24 Sep 2017
4:56 pm

An Australian man was arrested at Suvarnabhumi international airport on Sunday as he tried to smuggle 26 iPhone X smart phones worth an estimated one million baht into the country.

The Australian, identified as Ho Won Harvard Lee, who claimed to be a music producer in Australia reportedly said that he intended to sell the smart phones in Singapore.

He claimed that he was not aware that he had to declare the phones with customs officials for tax assessment and payment because he was awaiting to connect a flight to Singapore.

Customs officials however filed a charge of violating the Telecommunications Act and an announcement of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.


24 Sep 2017
10:56 am

Three Vietnamese were arrested at Suvarnabhumi international airport early Sunday morning (Sept 24) after Customs officials found 15 rhino horns worth about 15 million baht hidden in their three luggage.

The three suspects were identified as Yoeng Ba Ngia, 27; Ms Nguen Thi Thujang, 30; and Ms Pham Thi Thanghuei, 56.

An informed source said that customs officials at the airport were alerted to look out for passengers arriving from Angola by Ethiopian Airline who might try to smuggle rhino horns into Thailand.

At about 1 am after the landing of Ethiopian Airline’s flight ET628 from Addis Ababa, three Vietnamese were spotted acting suspiciously as they arrived with three luggage to connect a flight to Hanoi.

Waiting customs officials then approached them and asked for a search of their luggage which uncovered 15 rhino horns weighing 7.4 kgs buried under their snacks in the luggage.

The three Vietnamese claimed they were each offered 32,000 baht to bring six luggage from Angola via Thailand to Vietnam.

They were charged with attempted smuggling of products from endangered species under CITES.

23 Sep 2017
10:03 pm

The police fact-finding committee tasked with investigating alleged police involvement in abetting former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s escape will meet for the first time on Monday to lay the groundwork for the probe.

Pol Col Kiatpong Nala, deputy commander of the 5th division of Metropolitan Police Bureau and head of the fact-finding panel, said on Saturday that the Monday’s meeting would be on the persons to be summoned for questioning, the issues to be asked and the conduct of those under suspicion.

He said that Pol Col Chairith Anurith, deputy commander of the MPB’s 5th division, who was identified as one of the three police officers helping in the escape, would not be summoned for questioning at this stage with the probe expected to be completed in 60 days.

A Toyota Camry which was suspected to be one of the vehicles used in the escape has been confiscated by the police.

According to Pol Lt-Col Samit Chai-inkham, an inspector attached to Nakhon Pathom police, the Toyota Camry with license plate No Chor Khor 5323 was delivered to him by Pol Snr Sgr-Maj Pornpipat Markboon-ngarm who claimed that he got the vehicle from a senior police officer.

Samit and Pornpipat are among the three officers identified for abetting Ms Yingluck’s escape.

The two license plates in the car were genuine and, therefore, the two officers could not be charged with using fake plates and they were not supposed to be put on the Camry in which case the penalty was just a fine, it was reported.

Government spokesman Lt-Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd, meanwhile, said Prime Minister Prayut had instructed security officials to proceed with the investigation into the case with caution in accordance with the evidence so that an accurate explanation could be given to the public.

He insisted that the government had nothing to do with Ms Yingluck’s escape and vowed to treat the case with transparency and in accordance with legal procedure.

23 Sep 2017
8:59 pm

Udon Thai police late on Friday night seized about 80 motorbikes and rounded up a number of youngsters for illegally racing on public roads.

Pol Col Phumwit Vechkama, the Muang district police superintendent, said the action was taken in responding to complaints that young motorcyclists gathered and raced on public roads around the Udon Thani township, causing public annoyance and safety risks.

About 100 policemen were deployed to round up the illegal racers.

Their motorcycles were seized and would be checked to see if they were stolen items.

Their parents were contacted to bring ownership documents before taking the vehicles back, he said.


23 Sep 2017
8:55 pm

A team of officials on Saturday (Sept 23) examined 18 resorts in Chiang Mai province to find out if they have encroached on Mae Tha Chang and Mae Khanin forest reserves.

The team, comprising military, police and administrative officials and local leaders, was was led by Cholathis Suraswadi, director-general of the Royal Forest Department.

Mr Cholathis said in the team found 18 resorts and other constructions in a total of about 144 rai land suspected to have encroached on Mae Tha Chang and Mae Khanin forest reserves in tambon Nam Phrae of Hang Dong district, the authorities.

The resort operators showed land title deeds, Nor Sor 3 documents, and documents for land use issued under a cabinet resolution of June 30, 1998.

The land title deeds and Nor Sor 3 documents will be sent for the Royal Forest Department to check whether they had been legally issued.

As for the documents for land use, they will be examined to see if the names of the occupants have been changed and if the land has been used as originally intended for.

Cheewaparp Cheewatham, leader of a Payak Prai unit of the Royal Forest Departmnt, said officials will examine four spots to see if the forests there have been deteriorated.  They are four spots in Chiang Dao forest, two in Mae Fang forest and one each in Mae Khan and Mae Wang forests.

Chiang Dao forest in Chiang Mai’s Wiang Haeng district is the first to be examined.

