30 May 2017
11:11 am

The Government will double check the list of 11 million people who have registered for state welfare to make sure they are really low income earners.

This was revealed by Mr Krisada Chinavicharana, director of the Fiscal Police Office (FPO) yesterday.

He said now the Ministry of Finance has forwarded names of 11 million low-income earners to relevant government agencies and state banks for verification of their qualifications.

He said a total of 14 million people have registered themselves with the government as low-income earners.

However only a list of 11 million people has been forwarded to the Department of Provincial Administration, Department of Lands, Revenue Department’s and the Bank of Thailand for verification.

The remaining number is on the process.

The verification process of the 11 million low income earners is expected to be completed within two months, he said.

He continued that in addition to subsidies on water and electric bills, and transportation, the FPO is also studying additional measures to help a group of three million people earning less than 30,000 baht a year, as well as looking for ways to generate income for the Elderly Fund in respond to the Cabinet’s resolution to give more living allowance to them.


30 May 2017
10:53 am

The prime minister yesterday assured that the remaining 18 million tons of rice stocks will be released within the tenure of his government.

The assurance came as Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha opened “Thailand Rice Convention 2017” yesterday.

The convention was attended by more than 1,000 participants made up of rice merchants, producers, exporters, the Thai Commerce Minister and Iraqi rice importers.

Gen Prayut voiced confidence that Thailand had the capability to become the leading producer and center of trade for high quality rice in the world.

He said the government plans to release all the remaining 18 million tons of rice stocks within the tenure of the current administration.

The government will be sticking to its plans to release remaining rice stocks in order to alleviate the current pressure on market prices.

He recalled that during the past 2-3 years, his government has already released 13 million tons out of the 18 million tons of rice stocks worth 100 billion baht.

He reiterated that the government will be releasing the remaining stocks within the current governments tenure and was confident that this will allow market mechanisms to readjust and return to normal levels.

In doing so, this  will substantially reduce stocking costs which has been borne by the government.

29 May 2017
10:28 pm

The extension route connecting the Bang Sue station of the underground train and Taopoon station of the Purple Line from Bang Sue to Bang Yai is expected to become operational in August.

Mr Chirut Visarnchit, spokesman of Transport Ministry said that the construction of the extension route was in progress with 74.77 percent of the works already completed.

These include: signaling system, 73.76 percent completed; communication system, 55.31 percent completed; power supply system, automatic fare collection system, 100 percent completed.

The test of the systems will be conducted in June.

Mr Chirut said that, meanwhile, the Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority which operates the Blue Line would train staff to be prepared for the opening of the extension route.

Trial running is expected to be conducted in July until August.


29 May 2017
9:29 pm

The Thai Consulate-General in Chicago will arrange for a lawyer and an interpreter to help 20 arrested and indicted with being members of a sex trafficking network involving Thai women in the US, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

According to a statement of the ministry, the consulate-general was coordinating with US agencies to render assistance to all the defendants – both the victims and those under arrest.

The 20 arrested defendants and one who is still at large will be presented to the federal courts in their respective states for indictment within 24 hours. They are being held in custody in their residing states and the cases will be transferred to Minnesota in due course, said the ministry.

The arrests are a follow-up efforts by US authorities following the earlier arrest and indictment of 17 defendants of this network in October 2016.

Ms Busadee Santipitak, director-general of the Information Department said the victims would be protected by US authorities and they would be allowed to stay in the US until the cases were closed.

Also, she said US authorities have the right not to report of updates of the cases to officials of the Thai embassy or the Consulate-General’s office.


29 May 2017
5:49 pm

The Criminal Court on Monday rejected bail for Mr Akkarakit Worarotecharoendet, alias Benz Racing, claiming that the charges against him carry maximum penalty of death and that the prosecutor also turned down his bail.

Akkarakit was indicted at the court together with two other suspects, Sansern Rasanont and Ms Angsuporn E0-na, by the public prosecutor on money laundering and abetting in money laundering. He denied all the charges against him.

He was accompanied to the court by his mother and lawyer who tried to post a three-million baht bail.

After the court’s decision rejecting his bail, Akkarakit was escorted by corrections officials to the Special Rehabilitation Centre for detention.

The motor racer was accused by police of laundering money from illicit drug trade wired to his bank accounts by drug trafficker who was also detained. He used some of the money to buy expensive cars and motorcycles.

