28 Jun 2017
11:36 pm

The widow and son of a man shot dead 20 years ago at a neighbour’s wedding party in Buri Ram’s Nang Rong district were summoned to the Nang Rong provincial court on Wednesday to be informed that the unresolved murder case would have to be thrown out of court if the police could not bring a suspect to the court by midnight.

The 20-year statute of limitations of the case is due to expire at midnight on Wednesday.

The widow, 62-year old Mrs Sa-nga Sanprasert, and her son and the family’s lawyer, went to the court in the morning as appointed by the court. But the police did not show up.

The court then told the family that it could do nothing and would have to throw the case out of the court if the police failed to arrest the suspected murderer and brought him to the court by midnight.

Mrs Sa-nga and her son appeared very upset after having waited in vain 20 years for the police to solve the case and to bring the culprit to justice. She told the media that she doubted the integrity of the police in charge of the case, noting that they had never questioned her son who was at the scene of the shooting and claimed to have witnessed the incident.
However, she noted that the police case file showed her son statement.

The policemen, meanwhile, claimed that they had done their job the best they could. They said they had questioned 13 witnesses, but none of them had seen the shooting.


28 Jun 2017
11:05 pm

Academics from Thailand Development Research Institute and representatives of civic groups are demanding the government to explain why the Bangkok Observation Tower project is to be built without open bidding.

They expressed concern that certain private enterprises may benefit from the no-bidding process.

It was earlier reported that two major companies, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation and Siam Pivat, a unit of Charoen Pokphand Group, have been chosen to build the tower which, when completed, will be the tallest building in Thailand at 459 metre high and will become a new landmark of Bangkok.

Treasury Department director-general Patchara Anantasilp on Wednesday assured transparency of the government’s decision to bypass open bids for the 4.6 billion baht project.

He said that funding for the project would come from the private sector in accordance with the public-private partnership format.

The construction cost will be financed by Bangkok Observation Tower Foundation, loans from financial institutions and donations. The government will co-invest in the amount equivalent to 30-year rentals of the land plot on Charoen Nakhon Road in Khlong San district.

He insisted that the Bangkok Observation Tower was not a commercial project meant for profit making but a project for the society and, hence, there was no bidding.


28 Jun 2017
9:40 pm

A rubber price stabilization fund will be created to intervene in the real rubber and futures rubber markets to shore up rubber prices in order to help rubber growers hard hit by falling rubber prices.

Creation of the fund was agreed by the rubber control committee headed by Agriculture Minister General Chatchai Sarikalya, with six major rubber exporters making contributions to make up the starting fund amounting to 1.2 billion baht.

General Chatchai said the six major rubber exporters which are yet to be named will holds with the Thailand Futures exchange about the terms of rubber futures trading.

He expected the futures trading would begin next week and this would help in pushing up the prices of rubber.

The minister denied that the government had recently sold 30,000 tonnes of rubber from its stockpile as widely reported. He said that he had instructed the deputy permanent secretary, Mr Lertvirote Kowattana, to summon a meeting with local administration bodies about using rubber in road construction.

Earlier, the government set out a policy instructing local administration organizations to use rubber in road construction in their localities. But the policy was not put into practice due to procurement regulations forbidding the use of rubber in road building and maintenance.


28 Jun 2017
8:32 pm

The Democrat party sought help from the government for rubber growers who are suffering from falling rubber prices.

Key members of the party lead by secretary-general Chuti Krairiksh and deputy leaders Nipit Intharasombat and Sathit Pitudecha on Wednesday called on PM’s Office Minister Omsin Chivapruek with a petition addressed to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha.

Nipit said the party would like the government to stabilize rubber prices on long-term basis through management of market mechanism. He said the government should stop releasing rubber from its stockpile and make use of the stockpiled rubber by instructing government agencies to use more rubber, such as, in road construction.

Despite government’s policy for the use of rubber in road construction to shore up rubber prices, Nipit alleged that the policy was ignored and not implemented.

The Democrat party also proposed the setting up of a rubber trading company to buy rubber from the growers at reasonable prices and to coordinate with the two other rubber exporting countries namely Malaysia and Indonesia in setting rubber production and exporting targets in order to stabilize rubber prices.


28 Jun 2017
8:10 pm

Officials of the Department of Special Investigation on Wednesday raided the Thai Muslim TV or TMTV station after it was alleged that the station was used as a channel to mobilize fund among Muslims to set up a savings fund which was in fact a pyramid scheme.

Pol Lt-Col Payao Thongsen

Pol Lt-Col Payao Thongsen, commander of special criminal cases office of the DSI, who led the raid, told the media that the DSI had received more than 200 complaints from the investors and had questioned 70 of them who said they had invested about 70 million baht in the savings fund which, he said, was suspected to be a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

He disclosed that the raid of the TMTV station was intended to uncover evidences persuading potential investors to invest in various projects proclaimed by the fund which include mini mart, hospital, hotel, real estate, frozen food, chicken farm and purchase of rubber sheets.