Atthapol Charoenchansa, deputy director of the Royal Forest Department, said that 12 adventure zip-line services in Chiang Mai have been closed for checks after being suspected to have encroached on national forest reserves.

They are Skyline Adventure, Dragon Flight Chiang Mai Zip-line, Jungle Flight Chiang Mai, Flight of the Gibbon; The Giant Chiang Mai, Thai Jungle, Flying Squirrel Chiang Mai, Mae Chaem Zip-line, Zip-line Chiang Mai; Tarzan Canopy, Pang Chang Kaeng Keet, and Skytrek Adventure.

Six have been charged with encroachment and two of them have been dismantled; documents of five others are being checked; and one – Flight of the Gibbon – is also being checked as it is located in 23-rai land in Mae On forest reserve at Ban Mae Kam Pong in Chiang Mai.

23 Sep 2017
4:56 pm

Massive hunt for southern insurgents was launched today in Saiburi district of Pattani after four rangers were killed and six others injured in a bomb attack yesterday.

Almost 500  soldiers, rangers, police and district officials  took part in the hunt in Tambon Tabing of Saiburi district.

They combed makeshift shelters, houses of suspects, and rubber plantations looking for the people responsible for the bombing.

Two insurgents strongly believed to be responsible are Sakariya Bango, and Samadi Sani.

Sakariya was said to be responsible for several bomb attacks in Nacho district of Narathiwat, while Samadi for bomb attacks in Thung Yangdaeng district of Pattani, according to Commander of Pattani Special Force Maj Gen Jatuporn Klampasut.

Meanwhile government authorities were placed under full alert as intelligence report said southern insurgents have increased unrest activities in Pattani

23 Sep 2017
11:28 am

People from across the country continue to arrive at the Grand Palace’s Dusit Maha Prasart Throne Hall to pay respect before the Royal Urn of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Saturday, with latest figure showing over 11 million people have visited.

According to the Bureau of the Royal Household, a total of 11,065,577 people have arrived and paid respect before the Royal Urn in the past 324 days after the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away on October 13 last year.

Only on Friday (September 22), a total of 69,027 people arrived to pay respect to the late King.

The bureau said further that so far donations from the people amounted to more than 820 million baht.

The Royal Cremation ceremony for the late king is scheduled for October 25-29.



22 Sep 2017
11:00 am

Four rangers were killed and six others injured when southern militants detonated a powerful home-made bomb while they were on a patrol on Highway 41 in Sai Buri district of Pattani early on Friday (Sept 22).

Spokesman for the forward command of the Fourth Region Internal Security Operation Command (Isoc) Col Pramote Phrom-in said the bomb attack happened at 6.15am today on Highway 41 when a group of nine rangers from Ranger Task Force 44  was travelling in a pickup truck on a routine patrol at Ban Jorkuayae village in Tambon Sa-ing of Sai Buri district.

As they arrived at a road diversion where construction workers were repairing the road, a powerful bomb, which was believed to be hidden in a drainage pipe under the road, was detonated, killing instantly all four rangers sitting at the rear of the pickup.

Five other rangers and a female civilian in the truck were also injured.

All were later rushed to Somdet Phra Yupharaj hospital in Sai Buri for treatment.

The dead rangers are identified as Chuwit Boonchu, Nattapol Rangsimantuchat, Pathomporn Kongsai, and Pitakomsit Sakviset.

The six injured included a Thai Muslim woman Romura Sueree.

21 Sep 2017
5:04 pm

The Grand Palace will be closed between Oct 1-29 for preparations to be carried out during the lead-up to the royal cremation of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, according to an announcement of the Royal Household Bureau.

The Royal Household Bureau had earlier announced that Sept 30 will be the last day for the people to pay respect to the late King in the Grand Palace.

The royal funeral ceremonies are scheduled to take place on Oct 25-29, with the cremation set for Oct 26.

Apart from the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram or Wat Phra Kaew will also be closed to tourists between Oct 1-29 and will be reopened from Oct 30.

21 Sep 2017
3:07 pm

The emergency landing by a Jet Airways airplane at Suvarnabhumi airport on Wednesday night (Sept 20) was made after an Indian passenger mistook a message on a mobile phone left unattended to on a seat in front of him as a bomb threat, deputy police spokesman Pol Col Krisna Pattanacharoen said on Thursday.

Pol Col Krisna said this happened while the Jet Airways was heading to Suvarnabhumi airport from Delhi.

An investigation revealed that it was a misunderstanding on the part of that passenger, he said.

Sirote Duangrat, director of Suvarnabhumi airport of the Airports of Thailand Plc, said the airport’s security centre received a message through the air traffic control centre at about 8.20pm that Jet Airways Flight 9W066 had sought to make an emergency landing.  The aircraft was scheduled to land at 8.37pm.

Following an assessment of the situation with the airline, the airport decided to execute an emergency plan to deal with “a bomb threat on aircraft”.

After landing, the aircraft was directed to an isolated parking stand on the eastern side of the airport.

All 153 passengers and eight flight crew were moved out of the aircraft to stay at the firefighting and rescue station on the western side.

Security staff then conducted a search on all passengers and their belongings, while explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officials examined all of the baggages loaded on the plane to ensure safety, Mr Sirote said.