Cambodian Youth Party seeks dissolution of opposition party

The Cambodian Youth Party (CYP) has lodged a complaint with the Interior Ministry seeking the dissolution of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), according to The Phnom Penh Post Online on Thursday (Oct 5).

The letter of complaint sent Wednesday by CYP president PichSros reads: “The words of Kem Sokha, CNRP president, in a leaked video show that the CNRP has made a conspiracy with foreigners for the purpose of colour revolution.”

Recent amendments of the Political Parties Law authorize the Interior Ministry to dissolve parties associated with convicted criminals or undermines the security of the nation.

Both the CYP and the Funcinpec led by Prince Ranariddh previously announced they would file suits to the Supreme Court to dissolve the CNRP.

Sros said the Interior Ministry had confirmed receiving his letter of complaint, but has not yet responded.  He denied any connection with the CPP.

Meanwhile, Funcinpec spokesman Nheb Bun Chin said the party would file a complaint with their leader, Prince Ranariddh returns to the country later this week.

Sebastian Strangio, author of Hun Sen’s Cambodia, said the notion that Funcinpec and CYP are acting independently is a “very thin fiction.”  These so-called lawsuits clearly bear the fingerprints of Hun Sen and the CPP, he said.

The author predicted that Funcinpec would blindly support the CPP in the event they were given any National Assembly seats, and would not have the power to act independently even if they wanted to.

“Prince Ranariddh has attempted to attach himself to the CPP in order to gain some semblance of power,” said Strangio as he predicted any seats Funcinpec gained would be lost to the CPP in the next election because the party has virtually no political constituency left in Cambodia.