Pol Lt-Col Payao said that most of the business activities claimed by the fund operators were non-existent and the fund has been offering 7-10 percent returns to the investors.

He went on saying that the TV station would not be closed down because the station’s broadcasts mainly concern Islamic teachers and the fund operators had already left the station.


28 Jun 2017
7:45 pm

The Customs Department has decided to call off a public auction of 315 cars and motorcycles scheduled on Thursday after the Land Transport Department sent an urgent notification to the former informing that most of the vehicles cannot be legally registered.

All the vehicles to be auctioned off were impounded by the Customs Department after it was discovered that they were not properly imported into the country or their prices were under-declared to avoid taxation.

According to the notification of the Land Transport Department, only four of the 315 vehicles could be registered, including two Toyota, one Honda and one Nissan.

Among the impounded cars to be auctioned off include one Ferrari California T whose bidding price started at 20.62 million baht, an Aston Martin DBP Spider whose bidding price started at 20.06 million baht.

Customs Department deputy director-general Chaiyuth Kamkhun said the department had predicted that it would make 550 million baht in revenue from the auction of all the vehicles.

However, he added that he would discuss with the Land Transport Department on how to deal with all the cars if they could not be registered, which would deprive the state of revenue would also increase burden on the Customs Department for having to keep the vehicles.


28 Jun 2017
7:29 pm

Phuket has been chosen as the model province which is free of corruption of all forms.

A memorandum of understanding was signed on Tuesday by the Government Sector’s Anti-Corruption Commission and Phuket provincial administration to designate Phuket as the role model for a corruption free province.

The event was witnessed by executives of the local governments, private organizations and chiefs of government agencies.

Phuket was chosen because it was the first province which coordinated with the Government Sector’s Anti-Corruption Commission to promote private investment on the island and to provide conveniences to business operators as well as SMEs in doing business in Phuket without demanding tea money or kickbacks.


28 Jun 2017
6:06 pm

To safeguard swimmers from getting stung by poisonous box jelly fish which is prevalent in the sea around Koh Samui and Koh Pha-ngan during the months of July until October of the year, the Koh Samui district officials in cooperation with the private sector and officials of the marine resources research and development centre have agreed to install preventive net on the Lamai beach as a pilot project.

The net will stretch about 100 metres into the sea from the Lamai beach, about seven metres deep into the sea and about 100 metres parallel to the beach. Swimmers who swim in the sea within the area fenced off by the net will be safe from the box jelly fish.

On top of that vinegar will be made available on the beach in case a swimmer get stung by box jelly fish so that first aid can be administered on the beach before the victim is taken to the hospital for further treatment.

In the past several years, several tourists were stung by the poisonous box jelly fish and a few of them got killed or injured.


28 Jun 2017
1:31 pm

The Appeals Court today dropped the petition of the Klongchan Credit Union Cooperative’s board seeking to withdraw lawsuit against its former president Supachai Srisupa-aksorn who is now serving 14 years in jail for fraud. 

The court gave its reason to drop the board’s petition that the board has no authority to withdraw the embezzlement lawsuit against Supachai although the convicted prisoner had already paid 35 million baht to the cooperative for the 22 million baht he embezzled from the cooperative at the time  he was the president of the cooperative.

The court said that  the Klongchan Credit Union Cooperative is a juristic body established under the  Cooperatives Law with the purpose of promoting and protecting the benefits of members.

When the cooperative was damaged by fraud and the official registrar had already halted the  board’s attempt to withdraw the lawsuit, the financial rehabilitation executive committee which was designated by the board to petition  has no authority to withdraw the case, the court said.

The board earlier filed embezzlement charge against Supachai for defrauding 22 million baht from the cooperative’s saving fund.

The case was later ruled by the Criminal Court and Supachai was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

After the Appeals Court’s ruling, Supachai’s lawyer said he would appeal the verdict to the Supreme Court within 15 days.

Supachai is still facing three court cases involving money laundering conspiracy with Phra Dhammachayo who is still at large for defrauding over a billion baht from Klongchan Credit Union Cooperative’s saving funds whose members are mostly retired government officials.

28 Jun 2017
12:56 pm

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha today encouraged authorities to perform their duties on suppression of human trafficking drastically although Thailand remained in Tier 2 on the watch list of the US State Department’s 2017 Trafficking in Persons or Tip report released yesterday.

Gen Prayut said his government remained determined to counter human trafficking drastically as it has placed it on its national agenda that all relevant authorities would have to fully cooperate in solving this problem.

He said not only law would be amended and regulations issued, but also wrongdoers and government officials involved in human trafficking would be dealt with seriously.

Besides, the prime minister assured that potential victims to human trafficking and witnesses would also be given full protection.

He made clear that his government’s human trafficking suppression did not aim for getting good ranking in the assessment, but to protect Thai and foreign nationals in the country under the humanitarian principles and human dignity.

He encouraged all levels of government officials to continue to perform their duties to help resolve this protracted problem that has accumulated for a very long time.