Car exports for January drops 14.53 percent, the lowest in 19 months

The number of fully-assembled cars exported for the month of January was registered at 80,097 units, representing a drop of 14.53 percent compared to a month earlier which was the lowest in 19 months, said Mr Surapong Paisitpattanapong, vice chairman and spokesman of the automotive sector of the Federation of Thai Industries, on Thursday.

He noted that export of pickup trucks to all markets dropped with the exception of markets in Australia and northern America with the export value amounting to 41.42 billion baht, representing 18.1 percent decline.

Export of motorcycles, on the other hand, increased 18.85 percent to 152,000 units for the month of January compared to 135,000 units in December – an increase of 12.13 percent.

Production of cars for domestic market increased 17.62 percent to 55,322 units whereas motorcycle production for local consumption increased 7.65 percent to 220,000 units which are correspondence with the local automotive sale which increased 10.5 percent to 57,254 units.

Surapong said that car producers were worried that the drop in car export for the month of January might be an indicator that car exports for the whole year might fall below the projection of 1.2 million units.