29 May 2017
5:29 pm

The Department of Special Investigation has cleared wellknown entertainer Dome Pakorn Lam’s green Lamboghini for suspicion that it was one of the luxurious cars reported to be stolen in Britain and imported into Thailand.

Dome wrote in the Instagram, saying that he had dreamed for a car that he loves since childhood and had been working for the past 30 years to save enough money to buy his dreamed car – sometimes without sleep and some times not eating that he was supposed to eat.

He said he was pissed when it was suspected that his Lamboghini sports car was reported stolen in Britian.
However, he added that, the case should serve him a lesson and, from now on, he would be more careful about what to buy, especially cars.

After his posting in the social media, many of his fans showered him with support and morale.


29 May 2017
4:59 pm

Constitution Drafting Committee chairman Meechai Ruchupan voiced his support for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha’s plea for the public to send their feedback to his four questions, defending that the idea was intended to make use of the feedback in the drafting of organic laws.

He defended that the idea which was announced by the prime minister last Friday during his weekly address was not intended to pave the way the military junta to stay longer in the office as misinterpreted by politicians and other critics.

Regarding the question about whether “undesirable” politicians should be allowed into politics, Meechai explained that public feedback to this question would give a clue to lawmakers to draft bill to meet the people’s wish concerning “undesirable” politicians.

He stressed the need of public participation in the drafting of bills.


29 May 2017
1:56 pm

The commissioner of the Royal Thai Police says the police have now known the identity of the person who bombed the Phramongkutklao Hospital and indicates it was a work of a well-organised group of people.

The commissioner Pol Gen Chaktip Chaijinda said investigation by the military and the police still pointed to earlier finding that the hospital bombing was well-organised and might engage retired generals.

He said he wouldn’t give importance to Ko Tee as he was known to be a bad guy.

He said his deputy Pol Gen Srivara Rangsiphramanakul is in charge of investigation and is questioning hospital staff.

He said a 200-men strong investigation team has been formed to look into the three bombings, first at the old Government Lottery Bureau office, the second at the National Theatre, and at the Phramongkutklao Hospital as they had links.

Asked whether appointing so many investigators to look into the hospital bombing was like “riding an elephant to catch a grass hopper ( take a sledgehammer to crack a walnut),” Pol Gen Chaktip said that instead it was to ride an elephant to catch an elephant.

29 May 2017
11:18 am

The Meteorological Department today warned people in many parts of the country, including Bangkok, to brace for more thunderstorms this week.

For Bangkok, the weather forecast bureau said thunder shower is anticipated to cover 80% of areas, including surrounding provinces from today, with heavy rains in some areas.

It said heavy to very heavy rains are anticipated from today until end of the month in the northern, lower northeastern, central, eastern and southern regions.

For people living in low plains close to mountains and hills, they are warned of dangers from landslides as heavy to very heavy rains are anticipated.

For fishermen, they are advised not to sail into the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand for the next few days as high waves are expected as a depression that is blowing pass the upper Bengal Bay is moving to cover Myanmar.

Meanwhile the westerly monsoon that is blanketing the Andaman Sea is also strengthening, thus causing heavy to very heavy rains in these parts until end of the month.


27 May 2017
2:41 pm

Dusit Poll, the research arm of Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, said that the recent bombing at Phramongkutklao Hospital was linked to politics.

The poll was conducted from May 23-26, one day after the bombing at Phramongkutklao Hospital that left 25 injured.

A total of 1,157 people from across the country were asked to assess the performance of the military junta after three years in power.

The result revealed that 81.76% saw the spate of bomb explosions in Bangkok recently was meant to create public disturbances.

78.22% believed the bombings were related to politics, while 73.21% saw this was to discredit the image of the military junta, and 70.70% said it was to defy the power of the military junta.

Dusit Poll said further that 76.77% wanted the government to step up security, and to have accurate intelligence operations.

73.03% urged the government to bring the perpetrators to trial, and 63.35% wanted more information to be released to the public.

On the opinions voiced recently by politicians over the performance of the military after seizure of power from the elected government on May 22, 2014, 71.22% saw the criticism was normal for politicians, while 67.76% said their criticism might stem from the fact that the military junta outperformed after three years in power.