

The condition of the Public Health Ministry’s security guard is improving slightly after he can partly breathe by himself.

Dr Sakol Sukphrom, deputy director of Phra Nangklao hospital, said the guard, Somchai Yarmdee, now regains vital sign with improved sense of feelings.

He could respond briefly and could react to orders.

He has no fever and doctors have removed breathing aids and he could partly breathe by himself, Dr Sakol said.

He also allay fear by his family that his eyes might be hurt, assuring that eye specialist has examined his eyes and assured that there was not to worry about.

But it still needs to await improvements in his sense of feelings before specialist could determine if his sighting is not affected.

Dr Sakol added that injuries to his face bones need to be analyzed before giving proper treatment.

Meanwhile the ministry’s fact finding committee has appointed Dr Nattawut Prasertsiri to head the investigation team which expects to start working next week.

Dr Yorn Chiranakhon now faces five charges ranging from hit-and -run to attempted murder for smashing his car into the gate injuring the guard. He didn’t stop to provide help frontage guard, dragged under his car 20 metres from the gate, and refused alcohol breathe test.

16 Nov 2017
2:03 pm

The deputy minister of Defence has assured of security preparedness when the prime minister leads his cabinet ministers to hold meeting in Songkhla and Pattani during November 27-28.

Gen Udomdej said all security authorities are well prepared to provide security at all places where cabinet ministers will meet and  visit.

Everything is alright now,  he said and admitted there are now distorted news in the media and false information from individuals which authorities are closely monitoring.

But he said he was confident  that the mobile cabinet meeting in the Deep South will be smooth and without any problem.

Concerning the ministry’s Triangle of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability in the Deep South project, Gen Udomdej said he would propose to the prime minister on November 27.

He said the project is spearheaded by the Forward Command of the Internal Security Operations Command Region 4 while the  Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) will be responsible for implementation.

Under the scheme, three southern border provinces will be developed as model cities under the “Triangle of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability.”

According to government spokesman Ltd Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd, the prime minister will visit southern provinces during the two-day mobile cabinet meeting.

He will first visit Pattani to follow up progress of all relevant government agencies in driving economical development in the Deep South under the  “Triangle of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability” scheme, and will meet southern governors and private sector in Songkhla in the evening.

The next day will be the mobile cabinet meeting, he said.

16 Nov 2017
1:16 pm

“Mor May” or Dr Samitada Sangkapo, a specialist in health and rehabilitation sciences of Praram 9 hospital is still working at the hospital and has not resigned.

She is still in the team of medical personnel giving medical care to Rocker star Toon Bodyslam and his team members on the 2,191- kilometre charity run from Betong to Mae Sai.

The assurance of her status at Phraram 9 hospital came from the caretaker of the “Kao Kon La Kao” charity run Ithipol Samutthong or known as “Pok” following her resignation was posted and went viral on the Internet.

The post said she resigned after her two-month leave was not permitted by the hospital’s management.

Ithipol told Thai PBS that Mor May is still working at the hospital and is taking care of all members of the running team.

He also said the hospital has given support for the team and the charity run.

“I can say on her behalf that she didn’t resign and she is still giving good support to the team. A claim of politics does no good but only create conflict.”

This run is a great charity activity and should not be messed with politics as it intends to raise fund for 11 state hospitals.

16 Nov 2017
10:10 am

The Royal Thai Air Force says six drone flyers will be prosecuted for violating official ban on drone flying in restricted areas during the Royal Cremation ceremonies from October 25-29.

Spokesman the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Air Vice Marshal Pongsak Semachai, also deputy director general of the ATRF’s Civil Affairs Department, said the Department of Civil Aviation has earlier imposed ban on drone flying in a 19-kilometre perimeter around Grand Palace, Sanam Luang and the Royal Crematorium, and a 9-kilometre perimeter around all Royal Crematorium replicas in the country for the sake of safety and peace and order during the royal ceremonies.

He said most drone flyers have given good cooperation to the authorities and have given useful information of those violators to authorities that led to investigation and finding of these violators.

The spokesman said all information of these violators have been handed over to the Department of Civil Aviation since Monday (November 13) so that legal prosecution will be taken against them.

The RTAF intends to see that also drones flown by state officials on official purposes and by private organizations and individuals strictly abide by the laws and to refrain from violating the rights of others and from disclosing restricted national security areas, particularly in the 9-kilometre perimeter from the airports.

He urged the public to notify authorities if anyone is seen to be flying drones in the said restricted areas around the airports.

15 Nov 2017
10:48 pm

An object suspected to be a space trash exploded in a ball of flame above Khong Chiam district of Ubon Ratchathani early Wednesday morning (Nov 15).

Debris from the explosion scattered in rubber plantations and fields in four villages and eight pieces have been collected by villagers of Tambon Na Po Klang, with the biggest piece measuring 60 x 50 centimetres.

Approached by the villagers, provincial officials suspected that they were space trash which fell back on Earth and exploded in a ball of fire when came into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere.

The collected pieces will be sent to agency concerned in Bangkok for examination.